First Period Quiz Extended

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Hi pre-teens and teenagers! Excited? Scared? Disgusted? Well here's the place to click! This is my extended version of First Period Quiz, so enjoy! I put a lot of effort into this so please rate and leave me a comment down below. Love from, RUB•E

  • 1
    How old are you?🙎👩👵
  • 2
    How old was your mum/female relative when she got her first period?👪
  • 3
    How much do you weigh? Not to pry 👀

  • 4
    Do you get discharge?
  • 5
    If so, how often?
  • 6
    And how long have you had discharge for?

  • 7
    Have you experienced spotting?
  • 8
    Have your ta-tas started growing (boobs)?
  • 9
    Mood swings?
  • 10
    What bra size do you wear then?

  • 11
    Craving foods?
  • 12
    Do you get cramps below your belly button?
  • 13
    Do you have pubic hair?
  • 14
    Armpit or leg hair?
  • 15
    Have you grown this year? 👆☝
  • 16
    Does your sweat smell different?

  • 17
    Any interest in boys/girls in that way 💖😘😉👫👭?
  • 18
    I will reply to your comments as much as possible if you want me to do a one on one and congrats you made it to the last question: Are you mentally and physically ready? (Are you ready to talk to your parents about when it comes and have you bought pads and liners?)

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348 days ago
Sorry forgot discharge: I’ve had it for 9 months a lot I need liners but never get them Bc I’m embarrassed lol
348 days ago
Hey there pls someone estimate me..😢


Weight: 82lbs pls no judge

Height: 4’11 5 ft id I’m small

Bloating: almost everyday

Moods: don’t talk to me lol

Breast stage: 3

Pubic hair: getting very dark

Leg and arm hair: like a jungle

Growth spurt: 2in

Spotting: never I feel like that is a set back but I hope not…

Cramps: every other day

Pls estimate me I feel left out and I freak ly want an accurate estimate. Most tests I take say 2-5 months but idk….😭😭 All my friends have them and I’m the oldest out of my friend group so I feel like the outsider… I’ve lied to to them saying I have so I dknt seem stupid so pls help😭😢😢
363 days ago

420 days ago
Hey am im not a proffesional but i would say 2 minimum 7 months max i knowit is not specific but it is hard to estimate you bc you have alot of in between
423 days ago
can someone pls estimate when I will get my period?

age: 13 and 2 months

height: 5”2 (I’ve grown about 2 inches in the past 8 months)

weight: about 88-90 pounds

my mom got hers around the same age

my breasts are in stage 3.5/5

I have lots of mood swings and get upset about the littlest things

I have pubic and underarm hair and both are thick and mostly curly, and I have to shave my legs every few days

I’ve had discharge for 2 years and it’s been cloudy/clear for 2 month

I get about 3 pimples a week and recently started getting very light cramps that don’t last long and only happen about 1-2 times a day or every over day

I’ve been feeling bloated after I eat for the past month, have little headaches every other day up to twice a day which started about a month ago

I crave lots of food and most nights I’m tired but can’t sleep

I usually wear sports bras with pads and don’t really feel comfortable in training bras anymore

my body shape is starting to get fuller and I’ve experienced having crushes for 3 years now

im craving different foods almost all the time

I’ve taken 5 quizzes and they have said inbetween any day now-5 months and most said 2 months at the most

I also feel more not energized and not in the mood to do things

that’s all the info I can think of to put down- I’d love if you could estimate me on when you think I’m gonna get it or if you got it already and had the same symptoms level that I’m at now!
423 days ago
for sasha i have approximetly 8 to 5 months and for shena 2 to 6 months but remember i am not a profesi👮so dont worry to much
637 days ago
That second one was supposed to say leg hair. Srry
637 days ago
I'm 11, I have awful cravings awful mood wings only a little discharge everyday and I think I spotted once I'm 45 kg. I have a HUUUGE crush and my sweat smells so bad!!! I recently grew 3 inches. Nearly full pubic hair, nearly curled pubic hair. I have pit hair. I wear a sports bra and my breasts are round.
Plz estimate me someone.
658 days ago
Hi please someone help me out!!
I am 11 yrs old
I have 7/8 pms symptoms and the quizzes give me either 0-3 months or 2-5 months

My chest is like almost round and are often tender and painful when touched...could fit an A sized bra my mum was 2 years older and my female relative was around my age
have had whitish discharge for about 1 yrs
Had puberty for 1.5 yrs
Brown curly hair down there
679 days ago
First Period Quiz Extended
For 33% you are: Oh my god your period is coming in 0-3 months! If you are ready it would be great to talk to your older relative about their experience because this would really help you. If you like check out YouTube to make a period quiz and especially marries Rachel's period playlist. Also lil let' is super handy. Good luck! Savor your childhood
29% of 9197 quiz participants had this profile!
my result
681 days ago
Hi can someone help me out. i am only 10 but i have 7/8 pms symptoms and all quizzes give me either 0-3 months or 0-6 months sooo

my chest is almost rounded and are very tender and painful when touched could fit an aa or aaa
mum was 2 years older
have had yellow disharge for about 5 months
height 4,6
had puberty for 1 1/2 years(breasts for 1 year)
brown curly hair down there but not like a gorilla
sometimes random dizziness
had fairly bad cramps and bloating for about 2 months which mostly come at night
armpit hair just started to grow
weigh 25-30 kg
mood swings every other day
bit of fatigue
chocolate and candy cravings but no very often
not very greasy hair but a bit
no smell difference
for some reason i want my period and have tried a few methods

please help!
704 days ago
Yours is coming PRETTY soon but just enough time to s🍦e together some info on what happening. Check out websites (like lil let' ) and YouTube (marries Rachel's period playlist) . you are about 3-6 months

Well, ecxited but scared im friggin 11
712 days ago
Holy shoot, I keep getting the 0-3 months answer ( not really but it's pretty close to it )
723 days ago
my 🕊 hurt alot and i want periods like my friends
723 days ago
I want'em but i don't wanna talk to my mother and i don't now if i have discharge but i saw like 4-5 dots of white sticky thing i don't know ifi it is discharge! i hope i get periods in 0-3 months so that i will be free of doing work and i will be a big girl i have soo much work first i need to bath my 3 little siblings that start cleaning my room and yes my 🌻 hurt a lot when i touch them i don't exercise and i have a lot of armpit hair so i think my periods are near , I am a muslim and a pakistani i am gonna be 12 on 4th february 2020
731 days ago
Please help LOTS of test say 0-3 months and this one did to I don’t even know how to tell my mom PLEASE HELP
738 days ago
Fyi I get cravings but that could just be me I really need to go on adiet😐
738 days ago
Hey I know I am going to sound really weird so prepare yourself ok I'm 11 and I'm really want to get my first period (weird I know) si I decided to take a test this one and one from a professional medical site this one said one to two years and the prof one said soon but Idk which is correct cuz I have most of the symptoms but only mildly like I have armpit and leg hair but I'm not a gorilla I have pubic hair but it's brown and just starting to curl I do have mood swings but not to often and my breast aren't like huge but they are definitely growing and I've grown like two inches in a few months so plz give advice
790 days ago
Does every girl get cramps a while before her period because I have everything but cramps. I don’t have spotting either but not every girl gets spotting. I got 0-3 on the quiz but I haven’t had any cramps.
795 days ago
This quiz is not accurate... said 6 months to a year and most of the others I’ve taken said a couple weeks...soooo...😬