When Will I Get My Period? Test - 100% Accurate!

So, you're here looking for a quiz to answer the question, "When will I get my first period?"

This is one of the most important and life-changing happenings in the female life. Anyway, you've arrived at the definitive test on the subject - it's 100% accurate! Take it now and plan your future with extreme confidence!

  • 1
    So, first of all, how old are you?
    So, first of all, how old are you?
  • 2
    How much do you weigh?
  • 3
    What are your boobs like?

  • 4
    Another boobs question: What bra size (If you have one) are you?
  • 5
    Have you noticed any clear goop (discharge) down there?
  • 6
    How old was your mother when she got her period?

  • 7
    Have you been getting any stomach cramps lately?
  • 8
    Are your underarms getting hairy?
  • 9
    Here it comes...do you have pubic hair (hair DOWN THERE)?
  • 10
    How noticeable is your leg hair?

  • 11
    Do you have a boyfriend? (Sorry, I had to ask.)
  • 12
    Did you like this quiz?

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6 days ago
Oop I ment 3 out of my about 20 friends
6 days ago
Hello, I need help!!
I’m 11, and I’ve had 2 spotting. I have stage 3% breasts.
My hair down there is getting black, and curly, and armpit hair is brown.
I’ve had discharge for about a year and a half now. My mom was 12 when she started, but My oldest sister was 10, and my other older sister was 11%.
I’m scared about my period, and I’m going into 6th grade. Only 3 out out my like 10 friends have had it. They are 11,11, and 12.im so scared! They told me not to worry, and that it isn’t so bad after you have it a few times, but I can’t help but worry. My mom has talked to me about it, and gotten me a book. I’ve read it all, and I think I’m gonna get it soon, plz estimate! I need help now! Oh, and my moodiness usually consists of being irritated, mad, and crying over basically nothing, then being ok and happy 20 seconds later….🤔🤔🤔🫥
12 days ago
I’m wondering if I had my period already. I’m eleven, so it’s seems a little early but every month I get week long 🐤s that hurt sooooooooo bad.
What is my estimation.
I weigh 70 pounds, I have heavy discharge that’s clear for about 2 years now. I have stag stage three breasts and my armpit hair is getting curlier.
My hair down there is full. I have symptoms of pms.
Pls do estimation.
17 days ago
I am sooooo scared for when my period comes!!!😣😣
And I have been finding discharge is my pants for now two months and not know what it is so I ask my mom and she told me what is it .... But I all ready know what a period is
Also I am 11
33 days ago
aryah (88699)2 minutes ago
hey can somebody help me???

so, im not sure if i have my period, cancer or what! (okay maybe cancer is a bit dramatic)

anyways, im 13, turning 14 in sepember.
in march, 2022, i got this half-hour long spotting, not enough to go on a pad.
april, it happened again.
in may, it happened, but for three days. then it stopped. then came back for another day. it was pink, and there still wasnt enough to go on a pad or liner. it only happened when i wiped. it slowly got less and less, but, after its been gone a day, i was at my friends house, and there was a spot of brown on my undies. can someone help? my mom said its just spotting, but i think its either spoting, my period, or something more serious. i cant see a doctor right now because my mom is sick (she has heart problems). I don't know what to do, If i get it again on june 16th, then i know its my period. (by the way, i logged it as a period on my period app) but until then i want some advice. hope you can help!
36 days ago
@ m e r l i n hmm, you have a bunch of the signs, so maybe you'll get it around 2-6 months maybe. you'll get it around the age your mom got it
36 days ago
i'm 10 years old
i have a bit of discharge, but i have yeast infection so yeah.
i have hair on my arms and legs, that the little kids in the apartment where i'm staying at keep saying "you look like a boyy.."
and i always tell them a comeback that i'll be an adult with these signs and they just be sad. it's so funny.
i have pubic hair, halfway. the hair is getting thicker and darker.
i have stage 3 breasts, and i have a bit small breast with a pointy nipple. there's tiny black hairs around it.
i do have symptons of pms, like diarhea, cramps, stomachaches, gassiness, bloating etc.
idk when my mom got hers, but i weigh about 88 pounds.
pls do an estimation
84 days ago
Hi! I don’t know why I took this bc I already got my period a long time ago!
But I really hate that they wrote “do you have a boyfriend” and no other options
107 days ago
Age 12
Spotting once
Loads of discharge
50 kilo
Bushy armpits so probs should shave
Hairy ish legs
Hairy down there
🍒 are stage 3 or 4
Mum was 15
107 days ago
Is it normal to get so much discharge @ 12
107 days ago
God, i feel the discharge as i walk
107 days ago
OMG i just got so much discharge its like paint-should i wear a liner
122 days ago
Estimate me:
Age twelve
Loads of discharge
Mum was 15
1/3 full down there
Few dark but barely noticeable hairs in armpits
No spotting
Breasts-stage 2
127 days ago
I'm very close danngggg
130 days ago
And i wear sport and training bras also BTW I forgot to add that and I wear them like everyday
130 days ago
Breastfeeding are tender and I had a big growthspurt lol
130 days ago
And i wear sport and training bras also BTW I forgot to add that and I wear them like everyday
130 days ago
the last one says no bf or gf btw
130 days ago
plzz estimate

10 (11 in a few months)

My mum was 11 when she got hers


A little discharge white and wet/watery every other day

Breasts stage 3

Height 149cm (1m 49cm)

Blond public hair (getting long)
Short blond armpit hair
Medium brown arm and leg hair

Crams yes soo bad

Really mody and irritable and so sensitive

A little acne

Cravings all the time

Bf or gf:no
130 days ago
Just saying peeps, you should b around 100lbs before u get ur period so if that helps - it could mean that you get it earlier or later than others. Also, don’t worry about getting ur period! U will get it when ur body’s ready - just keep being u! P.s some ppl don’t get cramps or cravings/ pms so don’t worry if ur not getting these symptoms. The best way to tell is:
A) when your 🍦began developing - period = 2 ish years later
B) when you grow hairs ( doesn’t have to b loads, but just growing) = 1 yrs
C) when u get discharge everyday (white, clear, yellowy, eggish etc.) = 3-6 months

Hope this helps to all u waiting for it to happen - just enjoy life now and don’t feel anxious or stressed. When it comes y’all Miss when it wasnt thereundefined🌊🌑🌊