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When Will I Get My First Period - Tween Quiz

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This is a short quiz to help other girls to understand when they are likely to have their first period. I created this quiz based off my anxiety about my age and when I got my period, but later realised that that was not one of the important factors in having a period at all!

  • 1
    What is your age?
  • 2
    What is your weight?
  • 3
    Do you have a lot of pubic hair (hair down there)?

  • 4
    Do you have much discharge (white creamy goop in your nickers)?
  • 5
    How much under arm hair do you have?
  • 6
    BOOBS - What size bra are you, if you wear a bra?

  • 7
    BOOBS - what are yours like?
  • 8
    What is the hair on your legs like?
  • 9
    Have you been moody recently?
  • 10
    Have you had any cramps (on your lower stomach)?

  • 11
    How old was your mother or any other female relative when she got her first period?
  • 12
    Do you want your period?

Comments (341)


5 days ago
Maybe 6 months
9 days ago
Sorry to message again
Also, I weigh 86.0 lb
Crush: I have a boyfriend
Hips: yeah I can see them!
Had a growth spurt

Thanks if you do estimate!
9 days ago
Please can I get estimated?
I'm 12
Don't know when my mum got it
Breasts between 3 and 4, sore when I push on them
Cramps almost all the time, hurt ranges from little to almost unbearable
Lots of yellow/ white discharge every day
Crave lots of crackers or sugar usually every couple of days
Tired every few days
Headaches at least once a week, not as often, but hurt lots
Full pubic hair
Straight brown underarm hair
No spotting
Mood swings/ lots of emotion, at least once a week
43 days ago
Can somebody estimate me?
Age: 11
Mom got it when she was 11
Height: 4’11
Around stage 3, starting to get bigger and round. Also sore when i push on them
Cramps: Horrible, unbearable ones 1-2 times a day in my lower belly, almost like a stomach ache, or on/right above my v
Discharge: Yellow spots when i wear pads, white spots in my v
Cravings: All day I crave junk food/sweets
Tired: Super exhausted all day even if i get enough sleep
I have had lots of trouble sleeping, its getting worse lately
Headaches: Sometimes, but not a lot
Pubic hair: Dark brown, straight, and noticeable
Armpit hair: I have to go to waxing place every few months, it is dark brown and straight
Spotting: Not yet!
Mood swings: Maybe 1-2 times a week
Thanks if anyone estimates!
55 days ago

Maybe 0-3 months for you!
60 days ago
Can someone evaluate me?
I'm 12
My mum was 13 when she got it
Discharge for 2+ years but I get it lots every day now
Kind of stage 3-4 (.)(.) (Kind of rounded triangles)
Loads of thick curly brown hair down there
Starting to get darker arm and leg hair
Mood swings almost every day
Headaches a few times a week
No cramp but my lower back hurts sometimes
Might be spotting? But if I am I literally started yesterday
Also I've been thinking about girls a lot... (I'm a lesbian)
And I get weird cravings like suddenly I just need an apple or dark chocolate 😂
Pls tell me when I'll get my period, thanks!
66 days ago
Hey, I done the quiz about 2 years ago and it said i would get it in 2-4 months and i still havent got it. Just confused
69 days ago

I think that u could possibly get it in the next 2-3 months a congratulations for when u get it
116 days ago
This is so inaccurate! It says 4-6 months and I’m on day 6 of my period right now!
182 days ago
What, i dont get it.
182 days ago
When Will I Get My First Period - Tween Quiz

For 33% you are: Looks like there's a bit of a wait ahead!
You could get your first period in 2 - 3 years.
You won't have to worry about your period for a while!
Live carefree!
Enjoy your childhood, while you're still able to.
When you feel comfortable, it would be wise to talk to your mum or other female relative about periods, and 🦄, and girly things, to prepare yourself for your future change into a woman!
12% of 28585 quiz participants had this profile!

Your score wasn't clear.

You could also get this result:
For 33% you are: Looks like someone is nearing womanhood!

You could get your first period in 1 - 2 months!

Be ready!

You should be used to using liners in your nickers for discharge at this stage in your menstruation development.

It is highly recommended that this close to your period, you should carry around a pad in your pocket, for when your special moment happens!

It is also recommended that you use a pad first, instead of a tampon - they're easier to use for beginners - trust me!

Be prepared for your transformation into a beautiful woman!
182 days ago
Hi can someone estimate me?

Age: 12 my mom was 1 year older than me when she first got it but I have developped a lot more faster than her,
Breast stage: 4 theyre really tender and hurt when I jump or touch, I ahve hair in my nipples
Armpit hair: is blond and curly, it's getting longer and darker
Leg hair: is dark, long and getting curly
Pubic hair: is a lot, iv'e had it for 6- 1 year.
Discharge: A lot, like, 4-7 times per week, it's liquid, watery, milky and sometimes sticky
Spotting: No anyways not that i noticed
Weight 43 kg
Height: I'm 155 cm long

I'm really sweaty- I also sweat a lot in my down area, idk if that means anything...
Ive had alot of cramps but lately they hurt a lot under my belly
I'm really moody and I have lot's of cravings lately
I have a lot of diarrhea, contipation and symptoms...
Iv'e had growth spurts lately but now they stopped
I also have a big crush...

212 days ago
@gabs, I think you’ll get yours any day now! Remember the moments of being a kid, because you’ll soon be a grown up.
270 days ago
can I get an estimate
breasts= stage in the middle of 3 and 4
cramps= rarly
bloating = alot
mood swings= so much I was crying and laughing over loosing a board game
pubic hair= thigh to thigh
Armpits= been shaving for like 2 years
legs and arms= I shave
headaches= sometimes
Brest tender= 5 days out of the week
hight =5'2 ( I have been having alot of growth spurts latly
weight=120 lbs
Discharge= oml so much I wear pantyliners
Texture= thickish yellowish white
cravings= My body is 90% junk
Nausea= sometimes
Hips= a little curv
Trouble sleeping= I have eye cream for the bags
Crush= I have a bf
acne= I take really good care of my skin and get rid of every pimple I see so its not bad but i have it
270 days ago
I feel like veryone got 4-6m
276 days ago
if you guys want a more accurate estimate go in the comments sections in 100 accurate first period quiz
332 days ago
Same it said 2-3 years like I’ve literally started spotting-
339 days ago
This test is waayyyyyyyyy off
347 days ago
It’s suggesting I wear a training bra. I wear a 28B bra…
354 days ago
For 42% you are: You're getting close to your special moment!
You could get your first period in 4 - 6 months!
Be ready!
You should be comfortable with using liners in your nickers for discharge at this stage in your menstruation development.
I suggest carrying a pad in your pocket at school, or during activities out of the house just in case it happens when you don't expect it!
But don't be worried about it.
It's totally natural and happens to everyone.
Just be yourself and don't let anything worry you!
36% of 28115 quiz participants had this profile!

I dont know why but i expected sooner!