When will I get my period?

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I made this quiz as accurate as I could to help you find out when you will get your first period?

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    When did your Mom or other female relative get hers?
  • 3
    What size bra do you wear?

  • 4
    What do your boobs look like?
  • 5
    What is the hair on your legs like?
  • 6
    What does your armpit hair look like?

  • 7
    What does your pubic hair look like?
  • 8
    How much discharge do you have in your underwear?
  • 9
    Do you get any cramps below the bellybutton?
  • 10
    How much do you weigh?

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44 days ago
Haha. it says 7 months but i already got it
44 days ago
it says year or two but i think more like 2 months cuz...you know
64 days ago
I could get it in a year or 2 3 to 7 months or within the next month
256 days ago
Mine was perfectly split between more than a year and any minute now. I already know it’s the second, but how did that happen?
306 days ago
@hi-z. I'm no expert but I would say 2-7 months. That may seem a long time away but before you know it you'll have it. I don't want you to worry because having a period is something to be proud of. It means your body is working the way it should. But don't worry if you don't get it, every body is different! Good luck!
306 days ago
This thing is SOOO unnacurate I could do better and I am 12...
316 days ago
ayye peeps
448 days ago
691 days ago
All the tests I do (like this kind of test) I post this comment. I hope that all of you who want your period, get it. I will pray for you guys. :) -Molly
Also can somebody tell me what to believe? It ranges from 0 months-1+ years.
I'm 11 what do I do?
775 days ago
THis is the most inaccurate quiz I have seen out of all of them!! Terrible! Says 1-2 years and usually I get 1-4 months
857 days ago
My discharge was kinder pink red today wy wos it like that and what was it
885 days ago
some quizes say 1-3 months and some say up to a year, I am so confused plz estimate me
I am 12
my pubic hair is from thigh to thigh, curly and bushy
I have a fiew dark armpit hairs
I want to shave my legs but dont know how to tell my mom
I can fit a b cup
I have a LOT of blackheads and a fiew pimples
I have been really tired lately and have been a bit sick, I've had a fiew cramps a week, have been really moody lately, have been craving sweets
My panties have been starting to be stained yellow like 6 months ago, I started getting discharge about a week ago
I have been swetting a lot more lately, even when it is cold, I HAVE to wear deoderant or else I smell terrible, I HAVE to shower every day or else my hair gets very greasy
927 days ago
dis aint accurate i already had my period in just under a year idk why im takin dis test tho
954 days ago
this test is NOT accurate DX
969 days ago
@caitlyn You have the same symptoms as me and i mean exactly. I think its coming within today to 3 months from now maybe 4. Congrats ur gonna be a woman!!
1076 days ago
Please estimate me. I’ve been waiting for a while now. All my friends have it and now I feel left out. ♥️

Breasts- kinda triangular but rounding out. I’m about a size A or B.
Hair- have a lot of pubic hair. Almost covers whole area. My arm and leg hair is all grown and very bad . My armpit hair is noticeable but don’t have to shave yet.
Age- I’m 12 years old. Mom got hers at the same age.
Cramps etc- I’ve been getting them every couple hours or so for the past 3 days. Some headaches.
Weight/height- 120lbs and I am 5’4.
Spotting- I’ve only spotted once.
Ache- face is really greasy from pimples. Mostly around my nose and a tiny bit on my forehead
Sweat- I sweat a lot everyday
1076 days ago
This is sooo inaccurate
1108 days ago
I meant so to say 8-12 months GIRL NO I WONT SOON ER THAN THAT 🍦🍦
1108 days ago
1153 days ago
I started my period sometime in the beginning of December and it's now January but it still says I have 1 month before I have my "first" period when clearly I already have it but I just don't know when I'll get my second one!!!!!!!!!!!