When Will I Get My First Period

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This test CAN HELP you to know a little bit more, that when will you get your first period

  • 1
    Ok. Now, warning! These questions can get a little awkward. But....
    Have you got discharge? (The yellow/white stuff in your panties)
  • 2
    If you have discharge, how long gave you had it for?
  • 3
    Awkward but....
    Have your breasts started growing yet?

  • 4
    Yeah I know....
    Which size is your bra?
  • 5
    Do you have hair under your arms?
  • 6
    What about the hair down there?

  • 7
    Do you ever get cramps under your belly button?
  • 8
    Have you had a growth spurt?
  • 9
    How old are you compared to the age your mom got her period?
  • 10
    Do you get mood swings? Especially on mornings

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77 days ago
I'd say not long to go 1-4months but for a more accurate range 2 weeks - 2months no longer I put two options because the more accurate one is a lot more accurate than 1-4 months

Ps. I haven't got my period yet but I have done so much research half of my brain carries period facts
From kiwiiii 🌻
90 days ago
Please estimate me!
I’m nearly 11
Breasts: stage three/a-b cup hurt when I wake up
Discharge: none
Armpit hair: blonde/brown curly found it sometime in 2020
Pubic hair: medium dark and curly had it since I was nine
Mood swings: I have so many that most of my friends have hated me at some point
Mum got her period when twelve
I shave my legs
Gonna shave my armpits when my mum bothers to teach me ;-;
158 days ago
It told me to check me undies so I think I’m close. I got 0-2 months on the other 30 or so tests I’ve done.
265 days ago
You are very close! They could come in 2-6 months. Remember to carry pads with you just in case....
339 days ago
Today my mom told me to so something and I got mad and started crying, I also got bad cramps after that, and I had to use the bathroom. LOL
598 days ago
All of the tests I take day 3 or less🙃
658 days ago
Age:nearly 12
Breasts:sports bra/AAA
Discharge every day a lot of it thickish Whitt yellow
Pubic hair almost full
Armpit hair a few dark hairs
Sweats quite a lot
Mood swings frequently
Plz estimate me x)
714 days ago
@Elena and Tomboyish anonymous girl what about pubic hair, armpit hair? How long have you developing breasts, and sweat?

@Evelyn2345 I'm i would definitely within 0-3 months. Good luck girl!
723 days ago
Please estimate me!
I’m 13-14 years old, havnt got my period yet. Believe me I don’t want it but I just want to know how long I have to be a kid lol😂
I have discharge that happens every day for about a year and a couple months now.
My bra size is A and my breasts don’t hurt that much if I’m just sitting down but if I get up and walk or run they do.
I keep having growth spurts!
I have mood swings most the time.
My mum and my sister had there period when they were 12 and I’m nearly 14.
In the last month I’ve been having breakouts more than often.
Always have cravings.
I sweat a lot!
I have hair everywhere, pubic, armpit, legs. Been shaving armpits and legs for the past 2 years.
Plz plz plz plz plz estimate me!
728 days ago
Plz estimate me!
Ten and a half years old,
Not that much discharge, (But happens every other day)
I wear a training bra,
I have mood swing pretty often,
My Mom forgot when she got her first period
742 days ago
can someone estimate me !!!

I’m 10 to 11 years old
I have lots of discharge
I wear a sports bra
I weigh 35 kg
My mom got her period when she was 12
I always have mood swings
742 days ago
Uggghh I feel you. I was the same way just at 11 and nothing happened. It might only be cramps in your gut but idk
761 days ago
I'm close 2 months! rip
762 days ago
I’m gonna check my pants...
796 days ago
((big)hello I’ve had my period already and it isn’t nice so I don’t reccomend wanting it because I hate it
959 days ago
Lol this is BLOODY
959 days ago
It isn't
959 days ago
I'm so excited! All the tests I've done so far have said 2-4 months!!!!!!!
965 days ago
Might go slcheck ur pants here Aunt Flo just got in her plane
1022 days ago
I'm also a size 28/A in bras