When will I get my first period?

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For all of you young ladies who want to know I have an answer. If you want me to estimate you myself leave your info in the comments section I will probably respond within 10 days max

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mom when she got hers?
  • 3
    How much have you grown in the past year?

  • 4
    Do you have pubic hair?
  • 5
    Leg hair?
  • 6
    How big are your boobs?

  • 7
    What breast development stage are you in?
  • 8
    Is your mom's side late early or average?
  • 9
    Is your dad's side late or what?
  • 10
    Not worth any points but you can email me or leave a comment with your info and I'll calculate you myself?

  • 11
    Have you experienced acne or mood swings?
  • 12
    Do you want your period not worth any points?
  • 13
    Wired question but have
    Your feet and hands grown more than usual lately?
  • 14
    What's your bmi you can have it calculated online?

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329 days ago
Pls estimate me someone-

Age: 11 1/2

Discharge: clear streaks when I Uhm…when I wipe (sorry awkward) I’ve had it for 6 moths about

Hair 👇🏻: Black hairs beginning to curl, I’ve had it for like 5 months

Arm and leg hair: brown hairs getting more noticeable

Cravings OMG YES

More attraction to people: help me I can’t stop

Breasts: Stage 3 puffy nipple round triangles, have been growing for 1.5 years

Cramps: kill me now-

No spotting I don’t think

Armpit hair: mostly short blonde hairs but some short brown ones

Symptoms: Headaches, cramps in lower abdomen, mood swings, fatigue, tiredness, mild constipation, more…
505 days ago
Can I plz get my results
506 days ago
Oh and I had discharg for a year and plus
506 days ago
Can you say what I will get plz
11-12 .I don't now a was adopted. I have grown um 4 in to 5 in. I have a lot of hair down there. I do not shav but my leg hair started to get long so soon I will have to shave. I do not now what the sizes are but my bobs are abut to fall down. I am at stag 4. Like I said I am adopted so I do not know. Do get mood swings every day espsholy at school. Well yes and no my friends dont ave thers yet so I wood like to be the first. Yes and I do have big hands and feet but I was a size 5-6 but now I'm a 7-8-9 its depending and the brand. I do not now what that is OK well thanks and plz get back to me soon byebye
509 days ago
Pls estimate me!
age:12 and 2 months
age my mom/sister got it:IDK I think 13 (i'm adopted)
breasts:Bounce a lot without a bra, size 34A, stage 3
Discharge: i have it a lot everyday. It used to be very watery and clear, but recently it turned to be clear stretchy and sticky. I first learned about was discharge was a couple months ago, and i knew I had it, but it could have been way longer than that. I'm guessing 3-6 months.
Acne: I just recently got a breakout which i usually never get. I get clumps of them in certain places
Mood swings: all the time. I always get mad or cry for little to no reason
tummy troubles: no cramps. I have had constipation a couple of times. I have nausea all the time every day and i feel like i'm going to throw up.
Headaches: I get lots of pounding headaches and dizzyness.
Pubic hair: Medium amount dark brown, long, and almost starting to curl
Armpit hair: medium amount, dark, long, and starting to curl
Leg/arms: very noticeable and dark
Stink and sweat: I have been sweating A LOT more. I bring deoderant to school and put it on before and during school, but I still sweat. And i stink reallly bad.
Height: 58 inches
Weight:91 pounds
Mass body index: 19
526 days ago
Thanks, and congrats to you too!!! 🎉
526 days ago
@Ima girl congrats! I think I got my period a month ago! I had brown and red discharge for 3 days last month. Now I'm just waiting for my second one😃
527 days ago
Gwen, I think youll get it really soon. I got brown discharge for the first time about 3 days ago and I started my period for the first time today. Every girls body is different though! Also, if you notice suddenly you go from a small amount of discharge to a lot, you may be about to ovulate (when your egg is released) so if that happens then you could get your period within 8-14 days after that. (Im not an expert) but carry around pads with you in your backpack at school or something. Youre not alone were in this together gurl!!
527 days ago
Update- I just got my first period today
559 days ago
Can someone pls estimate me?
I'm 10 but my mum got it around this age
Chests:B cup
Discharge:A LOT everyday,for 6-7 months,from clear white to yellowish sometimes,I had A TON of light brown discharge the other day,but it's back to normal,anyone knows why?
Spotting:I had some brown spots today,but it went away .Is that spotting?
Acne:All over my face
Mood swings:All the time and moodiness
PMS:Pain under my belly button everyday,not sure if it's cramps,kind of like a ache,breast tenderness,only if I touch them
Underarm hair:Blonde and wispy
Pubic hair:Brown and starting to curl
Arm and leg hair:Short and dark,starting to curl
Height:150-160cm I can't remember
560 days ago
Most of my test say 2 months so what do u say
560 days ago
undefinedhiiiiiiiii im sooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervousssssssssssssss byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee omggggg my mommmmmmmmmmmm gonneeeeeeeeeeee goivvvvvvvvvvvvvve meeeeeeeeeeeeeee theeeeeeeeeeee tlkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
596 days ago
ok so i need help down there there is a hair INSIDE my down there what do i do im scared
638 days ago
647 days ago
Ima girl - you’ve got some PMS, and are fairly developed. With the mood swings, acne and little bit of cravings, I’d say except it in the next 6 months. I wish I could give a more exact estimate, but the girls who don’t get as much PMS are harder. If you start having more symptoms, come back here and I will estimate again.
649 days ago
Can somebody estimate me?
Age: almost 14
U know what: rounded, small, growing quick
Discharge: had for almost a year
🐰: thick, dark, curly
Moms age when starting: 4-5 months older than I am now
Both sisters age when starting: 3 months older than I am now
No spotting
Ive been really irritated recently
Not many cravings
Got a ton of acne on my nose not much anywhere else
649 days ago
I would say you have like 2-4 months. Not really educated on the subject tho, just my estimation. Good luck girl!
664 days ago
can you estimate me please

mom's age:11
🕊:32a bra hurt to touch stage 3
discharge:so much pantliners everyday
leg hair:brown starting to curl shave every week
arm hair:darker than leg hair
daily cramps
crush:had one before
sweating:alot for no reason
hair "down rthere":medium amount starting to curl
ance: got quite a bit
cravings:i need sugar all the time
pms:mood swings super tired latly
687 days ago
Discharge: I think at least 11 months ago
discharge everyday pinky brown
Breast r stage 3
Wear an AA bra
75 lbs
10 years
Little armpit hair
Public hair is course and dark, almost full amount, curly
Need to shave my legs every couple weeks, lighter leg hair
A lot of arm hair
Daily cramps
Small crush
I get cravings twice a week mostly sweet and salty food
mood swings about everyday(im surprised anyone likes me)
Been more tired than usual 3 times a week
My mom got hers at 12
Pls estimate me
693 days ago
The quiz said I'm very very close