First period quiz accurate!

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Hi my name is Ava
I have lots of knowledge and I don't have my period yet but most quizzes say ANY DAY NOW but I do have lots of knowledge please do this quiz and email me! I'll get you a more accurate results 😁👍🏻😜👍🏻

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mum or other trusted female?
  • 3
    Do you have discharge if so how much?

  • 4
    Do you have signs of PMS such as ; cramps, spotting, cravings, growing pains, mood swings, hair in unwanted places 👇🏻 And other stuff like that?
  • 5
    Do you have hair down there 👇🏻👇🏻
  • 6
    Under arm hair?

  • 7
    Do you have spotting little drops of blood in your underwear?
  • 8
    What are you craving if you do?
  • 9
    Boobs what stage
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?

    Oh and please email me and I'll give you a very accurate results 👍🏻

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255 days ago
ehhh, this quiz seems a little inaccurate... it says 8 months, but other quizzes say 0-2 months... no offense @Ava
735 days ago
I think it will be accurate my mom had them when she was 11 about to be 12 and I just turned 11
756 days ago
Cool. Is inaccurate but we still dont need to be rude!!!
948 days ago
I am 12 and a half
My mom got hers that same age and so did my sister
I have had discharge twice
My 💝 have been growing since I was 9
I wear a size A-B bra
I get like acne rashes in my face and pimples sometimes
My hair is always greasy
I have to shave my legs like once or more a week to look nice
I have dark coarse hair down there and it’s been getting curlier
I haven’t had a growth spurt since 4th grade and I am 5’0 rn
Please estimate me
In every other quiz it say 1-2 months and high is one said a year 😫 please help!
1105 days ago
Ok so i took this test one more time and just acted as if I was 8-10 and was almost not in puberty.. and it said 6 months to 2 years.. ????? What the hell?
1105 days ago
This is heccing inaccurate!! I am on my period RIGHT NOW and it said anytime now to 8 months... ANYTIME TO 8 MONTHS?! Uhm anytime to 8 months? You wouldn’t know if your period is coming in at least 3 months or something.. i mean i know that a quiz can’t tell you that your gonna get it tomorrow.. but this is.. far off.. it just.. it’s really bad ..
1122 days ago
Delete this rubbish quiz.......
Really inaccurate as hellllllllllll
1220 days ago
Health tests -» When will I get my first period? quiz

When will I get my first period? (Girls only)

15 Questions - Developed by: Oceangator23 - Developed on: 2017-06-18 - 11.581 taken - User Rating: 3.25 of 5.0 - 8 votes

Menarche (say: MEH-nar-kee) - A girl's first period. While this quiz may not be perfectly accurate, I have done as much research and watched as many documentaries a girl could in a day to make this as accurate as I could. If you think it's coming soon, talk to your mom about getting some pads or tampons. (NEVER wear tampons if you aren't on your period. You can wear pads off it, but make sure to change them)


How developed are your breasts?

Not at all, I'm flat as a board.

Just starting to develop, I have breast buds.

They've been developing for a while, are getting bigger and are triangular and pointy. I'm wearing a sports/training bra.

Starting to round out, and getting larger. I think I need a real bra.

More or less fully developed, completely rounded out with very little to no pointedness.


How much "down there" hair do you have?


A little bit, it's blond and wispy.

It's getting darker, and starting to curl. Only covers some of the area..

It's dark and curly, and covers most of the area, but not quite all.

Dark, curly, bushy, and covers the entire area.


How long have your breasts been developing for?

They haven't been developing.

A few months.

About a year.

A year and a half.

2 years or more.


How long have you been developing pubic hair (down there hair)?

I haven't been.

A few months.

10-14 months

About a year and a half.

2 years or more.


Have you had any white, clear, or yellow goop in your underwear? (Tip: If you have, wear pantyliners in your underwear to keep it from ruining your underwear! You can find them where they sell pads/tampons in the store.)

None at all.

Some, but not much.

A medium amount.

Quite a bit, but I can handle it.



How old are you? (If you are older than 15 and have not had your period you need to see a gynecologist)

Younger than 8.

8-10 years old. (10.5 or less)

10-12 years old. (12.5 or less)

12-14 years old. (14.5 or less)

15 years old or older


How frequently do you find discharge in your underwear?

I don't.

Very rarely.

I find it there 1-2 times a month.

I find it in my underwear 1-2 times a week.

I find it a few times a week.


How long have you been finding discharge in your underwear?

I haven't been.

1-3 months

4-8 months

9-12 months

A year or longer.


How old was a genetic female relative when she got her period (like your mother, sister, aunt, or grandmother)

I don't know any of my close genetic female relatives/I don't want to ask.

14-15 years old.

12-13 years old.

10-11 years old.

8-9 years old.


Have you ever had any cramps below your belly button?


Yes, once or twice.

Yes, 3-4 times.

Yes, 5-6 times.

Yes, 7 times or more.


Have you ever had seemingly random mood swings (able to change moods very quickly)? If so, how frequently?


Yes, but only 1 or 2 times.

Yes, 3-4 times.

Yes, 4-5 times.

Yes, 6+ times.


Do you need to wear a bra?


Yes, but only if I'm going to participate in something athletic, and even then just a sports bra.

Yes, a sports/training bra, daily.

Yes, and I usually wear 2 sports bras/Yes, a real bra, and it has a AA or A cup size.

Yes, a real bra with a B or larger cup size.


Do you have underarm hair?


Yes, it's blond, wispy, and short.

Yes, and it's starting to get darker. I/most girls might want to start hair removal soon.

Yes, it's dark and longer, and I shave it/most girls would remove it.

Yes, it's dark, long, and bushy, and I/most girls DEFINITELY remove it.


Do you get acne? (Hormonal means even with good skincare it doesn't go away, and good skincare means that if you wash your face/where you get acne the acne will mostly be gone.


Yes, very light and goes away with good skincare.

Yes, moderate and goes away with good skincare.

Yes, light/moderate and is hormonal OR Yes, severe and goes away with good skincare.

Yes, severe and is hormonal.


Do you ever get pain in your breasts, without touching or otherwise hurting them?


Yes, but it doesn't hurt much.

Yes, and it hurts really bad!

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Hia (31623)

4 hours ago

Hello! I've tried soo many tests and they all say different stuff... so could someone please estimate me? That'd be great, thanks 💜💜

-13 in a month
-43 kg
-mom got hers same age
-tender 💗, getting round and growing, can fit a bra size 32a, hurt to touch
- hair 👇, curly, almost fully black, thick, spreading almost all over
-leg and pit hair aren't there now cuz I shaved but it's black and thick
-face filled with blackheads, zits on nose and forehead area
-discharge is definitely there but manageable 
-cOnStAntly MoOdY like a FrIcKin RoLLeRcOaStEr 
-craving junk food
-cramps and bloating frequently 
If I forgot something just say...
1251 days ago
Someone estimate me.11 years.sweat alot.breast(triangular).sweat alot.lots of 🐤 discharge.
1272 days ago
Elisa , you still need 1-2 years
1292 days ago
I don't think this is accurate at all.
1300 days ago
Elisa, I don't think you will be needing an emergency bag yet because your pubic hair isn't properly curled
1301 days ago
Hey! please estimate me
I'm 12
My mom got it at 13
A lot of discharge EVERYDAY! Since I was 11
Breast buds started to develop 3 months ago
Hair 👇there dark and straight, starting to curl
Armpit hair dark and curly (started developing since I was 11)
Lot of Mood swings
A lot food cravings
I am sweating a lot these times
I really want my period
All quizzes say 2-6 months
Thank you
Please reply ASAP
1413 days ago
I agree. This omen said 6months to one year and others have said 1-3 months at most
1415 days ago
I took other test and they said I could start my period now and this one said I could start it now I’m excited but not
1422 days ago
I don't think this test is too accurate my other test results have said any day or at max 6 month away and this one I couldn't really understand some of the questions sooooooo yeah...
1442 days ago
I don't think this test is accurate
1468 days ago
I made this a while ago I'll make a more accurate one btw I have my period now so I know what I'm doing now
1469 days ago
Sorry but this was not too accurate. All my other results say 0-6 months not 6-12.
1470 days ago
This tested is not accurate because all the other tested I’ve done all say you so close are you sure You have not had my period