When Is My Period Coming?

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You know it's coming and you wanna know WHEN! No, I'm not talking about your big break...just your period (sorry!). I don't have to tell you that getting it is a pretty big deal. You need to be prepared since things can get messy and uncomfortable if you don't have the right supplies with you. Take my quiz and see (within a reasonable range of time) when you'll get your period.

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    What age are you?
    What age are you?

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4 days ago
im not a professional but Sydney-2 weeks to 4 months-but it could happen at any time, so be prepared!
4 days ago
Hello I am 13 I was wondering if someone could estimate me. I have taken many tests and they have all said 0-3 or 2 to 5 months
Discharge for nearly a year
Hips curvy
Public hair for abt 2 yrs
Breasts for about 2 years
Medium armpit hair
Emotional rollercoaster 🎢
No cramps
Discharge daily and a lot but watery and clear
Hit puberty abt 2 years ago
Someone estimate me pls
5 days ago
Questions 8 9 and 10 are unrelated tho
5 days ago
I believe that this is accurate
9 days ago
This quiz.... lot of ppl are saying it is inaccurate but I feel, that it is accurate.... Kinda
9 days ago
@Sarah i WOULD SAY 1-3 months! :) Be prepared sweetie!
9 days ago
This quiz is accurate..... I think
12 days ago
I feel like this quiz didn't really help much because questions like 8 9 & 10 weren't really questions about what's going on with your body, sorry to be so blunt.
15 days ago
Abbygale trust me you don't i would know
29 days ago
im 11 my quiz i just took said it will take 11-16 moths to get my period i really dont know why but i really really want my period
30 days ago
i am 9 and I feel like i would get it soon and i toke another quiz and it said in a couple weeks and this said 1-2 years i really don't believe this quiz because even though im 9 doesn't mean i cant get it soon and umm i do swim team I CANT GET IT THERE lol
38 days ago
Mia- I would probably go to the nurse or something. if he said no ask to go to the bathroom and make a temporary pad. I don't have my period yet so you might want to listen to other ppl as well.
39 days ago
I dont know what size bra i wear..i am 12 almost 13 so Im pretty average for a 13 yr old. Also what would i say to a male teacher if it happens at school..?
39 days ago
Oh and Tia don't be embarrassed if it happens at school, your teacher might have gone through the same thing so don't be shy. And it's not like any1 would hate u cause ur a woman. Hope this helped!
39 days ago
Sarah- I'm kind of the same but more pms and my mum was 13. I don't have my period yet so don't take this 2 seriously but i think u have 3 weeks-4 months! Good luck!
43 days ago
So i am 11 and I’ve taken a lot of quizzes and they all say 1-2 months. But this one says 5-8. I’m a stage 4 in 💗 I’ve had discharge for about 1.5 years, I’m very moody, I crave a lot of food, my mom got hers when she was 12, my discharge is sticky and whiteish yellow, and I have a huge crush. Plz estimate me.
58 days ago
Okay but how do I tell my mum?!?!🙏 If it happens at school that would be a NIGHTMARE because i 'd have to tell my teacher in front of the class!!! How embarrassing would that be?!?!🙈🙏👄
59 days ago
I am 12 and has discharge for 6 months and breast my period is coming soon
61 days ago
I think I am gonna get mine soon tho
61 days ago
I had spotting two days ago and I thought it was my period but it didn’t come back so it wasn’t lol 😂