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Are you a pre-teen/early teen and want to know when you should start lugging pads and tampons around? Then you've come to the right place! Please remember that not all results are accurate as everyone is different and first periods are unpredictable!

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37 minutes ago
i don’t have mine yet but just guessing i’d say u have around 2-4 months?
38 minutes ago
Age 12
Weight 92 pounds
My mum got hers at 13 but she was a late bloomer
I wear a b cup and started developing 2 years ago
Ive had discharge for 2 years (the past days it’s been worse)
Lots of hair down there since two years ago
Also leg hair (i shave)
Blonde under arm hair but i am blonde so
Hips widening
Waist getting smaller
Ive been feeling faint+ sick and getting some stomach pains the last few weeks
Mood swings all the time
Tired a lot
Headaches lots of the time, 5-6 times a week
I get annoyed by the littlest things
Craving a bunch of junk food
A few pimples here and there
I had spotting once last month
9 hours ago
btw I didn’t mean to put the unicorn emoji! I think it just automatically did that
9 hours ago
can someone pls estimate when I will get my period?
(btw I got around one month or any week now on this quiz)

age: 13 and 2 months

height: 5”2 (I’ve grown about 2 inches in the past 8 months)

weight: about 88-90 pounds

my mom got hers around the same age

my breasts are in stage 3.5/5

I have lots of mood swings and get upset about the littlest things

I have pubic and underarm hair and both are thick and mostly curly, and I have to shave my legs every few days

I’ve had 🍦l discharge for 2 years and it’s been cloudy/clear for 2 month

I get about 3 pimples a week and recently started getting very light cramps that don’t last long and only happen about 1-2 times a day or every over day

I’ve been feeling bloated after I eat for the past month, have little headaches every other day up to twice a day which started about a month ago

I crave lots of food and most nights I’m tired but can’t sleep

I usually wear sports bras but don’t really feel comfortable in training bras anymore

my body shape is starting to get fuller and I’ve experienced having crushes for 3 years now

im craving different foods almost all the time

I’ve taken 5 quizzes and they have said inbetween any day now-5 months and most said 2 months at the most

I also feel more not energized and not in the mood to do things

that’s all the info I can think of to put down- I’d love if you could estimate me on when you think I’m gonna get it or if you got it already and had the same symptoms level that I’m at now! 🍦
4 days ago
Also tell your problems here: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1618847019/A-safe-place-for-venting#comments_anchor
11 days ago
but its funny. i know every girl is different but ive had clear discharge for over 3 years sooooo mother nature WHENS IT GONNA HAPPEN from Susan to stacy
11 days ago
congrats, Stacy! I know they say when u get ur period, your a WOMAN, but i dont think thats true. i think youre a woman when you take the responsibility of adulthood. when you choose. i dont think if a nine year old or smthn gets her period, shes officially a woman. i think ppl should be a kid until theyre ready. anyway, i hope you have a good experience. from Susan
14 days ago
update: i got my period yesterday. wow. um. yeah anyways so.
18 days ago
hi ladies!! im in need of some help! so in the last couple days my discharge has been really clear, thin and stretchy. a few hours ago, i started having pains in my lower-left abdomen. it's right where my ovary would be. i've heard that you can have ovulation pains so im not sure if that's what this. i've never had my period before so i could be completly wrong but if i could get an opinion that would be great :)
18 days ago
i would say 1-5 months at most but every body is different
18 days ago
not_raya it will probably happen soon. ask your mom to buy pads just to be safe and carry around.
19 days ago
Oh and please excuse the typos, and I have a crush on this boy, its stronger than any crush I've ever had
19 days ago
Okay somebody estimate me please

I'm 10 and 7 months
Breast development is in between stage 3 and 4(I can fit a 34A bra)
I have more than a medium amount of kitty hair, getting thick and curly
I have a lot of underarm hair, so much I have to shave
I've had discharge for about 3 months, I get it every day ( I have to wear pantiliners)
I had a lot of growth spurts (I grew out of all my size 12 pants because of my thighs)
I have cramps every other day
I've had many pimples
Kind of moody, the little things can upset me
Breasts are sort of tender
I'm very moody, little things can make me upset
Tired, but I really can't fall asleep
21 days ago
Hello! So me and my sister were playing around on quizzes, she doesn't (didnt) have her period at that point, she did this quiz and got 1 month left, she got her period 1.5 months after she took the quiz, for us this is accurate!
23 days ago
I've been trying all different test to find out what time I may get my period but they all say different things. I've not had 'the talk' yet and i want to know more about periods. I'm near the average age of getting my period so I know it should be around a few months but I'm not sure now.
24 days ago
Also a massive crush on this boy for 3 years but way stronger now
24 days ago
Oh and breasts are stage 3-4
24 days ago
Please estimate me!!
Age 11
Weight 99Ibs
Idk when my mom got hers
I wear a training bra but i think i need to get a bigger one soon
TONS of discharge it is annoyingghgg
Lots of curly dark hair down there
And all over
Underarm hair dark getting curly
Hips widen
Waist getting smaller
Done a lot of quizzes and research
Cramps are annoying get them around 3 times a week
Mood swings, i am happy one minute then crying for the next two hours
I have anxiety:(
Stresses and anxious
Tired but cant sleep
Nauseous, 3-4 times a week but i dont throw up
Headaches lots of the time, 5-6 times a week
I get annoyed and am moody way too easily
Craving all sorts of food but i have a small appertite (idk how to spell
Cant focus that much either
And for some reason i just rly want my period
Please estimate if possible xx
24 days ago
Can someone estimate me
Age: 11 nearly 12 in a few months
Breast: stage 2 budding getting more noticeable but not very noticeable
Cramps: quite a lot recently quite painful
Acne: a couple spots hear and there
Bloating:quite a bit
Hips:getting wider and waist is getting thinner
Mood: changing emotions frequently always having mood swings
Leg hair: I have had tones for a veryyy long time grows quite fast
Pubic hair: some light some brown wispy short hairs
Discharge: none
Crushes: I have a partner
Cravings: soo many I am craving way more sugar and junk food than usual
Period: nothing
25 days ago
Got "6monts to a year"