Sleep Paralyzes

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Did you ever had A moment you were laying in bed, but you couldn't move anything?
Did you ever heard, see and feel things that moment while it wasn't?
This called
"Sleep Paralyzes"
A terrifying Sleep Disorder letting you think you're awake and everything around you is real.
You're completely Paralyzed and sometimes you hallucinate
This test will discover if you actually had sleep paralyzes or just a bad dream.

  • 1
    When you felt awake but couldn't move any part...
    Where your eyes open or closed?
  • 2
    Good start right? Good...
    Now this question
    When you noticed you couldn't move any part... How did your body felt like?
  • 3
    Hard question... I know...
    Now... Did you heard some noise or saw something?

  • 4
    Okay that sounded scared AF I know... Now... Did you felt something?
  • 5
    We are now on the half of the test...
    Good... the following question is important... When did you got in a situation like this?
  • 6
    One sec. You also can get stuck in it before you fall asleep
    (If that happened) how many times did that happen?

  • 7
    Every answer will give you 3 points, but only of you saw something...

    We're getting close...
    If you ever thought to saw something... how did it looked like?
  • 8
    And about your entity you saw... Did it done something?
  • 9
    Almost the end...
    Another question about the entity... did it stay the same or did it change?
  • 10
    So we are at the end... Did you ever feel like your entity acutely attacked you?

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57 days ago
It said:
I'm not sure...
It can be both
Sometimes a dream
Sometimes Paralyzed

I now it wasn't a dream. I was awake, about to go to sleep. Then I hear someone wisper my name in my ear, the thing sounded like a little girl. I HAVE NO SISTERS! AND MY ROOM IS DOWN STAIRS, WITH NO ONE ELSE!! I screamed when I heard my name wispered in my ear. Then I hide under my covers. Then all of a sudden I feel like someone was POKING & GRABBING ME EVERYWHERE!!! & that goes on for almost an hour! When the poking & grabbing stoped I look around my room & I think I saw someone just standing in the corner of my room! & then I get panicly grab my phone & turn on the flashlight. I then look in the corner of my room & no one or anything was there!!! I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. & I was praying and crying to god the whole night after that.
753 days ago
hey Wild/Rosie there's finally someone here!😁 hello
782 days ago
I come here later.... And I'm still the only one
Cool quiz!
840 days ago
Um i dont exactly have sleep paralysis
Just something like it