When you will get your first period?

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For girls only:)if you want, write in comments and I will estimate you:)))

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Do you have any discharge (white stuff in your panties)
  • 3
    Do you have any hair down there?

  • 4
    Any mood swings?
  • 5
  • 6
    Do you have breasts?

  • 7
    Any spotting?
  • 8
    What age was your mum when she got her period?
  • 9
    Do you have tender breasts?
  • 10
    Do you want it?

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198 days ago
it also said i just started puberty but i started like a year ago or something.
198 days ago
is anyone on at all?
198 days ago
does anyone know if this quiz is accurate
217 days ago
It can come now

345 days ago
I’m sooo scared it said: For 60% it can come now!!!!!!!
882 days ago
NOT ACCURATE! Said I just started puberty when I had it for at least 2 years!
1074 days ago
Someone estimate me!!!!!
I’m 10 yrs old, I have SO MUCH DISCHARGE I HAVE TO CHECK CONSTANTLY!!! I started having discharge 11 days ago. My got her period at 12 yrs old, I’ve not had my puberty yet,💗 size A cup almost B cup, ALOT OF HAIR EVERYWHERE
170 lbs(I’m a big girl plz don’t judge me) cramps every other month, I’m going to start shaving this spring. Mood swings are everywear like one second I’m happy and calm as a clam hen the next second I just HATE LIFE!!!!!! Cravings are strong can control myself from eating junk food (I used to eat junk food a lot less) I’ve got back aches every now and then, and I am SOOOOO JEALOUS OF MY BFF HAVING HER PERIOD AND ME NOT HAVING MINE YET!!!! My results said 6-12 months which I expected because I just started having discharge. Anyway someone PLEASE ESTIMATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1110 days ago
It said it could come now 😬😬 any tips
1277 days ago
DOGLOVER! Can you plzzzzzz estimate meeeeee????😜🙃☺️😂
Okay so im 13, my mom was 13 as well
I have a little bit of hair down there, a little leg hair, and a tiny underarm hair

I get discharge every day, and a LOT
I wear A cup bra, and my 🐬 hurt
I often get emotional
I get cramps often (im having one rightnow)
I crave all types of food all the time

Plzz estimate me, i rly badly want it cuz all my friends have it!

1291 days ago
Hi it's me again I took this quiz 25 days ago and it said any day now. I took it again now and it said anyway know.
1291 days ago
I have 8 months to a year
1306 days ago

im 10 idk when mom got it

lots of hair EVERYWHERE

lots of discharge

LOTS of cramps and back pain

tons of cravings *eats chocolate

weighs 68 pounds its in my familys genes

1314 days ago
Hey can someone estimate me im 12 i am 90 pounds I've had discharge for God knows how long like 6 months mabe i have small 🍦 around size 32-36 I have pubic hair but i shave it sooo yeah plzzzz help me.
1316 days ago
Does anyone kno of it's accurate
1316 days ago
I got any day now. So happy coz I'm off skl
1316 days ago
Hey,i can estimate all of you guys if you want:)
1316 days ago
I got it can come eny time and I start school in 12 days
1317 days ago
I'm so scared and excited it said it can come know any time
1317 days ago
I got 1-3 months too I'm so scared
1317 days ago
Don't worry:)if you want i can estimate you;)