When will I get my first period?

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  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Do you have discharge?
  • 3
    How long have you had discharge?

  • 4
    Boobs: what size cup?
  • 5
    What do your boobs look like?
  • 6
    Do you have pubic hair?

  • 7
    Underarm hair?
  • 8
    Leg hair?
  • 9
    Are you moody?
  • 10
    Are you always hungry?

  • 11
    How much do you weigh?
  • 12
    When did your mom or other female in your family get her first period?
  • 13
    When do you think you will get your first period?(Be honest with yourselves ; )

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50 days ago
This comment section is interesting, but I got 2-5 months and I already have my period...Please don't trust any of these quizzes at all. My friend got hers at 11 and her mom got hers at 15. Yes, most of the time you get your period one year before, same age, or a year after your mom got theirs. You can look if you have any symptoms, but nobody will tell you the exact month you will. Some girls are saying that they were excited because they got 2-5 months or something like that. First of all, periods are horrible and you DON'T want it at all. it's horrible in every way. And second of all, don't get your hopes up. Your body is different from everyone else's body and it will come at its own time. I am 12 and got mine at 10
371 days ago
This is my quiz, give it a try: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1588296629/When-will-I-get-my-first-period
391 days ago
It doesn’t change with the last question for me it thinks I already have it
883 days ago
Oml it changes with the last question!!! Trash
940 days ago
Bra: Training bra but it has padding (soon I'll need small cupped one)
Very moody
a lot of cravings
Hair down there is not completely covered.
I get a some cramps
not a ton but some discharge(about 8 months )
Have to shave my legs every month or so
very little armpit hair(like one or two)
87 pounds
4'7 (our whole family is VERY small)
I have no idea when my mom got hers
I've been having a growth spurt about for about 3 months
Sore chest when Pressure is on it
Have a major crush
Thank you if you estimate me! please do it ASAP I need to know!
1010 days ago
changes with the last question this 😍
1207 days ago
but look Im 11 and i weigh 125 and i am 5" 5' i wear a 34 C in bras have tons of discharge and btw i have little underarm hair and thick and full pubic hair
1266 days ago
Girls, dont ve scared, i can get it any time now and im ready... remember every woman gets tru this and theres nothing to be afraid of... if you scared to talk to your mum or other women dont be she's been there too hope this helped☺
1324 days ago
Mine said 0-5 months!!
I will update you if I get it soon!😬😬
1367 days ago
If you're too scared to talk to a relative or a friend about this, you can find good videos on YouTube about all ypu need to know for your period. Of you could read this comment.
1. Carry a backpack or a purse wherever you go and fill it with pads, and if you are a swimmer/ competitive swimmer, put tampons in your swim bag so you are prepared for anything.
3. Learn how to use pads and tampons, but if you're too scared to wear tampons, but NEVER EVER put in a tampon while you arent on your period or it might cause an infection or it might hurt.
4. If you think you might get it any day now, you should start wearing panty liners everyday so you don't ruin your underwear.
5. If you think you're really close, practice telling your mom. Trust me, it might sound easy, but it's not. When you practice how you're going to tell her, it's much easier.
Good luck to everyone!!
1367 days ago
I got 0-5 months, and I'll make sure to come back and comment when I get my period to see if this test is accurate!
1373 days ago
Uh... I need help
I'm 12 years old and still have not gotten my period. My mum was my age when she got it..
1380 days ago
Dear Autumn,
It doesn't sound like you will be starting your period soon. Most girls must be at least 100lbs before they start menstruating. This is so the body has enough fat to complete the process. You will most likely get it near or after you turn 12.
1390 days ago
Autumn ( 41167 ) spending on when ur mum got hers if she got it around the same age as I then u should probably get it in in 4-8 months if she was was 2 yrs + older than u then u will probably get it around that age. Hope this helped ! Xx
1394 days ago
Plz somone tell me
I'm 9 turning 10 in 3months
I've been having discharge for 1 month or 2
I've been very Moody lately like I get mad at everything
I don't shave anywere but you can notice I have hair on my legs, down there and not to much my armpits
I wear pantiliners everyday just in case my period attacks me or I have more discharge
I weigh 60 pound but I'm super tiny (4 feet)
I don't think this had to do with anything because I've been craving my whole life
Please help...
1394 days ago
I got mine today and on the quiz it said 5-8 months lol.
1483 days ago
This is accurate I got my period today and I got 0-5 months!!!
All the other test say 6 months- 1 year!!
1511 days ago
Is the other thing I said coming up before it or not???
1511 days ago
My tablet's being weird
1517 days ago
VictoriaCity, mine said any minute too. I have advice for you though. I've researched a lot the past years and I realize that this can be hard. I would just get everything ready for your period because I have pads and pantiners ready so just be ready.