When Is My Period Coming?

You know it's coming and you wanna know WHEN! No, I'm not talking about your big break...just your period (sorry!). I don't have to tell you that getting it is a pretty big deal. You need to be prepared since things can get messy and uncomfortable if you don't have the right supplies with you. Take my quiz and see (within a reasonable range of time) when you'll get your period.

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    What age are you?
    What age are you?

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4 days ago
I’ve had discharge for about 6-9 months (I really don’t know) and I was told you can have discharge for 6-12 months before your period. My discharge is white, yellow, sometimes liquid, and thick. It said from 12 months to 24 months (1-2 years) sorry but based off of research and other 🐤, this is incredibly inaccurate, be prepared guys
6 days ago
So I had light brown discharge yesterday but today I had small amount of white. Bc it was brown I thought that my period would be coming soon. I talked to some friends and they all estimated 1 to 3 days but this 💑 quiz said 11 to 16 MONTHS. This quiz isn't accurate girls. Don't believe it.
9 days ago
I had brown/red discharge for 3 days in the morning and afternoon and spotting at evening and night. Can it be my first period?
9 days ago

0-4 months
10 days ago
Also, I’m 11 and my mum got hers when she was when she was 11
10 days ago
Ok this is not accurate. For some it might be but it wasn’t for me. It’s said 11-16 months but mine will defo be coming in under 6 months since I have had discharge for 6 months now. You get your period 6-12 months after you start getting discharge and around 2 years after starting puberty. Could I have a proper estimation?

Puberty: 2.6 years
Breasts: 32 A cup
Discharge: Thick and white, every day, 6 months
Pubic hair: for 10-11 months, dark brown curly👇🏻
Underarm hair: 2-3 months straight light brown
Have a small crush
Get a lot of food cravings
Get cramps abt 2 times a week
Have a lot of spots/acne
Arm and leg hair starting to curl

A lot of people would think this message is mean abt how this is not at all accurate but I’m just giving y’all advice that this is probs not accurate for you. Trust me, I’ve done a lot of research on periods
10 days ago

you have 0-2 months left
10 days ago

you have like 1-3 months
10 days ago
Ca you please estimate me

A cup
Thick dark curly pubic hair
Dark thick curly underarm hair
Noticible brown leg hair but I don’t shave cause I don’t want to
Clear and white discharge everyday fair bit
No spotting
Killer cramps almost every day
Lot of mood swings
Hella cravings

Someone help😩undefined
12 days ago
i did this about 4 weeks ago it said i will come in a 3 weeks and it started it my period ended 2 days ago i was so exited ive been waiting for my period for years all my freind had there period and i felt left out but know i have it now i feel apart of my group :)
21 days ago
Again for acne I have some like 3-10 but not a lot , its not very noticeable.
21 days ago
Also for my other comment, my mom got hers at 12
21 days ago
Someone please estimate me:


Pubic hair: Some not bushy but its dark and curly

Armpit hair: Few blonde hairs

Leg hair: A lot have to shave

Discharge: Like some every 2 weeks

Breasts: They are pointy and my nips show through my shirt, so I wear a bra, but their not big really.

Spotting: No

Mood swings: Yes

Cravings: Yup

Cramps: Yeah sometimes more often than not

I hope this isn't too personal but I just want an answer sorry. :(
22 days ago
@Kena, 3-8 months
Good luck!

@Lilly, 2-6 months
Get pads and tampons ready for in ur locker!
23 days ago
Personally I thought it was a HUGE stomach ache...Now that I think about it... I have been getting killer aches and I ate a good healthy meal... it must be cramps! Tell me if you agree!
23 days ago
Will someone estimate me?
Age:11 & 2 months
Weight: 77 pounds
Height: 4ft 10
Breast: in between stage 2&3
Pubic hair: light brown, getting thicker by the minute!
Arm and leg hair: brown and getting thicker (I shave so that's what i remember) ((I started shaving a month ago))
Armpit hair: Brown and it's coming quick!
Discharge: Every other day/ egg shell white
Spotting: none yet
Cramps: OMG I got a KILLER cramp a couple hours ago...& I just started getting cramps a couple weeks ago
Mood: I cried over spilling my water on my lap! Mood swing level=💣🔥
Acne: About 5 pimples all the time (I pop them though)
Age mom was: 1 month younger than me
Do I want my period?: YES! I want to become, well, you know. ;)
23 days ago
I feel about the same as you! A little closer but I'm 11
27 days ago
Help me pls
Age:10 nearly 11
Discharge: white and creamy
Breasts: started then at age 8 just turning 9
Armpit hair: some but not noticeable
Pubic hair: LOADSSSSS unless I'm exaggerating
Pimples/acne: meh not ALOT but i have it
Mum got hers age 12
Cramps: every 1-2 weeks and lasts 2 days
Spotting: idkk
Cravings: food- 🍫 🍩🍎🥭🍌🥓🍕🍟🍱🍱🍱🍱🍱🍱🍱🍿🧃🧊
Mood swings: one minute I'm crying then a second ltr I'm dieing in laughter.
28 days ago
Test:your period will be in 5-8 months
Me:I already have it ;-;
31 days ago
I have too smaller breast don't need any bra