Which Tanner Stage Am I In? (Puberty Quiz for AFAB/Girls)

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This quiz will estimate your Tanner Stage, based on your symptoms of puberty. Be as honest as you can for more accurate results. There are five Tanner stages in all.

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    When did you begin to grow armpit/pubic hair?

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13 days ago
Im at tanner stage 2 so glad I didn't hit puberty THAT far lol but I 10 tho lmao
18 days ago
I want to grow up its been like a year since my period I'm 10 I want my breasts so im not in the middle of puberty I'm in stage 3
37 days ago
My hormones have calmed down. I released them when 7/8, I’m 9.
45 days ago
‘You look more mature than when you were 10!’ Me who is 10 and has already gotten my period : 🗿
51 days ago
Tanner stage 4 yuck! Welcome period
61 days ago
74 days ago
i get around 8-6 hours of sleep, i have insomnia and so does my father. on a daily basis, i can’t fall asleep till past 12 am. i’ve been getting hungry so much quicker, and i am obsessed with draco malfoy and cedric diggory from hp✨😭😮‍💨🥵🤭 (harry potter) i always crave junk food, even though I’m trying to stay healthy. ty IMAFO, these are the details that i forgot to add to that long-ass passage? 😭😭😻💀🙌😌
74 days ago
i thought i was stage 2, but turns out im stage 3! im 10, i’ve been getting discharge for around 2-5 months? i need panty liners but can’t build enough nerve up to ask for panty liners. i wear starter/training bras, and i feel like i need more coverage. ill most likely need a soft cup bra by summer, as i eat as much as my 40 yo mother. my height is around 4’9-4’11, in cm around -150cm- my shoe size is womens size 5, my mother is 162 cm and 5’4. we share clothes and shoes! i get discharge daily, and get tons. i’m a moody person in general. keep in mind, im 10. my mom got her period when she was 14, and i have some of the symptoms of my first period. Should i be concerned, or what should i do? i can’t seem to make up my mind over topics like these, as i struggled even asking my mom for my first training bra.

tysm for taking your time to read this, i appreciate it! ^v^ (im asian btw IMAFO).

P.S. you can adress me as eliana, please respond to me if you have any suggestions!
105 days ago
Hi guy's apparently I'm a Stage threenie!, I thought two but wrong!, I've started my periods had discharge bad spots might have a little crush and yeah, btw I'm only eleven STOP STOP STOP I've also had a growth spout!, I'm 5'2 probably I'm into sports a lot wait! I forgot emotions! most nights I'm tearing up or crying silently lol, I'm lazy moody...forget about that I'm here to explain nvm even tho In my class I'm the youngest I'm 2nd tallest wired right?,don't worry being tall is goat!( Greatest of all time ) sometimes at night I'm up till like 1 O'clock so yeah hopes this helps thanks for reading peace!
120 days ago
This is kind of funny...
It said I'm in tanner stage 4 and "You look more mature than when you were 10!" But I'm younger than ten. At least I look more mature than a 10 yr old?
137 days ago
all of my friends wear cup bras or training bras but i havent even started
please help
138 days ago
Everyone is different they get puberty when they do hi so I will say normal ya normal ok everyone I am new so I haven’t done this before but I just am new so treat me right
138 days ago
Avery don’t worry you will be fine
138 days ago
I am in puberty but i am only like almost 11year old that mean I am preteen now and I will be doing my own thing anyway I am in puberty it’s horrible trust me headaches ow sore breast
141 days ago
You just look more mature than you were when you were 10!
“Sir I’m 9 years old”
170 days ago
Hey, if anyone has questions about puberty we are starting a new discord server. Lmk if interested!
173 days ago
I am 10 and i am stage 4 in puberty almost done hurray also I am sad I wish I was 2 my 💋 ace so much and it’s my gonna be my first yr in 2023 January 9th
178 days ago
Age 12 stage 4 1/2! I started early, I have been shaving since 9 ( I hate it) and got my period at 10.
181 days ago
And all you girlies out there who want their period, you will regret it, keep your child hood close to your cheast, your gonna miss it when it's gone. Also btw when you get your period your a woman.
181 days ago
Tanner stage four, age 12, got my period it's not regular yet, but hopefully soon. Also if your the ages between 13-15 your a late bloomer but that's ok, but if you don't have a period by 16 please see a doctor