ACCURATE First Period Quiz 🩸 When will I get it?

Signs your period is coming? Is your period on your mind? As in, do you need to know when you'll get yours?

This accurate first period quiz will show you, approximately. It's good information to use for planning and preparation, because this will be a big change in your life.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?
    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?

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13 hours ago
Can someone estimate pls?

Age: 9 1/2
Breast stage: 4
Discharge: A lot everyday! Reddish brown
Spotting: Every week
Moms period: I think 10
Leg&arm hair: A lottttt
Armpit hair: Barely anything - blonde
Growth spurts: I just started ANOTHER ONE
craving: I will eat the world one day...
Height: around 5ft.
Weight: 90lb (40kg)
Moodiness: I'll go to my room, die, then laugh my head off
Pubic hair: Starting to get longer
46 days ago
Can someone estimate me bc every test gives varied answers but most say soon
I’m 12 and my mom got hers just before 13 and my grandma who I take after 11
I have had dark pubic hair for a while but no really dark leg arm or armpit hair but take into mind I’m a natural blonde
I’ve had bad discharge almost every day for almost a year , some days it’s chunky, I have been having occasional spotting for the last few months but I’m not sure
MY family is short so I am only 4’11 but last year I was around 4’6
IM. 82 pounds rn
Have stage four breast and size 30A or B
55 days ago
Haiiiii, I was wondering if anyone could estimate when I will get mine?
I'm 11

My sister got hers at 11, I remember when it happened

I have loads of discharge constantly everyday, but I don't use panty liners cuz I'm scared to ask

My breasts are tender a lot recently

They are at around level four, I'm not sure though, they are mainly round, but
can be triangular and I where size 12 crop tops cuz im scared to ask for bra too lol

I had a growth spurt recently and grew around 2 inches

I have been craving junk food a lot. like a lot a lot.

I have terrible mood swings

I weigh like 92lb or 42 kilos

I have a full bush of hair down there...

But armpit hair, I only got recently and hasn't been growing much, just a few black hairs

I have leg and arm hair becoming more noticeable

I also just don't get head aches, and when I do I throw up, so yeah no head aches

I have had a few cramps but not really bad ones.
OK, please estimate meeeeeeeeeeeeee tysm
62 days ago
Thanks Ava, you were right I got it yesterday😦
66 days ago
Anonymous, it sounds like you could get your period in probably a year max. The signs are very varied, so I can't be sure, but it seems like you could get it any time to a year
72 days ago
Can someone please estimate me
Breast stage:4
Pubic hair:starting to darken
Armpit hair: thin blonde hairs
Leg hair: dark brown I have to shave every two weeks
Cramps: every day
Moms age: around the same age
Discharge:I started it about a year ago and it is thick and white
Cravings: sweet fruit
Mood swings: every day
Weight: 120 pounds
Bra size: 36A
87 days ago
and i also have been more antisocial than normal.
87 days ago
can someone estimate me ?

breast stage: 4

pubic hair: dark brown and starting to curl alot more
armpit hair/leg hair dark and curled for armpit and dark and long/straight for leg hair

cramps: 2 to 3 times a week

moms age: 12

discharge: it started 11 months ago and it have never been watery its just thick and gross. it has oder to it.

cravings: i've been craving sweet stuff like ice cream and peanut butter. im also craving bulgogi and pickles.

mood swings: i have almost started crying for no reason and im having really bad anxiety

weight: 135 pounds (61 kg)

And I have been having really bad headaches.

Im a little nervous for when it does happen but i just want to know. my quiz said 3 months at most.
99 days ago
Hey can some estimate me?

Age: 12

Breast stage: about 3

Public hair: curly and brown. Had for about 2 or 3 years

Underarm hair/ leg hair: getting darker and longer

Cramps: every other day

Mums age: around my age. Maybe a bit younger

Discharge: everyday. Annoying and yucky.

Cravings: I WANT FOOD

Mood swings: idk

Weight: idk maybe 100 pounds

If I don't reply I'm sorry
I rly want my period.
119 days ago
@piper girl your close maybe 0-3 months also im not an expert i dont have my period yet
120 days ago
Please estimate I'm 11 mom got it at 12 Lots of pubic hair Lots of Leg and Armpit hair 96 pounds stage four for breasts and Loads of discharge every day and I'm pretty sure I have some spotting tell me if you need anything else
120 days ago
So I think you will get it pretty soon. Have you had any discharge? And when you get it just be like MOM I AM POOPING BLOOD then she will be like ummm 😳 u got ur peroid and she will probably explain it and get you pads
120 days ago
Pls estimate mine . I need to know quickly I have camp On thrusday (11/08/2022)

Age : 12

Birthday date : 17/06/2010

Height : 5 Ft 3 to 5 Ft 5 some where between there

Growth spurt : increase in height about an inch every month

weight : 40 kg - 45 kg ( i dont have a weighing scale and i dont know how much i weight but this is usually the weight i have )

My Mom got her period : Idk i am too scared to ask her that and i am scared that she will scold me if i am asking her about it . She never told me about period too . i saw like a period ad and was thinking what was period and found it out by my own . its sad 😭

Signs :

Pubic Hair : I have a medium to large amount of dark, curly pubic hair that’s spreading

Discharge : Sticky , white and even yellow average amount and getting it every day

Breast Stage : 3rd stage going to the 4th stage, rounding

Cramps : Rarely

Armpit hair : medium amount starting to darken

Leg hair and arm hair : Going to be like a Forest


I am lazy from time to time to time to time to time to ti- you get it right.

Mood swings : 🎢 of emotions . I get irritated by my bros and ask me not to react. I get them every day

K then guys bye

Yours Truely

A girl like you
121 days ago
Hi can someone please estimate me

Age 10yrs 3 months

my mom started 13 she said she might’ve started developing when i started (8)

weight:80 pounds

🍒: stage 3 there are some dots rounded triangles

🐱: thin blonde just started to notice the hairs a couple months ago

Armpit hair: there’s some dark hairs if you look close enough their blonde

Odor: I can tell I’m getting a bit smellier

Spotting: some brown drops today

Discharge: I get a lot but once every couple of days I only get a little one day I had SO MUCH the texture used to be thin and watery now it’s goopy and thick

No cramps no mood swings I’m always hungry lmao sometimes my breasts hurt but sometimes only one hurts??? someone explain that. the quiz says I have 4 to 6 months left
126 days ago
Hi Teresa,
From what you've said I think you've only got a week to three months left. Congratulations! I'll warn you though, periods are the worst!! Start carrying pads to school from now on, you never know when you might need them! Good luck!
131 days ago
Also cramps happen quite a bit, but not too painful
131 days ago
Can Someone Estimate me?

Age my Mom started:12
Weight:91 lbs (41 kgs)
Armpit hair: some long dark hairs
Pubic Hair: thick, bunchy, brown
legs hair:pretty long
oder: just gross
spotting:guite a bit
discharge:yellowish, thin
moodiness:a lot my bros think I overreact
154 days ago
Hi can someone please estimate me?

Age:13 and about 10 months
Breasts: about stage 3? just got my first bra
Armpit hair: a few straight dark hairs
Pube hair: a lot but not covering full area, black, curly
Leg hair: quite a bit about tp start shaving
Oder: armpits get quite stinky
Mums age when she got hers: around a year or so before me
Spotting: like a tiny bit one or twice
Discharge: pretty much every day, white and gooey and sticky, probably average amount
Moodiness: literally every day
i have constipation sometimes headaches every day a few cramps and aches
and tender nipples

165 days ago
Try taking other quizzes and then compare your results
172 days ago
along time ago it said 3-4 moths like two years ago and im 11 and agian it says 3 months what yall think