How long until you get your first period?

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This is a quiz to see how long until your first period?

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How far off are you from the age that your mum got her first period?
  • 3
    How much pubic hair do you have (on your vagina)?

  • 4
    Do you get vaginal discharge? (white/yellow gooey stuff in your undies)
  • 5
    How often do you get vaginal discharge?
  • 6
    How long ago did you hit puberty?

  • 7
    How big are your breasts?
  • 8
    Do you have underarm hair, if so how much?
  • 9
    How much do you weigh?
  • 10
    How long have you had discharge for?

  • 11
    How much have you grown in the past year?
  • 12
    How much acne do you have?
  • 13
    Do you wear a bra?

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34 days ago
I hope this is accurate cause I will be twelve in few months and i have been dying to have my first period
34 days ago
hey rose. I also got 1-3 months. jokes on you cause I want it more than you do. I even go to the extent of checking anytime i wanna pee and imagining myself having it. I have wanted this for almost two years
38 days ago
apparently i will be getting it in 1-4 weeks wish me luck!!
58 days ago
I’m gonna have my period in 6 months I think swish me luck queens
197 days ago
but its okay if you dont know, or even if you wrote it wrong! No hate! Youre awesome!!
197 days ago
and UwU, you have not grown 4 inches taller a month! Thats fake. maybe you dont know, and thats okay, but most girls in puberty grow 4 inches in 1 year. so, um, maybe measure each month! because thats very innacurate
197 days ago
i got 1-3 months. I want it bad - I know NOBODY who wants it as much as me!!!
205 days ago
Oh god 1-3 months do u guys know if this is accurate
227 days ago
1-3 months so period get ready to battle even though I haven’t even gotten discharge
254 days ago
I think I just had mine a few hours after this quiz
254 days ago
Mom's age when she had her first period: 13*
254 days ago
Hi could you please help me out!

Mothers age when she started:13 or 14 (freshmen school year)
Acne: a little
Discharge color and amount: Brown and normal amount
Pubic and arm hair: YES
Moody: YES
Breast size: Triangle
Height: 155-166
I have all the symptoms.
261 days ago
I still haven’t gotten it😭
308 days ago
All the tests I’ve taken say a month or a few weeks! So excited I want to be a woman but I prob won’t want it when it actually happens..😂
376 days ago
1-4 weeks! Any day now!
Yay 😂
416 days ago
Age:11 (12 in 3 months)
Mother was 10
Acne: Just starts but noticable
Discharge :Small amount every month
Pubic and Arm hair: I got my first pub cut a few months ago and no arm hair yet
Moody : Oh hell yeah
Breats:Not yet Fully develop but there
Height: IDK because I have growth hormone deficient, so I take meds to help me grow but it's been like 4 inches taller a month

Help meh 😬
495 days ago
@Someone discharge starts minimum 6 months before your period starts.
499 days ago
@Someone, most people have discharge for months before they get their period.
570 days ago
Is it ok to b excited for ur period ??
570 days ago
How long have I got till my period I have had discarge for 2 and a half weeks ??