How Many Days Until I Get My First Period? Quiz

You know it's coming and you wanna know WHEN! No, I'm not talking about your big break...just your period (sorry!). I don't have to tell you that getting it is a pretty big deal. You need to be prepared since things can get messy and uncomfortable if you don't have the right supplies with you. Take my quiz and see (within a reasonable range of time) when you'll get your period.

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    What age are you?
    What age are you?

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hi guys! this quiz is not a very good estimator. it gave me 5-8 months but i already have my period. it has many questions about periods, but most of them arent related to you, your body, and when your going to get ur period. i suggest going to a diff quiz!
8 days ago
age; 10
brests;can fit my whole hand
mood swings ;yes but only at night
arm pit hair;yes a lot like a tree
leg hair;like a
arm hair yes lots
12 days ago
hi guys! thanks so much i you estimate me!
age: 13
br3ast stage: 4
discharge: i had it for about 11 months and its a lot every day and watery and clear
mood swings: so bad yesterday i started crying for no reason and hen i stopped like what?
cravings: mmmmm food
cramps: like a small one every other day
other: umm i have been p00ping a lot like a LOT lately
moms age: 14
spotting: once or twice a ew months ago
height: 5'1'' for like 5 months
weight: 90 lbs wont change
pubic hair: full bush
armpits: like a little black curly
leg and arm: ehhh not so much but you cant really see it cuz i am blonde soo
tiredness: 24/7

thx so much if you estimate me!
26 days ago
@Rubes, It sounds like you might get your period any time between 1 - 3 months! Just keep in mind that I am not a doctor, just an educated estimator. You will definitely want to keep some pads and maybe some spare undies with you from now on, good luck!!
52 days ago
hey my loves,i just wanna say i havent got my period yet so im wondering if anyone can estimate me?
Pubic hair:like a jungle haha
Leg hair:its so annoying,my mother is getting me a razor soon
Arm hair:just like a wolf 😭
Armpit hair:turning dark!
discharge:kinda light brown,get it only sometimes
tender breasts:yes ofc
mood swings:like a bloody emotional rollercoaster-
when my mom got her period:11
i get about 0-2 months on alot of tests btw
57 days ago
VERY inaccurate. I got 11-16 months and I'm pretty sure mine is coming in the next few weeks!
77 days ago

heres a way to determine your cup size:

with a tape measure, measure around your back and under your breasts

measure again around your back and around the nipples

compare the two measurments:

less than 1 inch difference, AA cup

1 inch A cup

2 inches B cup

3 inches C cup

4 inches D cup...

if this helps, i am 32 around back and under breasts, and 35 under back and around nipples, a so i wear a 32 C.
117 days ago
I once had pink discharge, and I once had orange discharge, but only once, pls respond in blue, in you know
117 days ago
It said my period is in 5months, I've had discharge and 🐬, for two years, and I'm experiencing spotting, so this quiz is so fake, and wrong
125 days ago
@abby, you might have an infection (UTI) please go to the doc!
146 days ago
Mine said 4-8 months awkward question but is discharge sometimes clumpy and yellowish green? Pls respond in blue if you know thx!!
161 days ago
I don't know what cup size I am sooooooo.......what do I do.
206 days ago
I have not gotten mine yet. And u want to know when I will get it it took one other test and it said 8-1 year this said 14-16 months. 😓
208 days ago
Absolutely no hate to the creator but I'm here to prove it's easier to write in the comments, I did this quiz and have had 🕊 for 2+ years, discharge for 2 years and my period for 3 months. And I got '5-8 months' as when I'll get mine :)
212 days ago

soon bout 2-5 months
232 days ago
My school gives us ‘lollybags’ which are actually bags filled with pads and I’m only in yr 6!
238 days ago
My school does not expect people to have periods yet.I understand why the boys change outside the classroom and the girls inside but why not about period and s£x.
238 days ago
Can you estimate me?
Discharge: Got discharge everyday and it’s normally white or clear but two days ago I got red-brown discharge it’s normally about 1-2grams of it.
Breast stage: about 2 and a half. The nipple has been growing for about 6 months and the actual breast itself is forming.
Underarm hair: at the moment got none because sweat has gave me a rash and now it’s not visible but I would say light brown hairs that a tiny bit curly
Sweat: a lot and smells like…. Normal puberty sweat 😳 well kinda bad…
Leg hair: kinda noticable but only up close
Pubic hair: like armpit hair, light brown and curly
Spotting: ONE ONE.One and that’s a stye.
Love:I have a medium size crush
Height:I am 4’8ft
Other stuff:I have diarreah constipation and bloating
Comftableness:I have like an odd pillow and I put it beside me and put my head on they but recently i am uncomfortable
Growth:I have grown from 4’2.5 foot to 4’8 foot in 5 months
Please put your estimates in pink so I know how long left.Thank you!
246 days ago
5-2 months!Your period might be coming soon so you gotta be ready!The fact you said spotting might be you don’t get it in puberty:).You have to be prepared for it soon because technicaly those are the main symptoms of period.
246 days ago
Can someone please estimate me?

Age: 12 my mom was 1 year older than me when she first got it but I have developped a lot more faster than her,
Breast stage: 4 theyre really tender and hurt when I jump or touch, I ahve hair in my nipples
Armpit hair: is blond and curly, it's getting longer and darker
Leg hair: is dark, long and getting curly
Pubic hair: is a lot, iv'e had it for 6- 1 year.
Discharge: A lot, like, 4-7 times per week, it's liquid, watery, milky and sometimes sticky
Spotting: No anyways not that i noticed
Weight 43 kg
Height: I'm 155 cm long

I'm really sweaty- I also sweat a lot in my down area, idk if that means anything...
Ive had alot of cramps but lately they hurt a lot under my belly
I'm really moody and I have lot's of cravings lately
I have a lot of diarrhea, contipation and symptoms...
Iv'e had growth spurts lately but now they stopped
I also have a big crush...