A Non-Stressful Quiz

This is a quiz to see how much you really know about stress.

Question 1:What are the two kinds of stress?
Uestress and Distress
Undress and Digress
Higress and Lowgress
Regress and Progress

Question 2:Which of these is not a factor of stress?
Social Status
Hair Color

Question 3:What is a stressor?
any situation that puts stress on the body
a type of protein
any stimulus that causes positive or negative stress responses
a gland in the body that produces stress
a stress hormone

Question 4:There are two ways that your body responds to a stressor. They are:
I know and I don't know
Smart and Dumb
Black and White
Voluntary and Involuntary
Purpose and Non-purpose

Question 5:What is the first step in coping with stress?
Blaming it on someone else
Identifying the source
Running away from the problem
Sticking your head in the ground (like an ostrich)
Smoking and doing drugs and drinking

Question 6:Who are Friedman and Rosenman?
some guys that are very stressful
dictators in Guatemala
workers for the government (look behind you)
developers of two personality types

Question 7:Why is time management so important?
Gives you more time to do drugs and drink alcohol when trying to run away from stress
Makes your parents get off your back
Makes you more capable of dealing with stress
More time for TV

Question 8:What are the two types of personalities?
C and D
1 and 2
Dumb and Dumber
Scientist and Retard
A and B

Question 9:What is a defense mechanism?
A shield that protects you from stress
A big bulging body guard
A wrench
Something used to deal with stress

Question 10:Which of these is not a defense mechanism?

Question 11:What is a good way of managing stress?
All of these wonderful answers
Re-Channeling Your Energy
Learn to Relax

Question 12:What are the names of the authors of this quiz?
Katie and Nelle
Nelle and Tyler
Candace and Nyssa
Travis and Candace
Matt and Nyssa

This Quiz has been designed by Nyssa and Candace.