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23 days ago
it said get me a ๐ŸŒป pad 2-4 months
51 days ago
Age: 12

Breasts: Stage 3 - 4 a little more than over 3 but not 4 yet.

Pubic Hair: Long, curly, bushy, black

Weight: 50 lbs

Height: 5'1

Cramps: I got some bad side cramps like a week ago.

Leg hair: A LOT i didnt shave for like 2 days and it came back so fast. ( Bushy and black )

Arm hair: I wouldnt say a lot but it comes back everyday and I have to shave again. ( Black and curly )

I got discharge once like 2 weeks ago and it stopped.

I have been having crazy mood swings and have to urge to hit my brother everyday and yell at him.

please tell me when I would see it coming!
74 days ago
Age: 14

Breasts: Stage 4

Pubic Hair: Long, curly, black

Weight: 97 lbs

Height: 5'2"

Don't have period yet, not looking forward to it.

Crazy mood swings, it's like a roller coaster! Lol
94 days ago
Age: 10%
Breasts:a MAYBE b cup. Stage 2% I guess at 8 Had just started
Pubic hair: lots more than before getting darker brown

Arm hair: some but really light blonde

Leg arms: so much blonde!
Weight: it changes but 85lbs. Usually between 79-85lbs

Height: 4 11โ€ I think I just had a growth spurt, maybe one now tho

Cramps: like once or twice sometimes I canโ€™t tell tho

Food: Iโ€™m skinny and picky, donโ€™t eat much, but lately, hungry every day and
night, craving Doritos and spicy almondzzzzzzz!

Discharge: got it like 7-12 months ago. Whitish only once it was egg white and sorta sticky looking.

Mood: get so upset and mad over little things. Cry a lot over little things. Iโ€™ve always been emotional as a child, but now as a tween itโ€™s crazy!
Me at 1:00: ๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜ me at 1:15:๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™„
126 days ago
Plz estimate
Boo bz: Stage three a puffy bralette๐Ÿ˜‰
Discharge a lil watery yellow
Pubic hair: Yes some brown black curling hair
Arm hair: a tiny bit of blonde
Leg/arms: yas!
Weight: around 90lb
Height: 5 ft exactly!
Cramps: EveRy DAy

Thank you all!!!!
130 days ago
hey, For those of you that haven't gotten it including me I haven't gotten it and I always have to remind myself this TRUST that you will get it when you were intended to get it. You all are my sisters in christ and he loves you. you dont have to have your peirod to be popular to him. LUV YOU SISTERS! Always remember TRUST!
148 days ago
it said 2-4 months lol
177 days ago
It said 4-6 months, GIRL I aready have it!!! HOWEVER, it happened this morning also im only 11 -_-
303 days ago
@Sorry I'm being rude
exactly, I don't get that. Ppl are like ' do you have a crush on a boy' yea, I have a crush but no, It isn't kn a boy.
410 days ago
It means less than 6 months
429 days ago
Mmine said less than 6 my period is near. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!!!!!! Someone answer me please!!!!!!!
437 days ago
WHERE IS SHE: Your post was a while ago but from that I would say 0-4 months, I'm sorry it's not specific but it's pretty much impossible to guess and exact time.

Lla: your pretty close, you didn't give too much information, so basing it on that I would say 0-3 months, you discharge being brown/pink/red is a sign that it could come soon. Sorry if it's not accurate but from what I read that would be about the time.

Omg: I think you might some time before your period, do you ever have discharge? I'm going to guess like 5-8 months. I'm very unsure about you but that would be my very rough estimate.

Sorry if I'm off on any of you, they are just rough guesses from the information you gave.
437 days ago i already got my period and i just took this quiz for fun... and it says i will get my period in about 5-7 month.IDK why
437 days ago
pls i took this quiz every day for about 3 month and it says the same thing every time: 2-3 month
442 days ago
So every test I take says 3 6 months and it's been like that for like 4 5 months and I have not got it pls estimate me someone

Hight 134 cm
Brest rond but kinda triangle
Cramps all the time
Grown lot
Fell nousis and dizzy lot
Almost 11 mum and sister was 12
Wight lost some now 33 used to be 35
Mood swings all the time
I mean I have a huge crush on a boy at school and one on my brothers bff that gose to different school

Little thin hair down there
Where crop tops or little bras I switch
470 days ago
Some one pls estimate.
Age: almost 11
Height: 149 cm
Weight:48 kg
PMS Symptoms : Cramps, Mood swings, cravings and feeling nauseated sometimes but nothing comes out.
Discharge: A lot brown white and pink.
I have a big crush. Idk when my mom got hers.
495 days ago
Hi, can someone estimate me.

So basically I've been taking quizzes for 9 months and since December I've gotten results like 'Are you sure you haven't had your period yet' 'any minute now' '0-3 months etc.

I'm really starting to get frustrated with just waiting and waiting and nothing coming.
I want this not knowing feeling to be over.

So if someone could please estimate me that'd be fantastic!

Age: 12
Mom age: My mom died a few years ago and I only have three brothers sooo idk....
Breasts: 34 inches size B
Hips: not widening
Cramps: Occasional in stomach, back, pubic area, and legs
Shaving: Shave ๐Ÿฌ, shave arms, shave legs, shave pits
Discharge: Variations of colors but everyday I feel like I need liners somedays
Spotting: Occasionally but hardly
Growth spurt: Back in December
Moodiness: I'm an emotional roller coaster sometimes I'll find myself crying over little things
I get irritated SO EASILY NOW
Fatigue: Kinda but I drink a lot of coffee
Acne: Yes
Oily skin: Yes
Oily hair: Wash it twice a day so no
B.O: have to swipe at night too
Crush: Yes
Tender breasts: Yes

I really really want my period I think I'm the only girl @ school who doesn't have it

And not to be rude but I need an answer more specific than soon.
508 days ago
Adara pack a period kit you'll probably get it soon.
515 days ago
I'm 11
I'm 5ft4 in height
I'm over weight
I have discharge all the time
I had my growth spurt
Pubic hair more than 1 and a half years
Armpit hair for more then a year
Legs I have to shaved
Acne ughh
Cramps and back pain some times maybe once a week
Pubic cramps sometimes
Tender breast yes for a while
Headache yes EVERY DAY
Size bra 36b and 34c
Moos swing everyday
530 days ago
Can someone estimate me

Moms age:11and a half
Breasts:stage 3 (rounded out but not fully developed)
Discharge:thick gooey white/yellow I have had it for a year now
Pubic hair:really really long dark curly hair that is darker than the hair on my head
Pit hair:only a few dark hairs I have shaved them only twice
Leg/arm hair:only little blonde hairs
Cramps:a lot more recently they have been really sore they r just underneath my bellybutton
Hips:getting wider quite quickly
Cravings:I have been craving junk food all the time and eating a lot more
Acne:I only have like 2 or 3 acne spots
Spotting :the last time I got spotting was like 1 or 2 weeks ago it was 2 dots of blood in my underwear
Headache:i get headaches all the time it they really hurt
Bra size:Iโ€™m still wearing a training bra
Growth spurt:I had one not that long ago I grown like 3 inches 7 months
Mood swings:I get them like two times a week but everyday I get angry,sad,mad,frustrated and annoyed very easily
Crush:I have a big crush on someone and I am starting to like more boys

I hope that someone can estimate me bc I feel like if I text every thing about me it will be more accurate then a test ๐Ÿ˜Šbye x