When will you start your period (Tween girls)

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Another quiz:)

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Are you close to when your mother got it?
  • 3
    What about a female relative?

  • 4
    How much hair is on your vagina?
  • 5
    How are your legs?
  • 6

  • 7
    Have you had any whitish/yellowish discharge in your panties?
  • 8
    Have you started to feel.. sexual? Touching yourself? Loving boys?
  • 9
    Any cramps?
  • 10

  • 11
    This should have been first, but.. breast?
  • 12
    Have you felt tender breast?
  • 13
    Lastly, have you ever had spotting?

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68 days ago
Hey plz estimate
Just breast buds
Just turned 12
4 10 (imma short 💝)
64 pounds
Oily skin and some pimples
Sorta hairy down there
No armpit hair
Wearing pantiliners cuz of discharge
My mom got hers at 16 but my grammas got theirs at 10/11

Plz I’m nervous and also feel left out cuz all my friends got theirs
94 days ago
I have to ask that in which years my periods will start .my age is 12-13
151 days ago
Hey everyone!!!!!!!!

if you need any estimates, tips or answers anything related to puberty/periods , come to the site below! ❤❤❤


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-Period expert 2.0 ❤
175 days ago
Use this site for help: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1618847019/A-safe-place-for-venting#comments_anchor
215 days ago
6-12 months!!! i cant wait that long
236 days ago
umm..... lol i said sweetie... *face palms* anyways i want to share a tip that might help have a kit with pads, tampons or diva cups, dark chocolate, pain killers, extra underwear, a bag incase u need to carry ur dirty clothes and a hoodie to cover ur stain by tieing it around ur waist :)
252 days ago
@ Target.for.life ...... i would say 1 - 5 months..... be prepared sweetie :)
323 days ago
Ps i got 3 - 6 Mounths
Estimate me plese!!!!
I am 11 almost 12
I am 5'1
I weigh 85 - 95 lbs.
I have really oil skin and Have black heads every wear
I have A medium amount of under arm hair that's dark brown and curly
I have stage 3 Breasts. I've had them since I was 8.5 and have worn a bra since then.
I have Black thick curly hair down there that's almost thigh to thigh.
I have a medium amount of discharge that leaves a stain in my underwear. Its creamy and yellowish white.
I shave my legs hint hint
I have cramps very day or every other day.
My breasts are tender to touch.
My mom got hers at age 15 but she didn't need a bra in 6th grade.
Please help I have a show coming up
323 days ago
I know I took it September 13 2020 it said 2 months I’ve waited over two months still no period
328 days ago
Guys just a heads up this test is not accurate whatsoever
329 days ago
Less than 3 months eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I am sooooo pumped my friend lied about her period so I am ready to prover her wrong I already have pads and tampons in my bag
441 days ago
for 54% less than 3 months
474 days ago
TMN same exact thing age and result we are twins. ❤️🥀
515 days ago
For 38% you are: 3-6 months! Close! Start buying pads, liners and heating pack for cramps, they come at this time!

Ok. I believe that. Seems reasonable for me: 9 years old turning ten soon, same age as my aunts, has discharge, small breasts, I belive this!
854 days ago
Close I can't wait!!!
893 days ago
Pft this test is not accurate I already had mine and it said I still have 3-6 months
899 days ago
It says 0-6 months....
Ok it's accurate....
996 days ago
Can someone please estimate me?
Hair down there is medium(in between course and fine) an is sorta long and is brown
Breasts are uneven; one is Miskito bite and the other is pointy but bigger
Distarge is whitish color and there is quite a bit
I need to wear deodorant
Get small zit every 1-2 weeks
Breasts are very tender
I am slightly older than when my sister got hers and slightly younger than my mom
I am really moody and have bad cravings nonstop
PLEASE HELP. I took 2 tests and one said 4-7 weeks and the other said 3-4 months!
999 days ago
7 to 10 months am 9 years old
1176 days ago
i am 9 turning 10 november 2018 i got 38 percent got about a year