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"When will I get my first period?" is a huge question for most girls. The answer is as individual as each girl. Getting your period changes many things in your life, so we can definitely understand that you want to get as much information about it as possible.
Maybe you're excited to get your period because you feel it's a rite of passage – in other words, it makes you see yourself as a woman, and you're more than ready for that. Or maybe it seems scary to you, and you're a bit worried about what will be going on with your body. Maybe you see your period as just another thing you'll have to deal with in your everyday life and you want to know the ins and outs of having it. Or maybe you haven't given your period much thought before, but as the inevitable event of your first one draws closer, you want to know what to expect and to be ready.
Whatever your reason for clicking here, there is probably at least one quiz you can take in this section that will give you the knowledge you want / need. You probably have friends who are just like you, so definitely send them here to get their own questions answered and curiosities satisfied.

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100% Accurate First Period Quiz - When will I get my first period? 💖

100% Accurate First Period Quiz - When will I get my first period? 💖

Accurate First Period Quiz (Extended) ?????♥️

Accurate First Period Quiz (Extended) ?????♥️


When Will I Get My Dang Period? 🤔

When Will I Get My First Period?

When Will I Get My First Period?



ACCURATE First Period Quiz 🩸 When will I get it?

ACCURATE First Period Quiz 🩸 When will I get it?

Am I Close To My First Period? Quiz

Am I Close To My First Period? Quiz


Period Quiz! When Will Yours Come?

ACCURATE First period quiz

ACCURATE First period quiz

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137 days ago
Hey can someone please estimate me?

Background info: almost all of my friends have theirs, I’m not necessarily jealous of having the period exactly I just want to relate to them on it! It’s very annoying hearing them talk about it and I have nothing to say! I’ve never spotted.
Anyways here’s my main info

Breasts: I’m stage four, not full but v rounded they’ve been developing since I was nine

Leg and arm hair: blonde but course (I’m a natural blonde)

Pubic hair: Black and curly not full but almost

Age: I’m twelve but thirteen this fall

Height: I’m 5 foot

Weight: I’m 86-90 lbs

Discharge: I’ve had it for almost three years now theres so much I wear pantyliners all the time for the most part its a cream color drys yellow but a couple days ago it was brown and pink but it hasn’t happened since

My mom was 15 and I don’t know how old the rest of my family was

Extra information: I have so much BO my deodorant barely works! I’ve been sweating much more then usual. I haven’t had a growth spurt recently I’ve only grown like an inch this year.

Let me know if you need anymore information!
162 days ago
Also I'm 10 yr old guuhrl~ from the future
162 days ago
@whatsgoingon ty for saying I'm pretty and respecting me😊🤗
166 days ago
@chi same! Though I have stage two breasts and little pubic hair, otherwise I'm same AND I'm going into middle school soon, meaning I'm in fifth grade. Dont worry about fifth grade because my friend told me my classmate got IT and nobody else knew, so you're probably gonna be fine!😉 I wish you good luck!
168 days ago
hi im 10 (turning 11 soon)
I rlly want my period.lately ive had rlly bad mood swings and stuff.My breasts are in starting stage 4 and theyre rlly big and circular..I havent rlly talked with my mom yet..Im starting 5th grade soon and I feel like I will be the only one struggling with all of this..I have started to wear some booktops I also have Really hairy legs and pubic hair.My armpits have been rlly sweaty and they smell awful even if i try to use deoderant :( I really want my 😘 to finish growing and for me to have my period but im worried and ashamed
they are good for Growing breasts I hope any of u girls have some advice :)
169 days ago
Don't stress, and remember this is all natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Probably using pads is best for the first and second time, but if you want to use a tampon or menstrual cup that's fine too. Just make sure whatever you use is comfortable and your guardian is okay with it.
172 days ago
Hey guys! I'm kinda nervous for my first cycle, anyone have any advice for my first time?
179 days ago
ok so i have all my info but the website keeps saying of writtin nothing im confused
179 days ago
Age:12 (13 very soon)
Mom age of period :13
Weight:107 pounds
Height: 5"0
179 days ago
Hey, just want to be prepared so any help is greatly appreciated. If someone could estimate me that would be helpful
179 days ago
hi um im new here. im 12 years old
196 days ago
whatsgoingonwhatshappeningifyoucanreadth isthenyourealegendandirespectyouthankyou forreadingallofthisbtwimtellingyouthatyo ureprettythankyoubye
196 days ago
hehe hi everyone hehehehehehe
196 days ago
201 days ago
So you're probably going to get your period anywhere from 0-4 months. Your post was lacking some info - when did you mother/sister/aunt(s) get their periods because that really matters. If you can tell me, then I'll give you a more accurate result. Thanks!
202 days ago
Hello! I would love to be estimated as soon as possible! (A bit of background information) Many of my friends have gotten their periods and I feel sorta jealous because I haven’t. One of my best friends recently got hers and I decided to take a test. I’m fairly certain I will get it any day now- but if that’s now true please say something because I want to have the most accurate prediction I can have (I’m aware it will not be 100% accurate)
So let’s begin!

Hair info::

Armpit hair: my armpits are very itchy and have a red rash- I’m not sure if that’s from hair or from something else lol- but I have lots of blond hairs and some that are black/starting to darken and are getting long/curling.

Pubic hair: LOTS of blond hairs- few of them are starting to darken slightly and it’s getting long.

Leg/arm hair: black hairs that are starting to curl.

Body odor: it’s terrible I wear deodorant every day and shower every other day- too every day. But it’s still not always enough :(

Pms info::

Headaches: I have been having headaches 1-2 times per week. I’m pretty sure they are period related

Back aches: at first I wasn’t experiencing anything like this but yesterday I had really bad pains in my back and I’m fairly certain it’s period related- but this has happened only 3-4 times.

Mood swings: it’s really bad- one minute I’m very happy the next I’m sad or screaming. And I don’t mean to.

Food cravings: I’ve been craving chocolate, candy, “junk” food, and cheese witch is unusual. I’ve also been seating ALOT in the past few weeks. (I’m also fairly certain I’m going through a growth spurt currently but-)

“Down there” info::

Cramps: my cramps are really bad- not bad enough where I am crying but they are terrible. I have not taken any meds but I probably should. I get them every day, or every other day it just depends.

Discharge: so this is gonna be long (sorry) for a while (1-1.5 years) I got lots of white discharge every day, then I started to wear pantyliners every few days, then I started getting brown discharge that didn’t last that long. And it’s been white since. UNTIL approx. 1 week ago I got A LOT of clear sticky discharge. I’m pretty sure I ovulated. It’s been a lot of discharge like that and a mix of white yellow and a lot ever since but if I did ovulate that means 4-6 days from now I will get my period (hopefully). But it just has been a lot of discharge overall.

Spotting: I have spotted only 1-2 times and this was 7-9 months ago I spotted red/brown in my underwear for 2 days then it went away it was only a few drops but that’s all just the spotting I can think off that wasn’t discharge.

Age + breasts info::

Age: I am 11 years old (will be 12 soon). Like I previously said alot of girls in my grade (5th) have gotten their periods. I guess I’m just envious of them. All I want is my period.

Breasts: my breasts are at the stage 2-3 I think I’m starting 3 but slightly I honestly don’t know but I’m very insecure about my small “💝”. Btw I wear 32 a but it doesn’t fit like it’s supposed to- but it “fits” and I wear padding because they ache a lot. And it makes me feel more confident.

And yeah that sort of raps it up. I apologize for this being soo long. And if you have any other questions or answers for predictions please ask. Thank you so much!

205 days ago
Hi I yoke this test 2months ago or so and it said I’d get my
Period between 1to3monthsits been two months and I got my period yesterday
207 days ago
if you feel the need for help, Help is available
Speak with someone today
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
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207 days ago
Anyways I hope this helped you all, goodbye!:D GOD BLESS GOODLUCK
207 days ago
whatever you do DONT! You deserve to live! And tell you parents about your period they can help you. Ive had mines and I'm 12