ACCURATE First Period Quiz 🩸 When will I get it?

Signs your period is coming? Is your period on your mind? As in, do you need to know when you'll get yours? This very accurate first period quiz will show you, approximately. It's good information to use for planning and preparation, because this will be a big change in your life.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?
    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?

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11 hours ago
Can someone estimate me? Please? :DD

Age: 11, my mom was 11-12 when she got her period

Discharge: BRUHH it’s like a waterfall every second, it’s always clear slime like or brown reddish wet ness
Growth: I’m currently 4’10 I was 4’09/4’08 7ish months ago

Cramps: wayyy to much, always on my thigh, breast and around my ovaries, I’ve had cramps for basically a year or 9 months now

Breast: I’m currently stage 4, they are growing quite quickly!! I’ve had breast growth start when I was 8, they grew quicker when I was 9

Mood swings: everyday! I get irritated easily aswell as cry for no reason!!

Hair(pubic, armpit, leg): my leg hair is turning brownish blackish. I need to shave my pubic hair due to extreme growth, it’s curly and black, it’s getting fuller quickly. My armpit hair is tiny blonde stubs, growing! Ive noticed the blonde hairs for 2ish months

Weight: I’m currently 80.04lb (pounds) ive been very light my whole life

Pimples/zits: so much! I look like I have 50 warts!! They grow on my nose and forehead
2 days ago
Results: 0-3 months
Age: 8 9in March
Hair down there: long and curly
Breasts: stage 3
Weight: 60 pounds
Hight: 4’1
Moody: lots of mood swings
Arm/leg hair: legs are long and brown and very noticeable. Arms are short and blond.
Sporting: one or two light brown spots
Discharge: none
5 days ago
@Mia I'm sure you'll get it in 0-4 months! It sounds like it could be coming very soon!!
14 days ago
Hiii Could someone estimate me?
Age 10 11 in 1 month
My mom got hers 1 year and 1.5 months older
Discharge white and clear all day everyday AND I CAN FEEL IT WHEN I WALKKKK had it for a year and 2 months also once it was pink like a month ago that’s the only time it happened tho
Weight 104-107 lbs
Height 4’10 I have grown 5.5 inches since last august and 3 since February also in July I grew an inch sorry it’s a lot lol
Cramps yes it’s like it was off and on like ten times a day for about two months but now its only like once or twice a day but when it does happen it’s rlly painful lol
Moody Yeah I get irritated easily and I cry over the littlest things! My mom even pointed it out lol
Acne yeah for sure, both my cheeks are covered with bumps some red some not lol and 9 on the tip of my nose

Breasts yeah had them for 1.5 years
Hair down there for sure a lot of black hairs staring to curl and it’s a little over a medium amount had it for about 8 months
Armpit hair a few short blonde hairs only noticeable up close had it for 3 months
Leg hair a few dark hairs

Thank you for reading all of that :D
26 days ago
Hello there! I totally understand about the wanting to have it all my friends have it thing- I felt the same way!! But I can never assure you more, it’s a tragedy :(….

But anyways, my guess is going to be less than a year, probably 5-9 months? I’m not a professional, but I think most people would agree around that time for you.

And also, don’t want to be rude at all, but are you sure you’re 5’9 because I’m tall, but I’m not nearly as tall as that, you’re almost 6’ tall! You must be towering over your friends!! 😮

But I hope your friends don’t be mean/exclude you because you don’t have it.

Good luck!
27 days ago
Hi pls can I have an estimation??

Age: nearly 12 1/2

Height: 5'9

Weight: around 126lbs

Discharge: only had it 1 or 2 times but was kinda watery and whiteish ig

Hair down there: dark, becoming curly

Arm and leg hair: a mix of dark and light, but I shave so kinda hard to tell lol

Armpit hair: dark, becoming curly, once again i shave so hard to tell.

Cramps: 3-4 times within the last 4 months, sharp pains.

Lower back pains: 3-4 times within the last 4 months.

🍒: Small, Sorta raised, nipples raised and larger than used to be

Pimples: maybe 3-4 spots on face every 2 months? Got two yesterday but seem more red and sore than any before.

Cravings: unsure, but definitely always feel like chocolate lol!!

Moodswings: unsure but definitely keep crying and getting angry for no reason rly!!

Pls help!!!!
I am dying to get it all my friends have it!!
40 days ago
I am 9 turning 10 in two months I have discharge white yellow ish and lots of black curly pubic hair I do have brown admit hair noticeable. Breasts are a bit more developed than stage 2 so much acne. cramps I am so young and got hers like at 13 or something I am exited please estimate me😉.I have token so much period quizzes and they all said 3-6 months
47 days ago
ok so i took this quiz and my results were:
my period will come any time now and the maximum wait will be three months
ill keep you guys updated (if your interested)
anyways just wanna say good luck to all you girls out there and dont worry about your period if you are scared just think of it as a time for growth and where you mature and become a woman!
love yall and good luck :)
52 days ago
So you’ve taken this quiz, am I right? Well you will either be disappointed, angry, happy, worried or you don’t know. What I know is that when your periods start, your life will change. This isn’t something to fret about, since it shows that your body is functioning how it is supposed to. Just enjoy the days when your bag isn’t stuffed to the brim with pads, and you can enjoy every day.
53 days ago
@Scared Person thank you! Such good advice and tips!
67 days ago
Wow thank you!
68 days ago
I just wanted to say a few quick things that aren’t mentioned much, if you have an extreme amount of discharge things you can do to help is to try to not let wear tight clothing down there (tights, leggings e.t.c) baggy bottom half clothing seems to work well and feel free to wear a pantyliner and for bras try sports bras since training show the n_pples (sorry I feel uncomfortable saying the actually word) and proper bras can be to big for some girls or maybe some just avoid because they can be uncomfortable. I hate sitting down and then when I get up the seat looks like water has been poured all over it from my sweat so I take a thin layer of deodorant and also put it on the back of my thighs if u ever want a boy/girl-friend but you know you’re to young just remind yourself of your age is quite young still next is about acne/pimples, just recently I’ve been washing my face with with a basic cleanser each night and it’s improved so much so I suggest washing your face by far. Sorry for how long this is and hope it might help in som way
76 days ago
This is kinda inaccurate. I got my period in February and this quiz said I’ll get it in 4-6 months, but oh well. Before I got it I really wanted my period but as soon as I got it I hated it. Just enjoy the time you have before you need to worry about leaking all over your underwear!
77 days ago
i got 4-6 months when i took this quiz about 4-6 months ago and still havent gotten mine ugh
79 days ago
i got “anytime sooon”
82 days ago
I am 11 and I got 4-6 months. My mom got hers at 12 and I will be turning 12 on Jan 1 next year so this quiz COULD be kinda accurate but idk.....
82 days ago
It says 4 to 6 months and I took this quiz months ago…
83 days ago
I got no more than three months! I think it’s definitely coming soon! My mom was 11 and i’m turning 13 in exactly a month soooo
84 days ago
Mine says 4-6 months but it also says i get my Period in 2-3 weeks
85 days ago
it says three months but ive been pmsing for 3 days