When will I get my first period? (Girls only)

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Menarche (say: MEH-nar-kee) - A girl's first period. While this quiz may not be perfectly accurate, I have done as much research and watched as many documentaries a girl could in a day to make this as accurate as I could. If you think it's coming soon, talk to your mom about getting some pads or tampons. (NEVER wear tampons if you aren't on your period. You can wear pads off it, but make sure to change them)

  • 1
    How developed are your breasts?
  • 2
    How much "down there" hair do you have?
  • 3
    How long have your breasts been developing for?

  • 4
    How long have you been developing pubic hair (down there hair)?
  • 5
    Have you had any white, clear, or yellow goop in your underwear? (Tip: If you have, wear pantyliners in your underwear to keep it from ruining your underwear! You can find them where they sell pads/tampons in the store.)
  • 6
    How old are you? (If you are older than 15 and have not had your period you need to see a gynecologist)

  • 7
    How frequently do you find discharge in your underwear?
  • 8
    How long have you been finding discharge in your underwear?
  • 9
    How old was a genetic female relative when she got her period (like your mother, sister, aunt, or grandmother)
  • 10
    Have you ever had any cramps below your belly button?

  • 11
    Have you ever had seemingly random mood swings (able to change moods very quickly)? If so, how frequently?
  • 12
    Do you need to wear a bra?
  • 13
    Do you have underarm hair?
  • 14
    Do you get acne? (Hormonal means even with good skincare it doesn't go away, and good skincare means that if you wash your face/where you get acne the acne will mostly be gone.
  • 15
    Do you ever get pain in your breasts, without touching or otherwise hurting them?

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42 days ago
@jules i think you have a lot of time maybe in like 3 yeas no one can tell when you get it but you have just inter puberty
42 days ago
Can somebody estimate me?
Age: 11
Mom got it when she was 11-12
Height: 5’4
Around stage 4
Cramps: really bad when i get them
Discharge: creamy white egg like
Cravings: All day I crave junk food/sweets
Tired: Super exhausted all day even if i get enough sleep
I have had lots of trouble sleeping, its getting worse lately
Headaches:had 2 times yesterday
Pubic hair: Dark brown, straight, and full
Armpit hair: I have to go to waxing place every few months, it is dark brown and straight
Spotting: brown stains does that count?
Mood swings:every day !!!
Thanks if anyone estimates!
117 days ago
Jules, i would say you still have a while. Probably 1 to 2 years
131 days ago
Pls estimate

Breast Stage:2-3


Hair down there:YES

Armpit hair:Nope

Bra Size:Training Bra

Mood Swings:Yes once a month

Thanks :)
285 days ago
Sorry for the supper late reply, but you'll probably get it around 1-3 months. By my late reply you probably already have it.
432 days ago
Can someone please estimate me?

Age; 11 and about to be 12

Discharge: It used to be very horrible but it has calmed now

Spotting: I think once

Cramps: Yes, I get the upper leg ones, Back ones and abdomen ones

Growth spurt: Yes, Around 3 or more inches

Height: 5.1

Body odour: It used to be very bad but once again, it has calmed

Acne: OMG it's so bad ;-;

Leg and arm hair: Mix of light and black hairs

Armpit hair: I need to shave a lot

Hair down there ;-;: Thigh to thigh calamity

Breast size: A13

Mood swings: Doesn't happen all of the time but it's starting to become more frequent

Weight: 47 kg

I have greasy hair and skin too

Cravings: I eat a lot now days :)

Also i am very lazy and tires these too

Oh and breast tenderness too, it hurts ;-;

Also I don`t like anyone bec i`m ace

Thanks :)
432 days ago
This quiz is so much bad
554 days ago
yea also same problem as rachel
571 days ago
Not a very good quiz sorry- the answers were not specific it just says "u got a bit of time a few months" same as rachel and kels the discharge question no option for daily and the age one was confusing bc the ages overlapped!? Dont take this one its not worth it
600 days ago
Same as rachel, it doesn't give you a large range, i get it every day but there is no option for that
653 days ago
when the question said how often do you get discharge it's eather never or a few times per week, I have it everyday girl so um yeah sorry to disappoint you but your quiz is not very inclusive
656 days ago
yeah, me too. This quiz is definitely not accurate, it says 1 year but actually in other quizzes, 0-2 months
683 days ago
This isn’t accurate, it says im getting it in about a year when i have been having MAJOR period symptoms for the last 3 months, sorry but im out
698 days ago
@me some people just do not have hair i think she would most likely get it soon
725 days ago
Wild/Rosie - id say about 3-6 months but Im no qualified scientist just a girl with experience 😂
good luck :)
728 days ago
Please estimate me :/

Age: 11 and I'll be 12 in march
My mom's age when she had it: Idk but I think 11-14
Discharge: no
Spotting: in september I had two drops that were reddish brown and last week same
Cramps: a lot in my legs and feet
Acne: yes a little in my hair and eyebrows and then a lot on my forehead and nose
Growth spurt: last time was two months ago I grew two inches
Height: 5.4-5.6 feet
Body odor: horrible last year I had to start using mens deodorant
Arm hair: strands of blonde and brown
Leg hair: lots of straight brown hair
Hair down there: lots of black like a forest
Breasts size: 3-3.5 I wear a training bra
Mood swings: Bad
I have diarrhea,constipation, and head aches
Weight: 189 lbs (Ik it's a lot -_-)
I have greasy hair and skin but mostly hair
Cravings: yes even pickles and mustard and I hate both
I'm not always lazy or active
I have tender breasts, so it really hurt when my sister punched me there
And I've been bloated once
No crush

Just tell me if I need anything else. Thanks :)
770 days ago

I would say like a year or a little less just because of bra and no armpit hair, not a ton of pubic hair. Because you are the same age as your mom it could be sooner and because of discharge. I'm not a doctor so IDK really but thats my best :)
825 days ago
I got that im overdue
881 days ago
Can someone please estimate me?

I am 14 y.o.
My mom got her first period at 14
I wear an A bra
I started puberty about 2 years ago
I have no armpit hair
I shave my legs
I'm like 97-101 lbs.
I'm 5 foot 1 (61 inches)
I have A LOT of discharge every day
I've had it (discharge) for about a year
I have just a few mood swings
A medium amount of brown wavy pubic hair
I've had pubic hair for 7+ months
Most of the tests say like 1-9 months
If you need more info just ask
Thank you so much!!!! -Kate
891 days ago
Ahh it said a few months although the good thing is I’m homeschooled