First period quiz (GIRLS only)

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  • 1
    What age are you?
  • 2
    How much armpit hair?
  • 3
    Do you have hair down their?

  • 4
    Do you have discharge (milky gooey stuff in underwear)?
  • 5
    Are you moody tell the truth?
  • 6
    Do you have nausea it's when you feel like your gonna vomit?

  • 7
    Cramps in lower belly?
  • 8
    Lower back pain?
  • 9
    Cravings for food
  • 10
    Low appetite

  • 11
    Itchy or sore breasts
  • 12
    Leg hair
  • 13
    Tiredness you feel sleepy or lazy
  • 14
    These should happen on weirded days

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5 days ago
When will I start my period
91 days ago
I woke up from a very happy dream sobbing then my dog was howling at the neighbors dog and I got so mad at my dog for literally no reason at all then i has this like super sharp pinching feeling in my lower stomach not my actual stomach tho. What does that mean? The pinch? Is that normal ?
100 days ago
Mine says 2-5 weeks is this totally accurate
105 days ago
One of the symptoms I'm having is diahhrea and constipation. Sometimes its both at the same time anD im friggin GASSY.
106 days ago
@Elise Of course your welcome
106 days ago
Hi Elise
109 days ago
Hi y’all I’m new to this quiz, am I welcome? Or should I go?
168 days ago
I don’t like it 👎🏻
169 days ago
I hope this is real because my teacher sented me this video then the video said to go here and I want to know WHEN WILL I GET MY PERIOD!! :c
170 days ago
? This makes no sense whatsoever
186 days ago
What dose these should happen on weirder days mean?
201 days ago
Wth how is there a right answer about what's going on with my body
211 days ago
2- 4 months prob! Good luck @ Brin!
216 days ago
Can someone estimate me?

Age: 11.5
Height: 4'6
Weight: 83
Discharge: Everyday!! And so much too!!
Cramps: don't get them that often, maybe once a month
Acne: getting worse
Bloating: only a little
Mood: rollercoaster
Tired most of the time

Pls reply with my answer
227 days ago
I am 12 and idk if this works can someone tell me
260 days ago
Almost there. Just need some more time

You have correctly answered 5 of 14 questions.

On average, 23570 of users who took the quiz gave 3.68 right answers.

............................. WHAT I am answering questions about my body not anybody elses's..
302 days ago
will this really work or dub
306 days ago
Hey its okay, I also got my period at 12, and I am on my period right now. Ik right this was a really stupid test.
308 days ago
I got my period at 12 I didn't get much of this symtoms
336 days ago
What a stupid test!!!!
Like it is not mandatory for example to have low-back pain!!! Not all the girls have that!!! Really, it disappointed me...