When Will You Get Your Period?

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This is just an estimate but is most likely going to be close to this time period. It might come a little earlier or later.

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58 days ago
58 days ago
I have really bad mood swings
I have really bad cravings
58 days ago
I weigh 69 pounds......
To be continued
58 days ago
I have triangle 🌻.
I"m 9.5
My mum started hers when she was 9.5
I have discharge everyday

To be continued.............
58 days ago
Your period will come in between 1-3 months
Pack a pad or tampon so you are ready!

It might come earlier or later than this, so remember this is just estimated.
58 days ago
😘 IMA GHOST YAY 😘. What I'm bored. Okay- _-
199 days ago
Your period is coming in a couple weeks or so!

Pack stuff in your bag with you so you are prepared!

It might come earlier or later than this, so remember this is just an estimated time!
208 days ago
Same that’s why I’m taking SOOOO many of these tests I feel left out all the time
954 days ago
I am always hanging out with my friends and then one of them has their periods. I start the feel self-conscious cause I am a year younger than them.
1061 days ago
I’ve always wanted my period
1143 days ago
I feel the more I want it the closer it feels and vise versa I have all signs leading to my monthly visitor but it still could be a year till it comes , to anyone in the same boat as me I am eleven and 11 months my mom had hers when she was ten , I wear panty liners every day and cramp too. ❤️Anonymous
1156 days ago
... Well i think i'm getting mine soon...😂😱 ...
1180 days ago
I totally Agree karen
1181 days ago
Really don’t like the way this quiz suggest you should have to shave your pubic hair that’s a really dangerous attitude. Also, you don’t need to wear a panty liner if you have a lot of discharge, you can if you want but it isn’t necessary. Just thought I would let you all now this quiz is a bit problematic!
1182 days ago
dang. It said im getting mine in like a month
1182 days ago
CeCe, I think your period will com soon! You should be prepared so keep some pass.in your locker! Good luck
1183 days ago
Can you estimate me?
I just turned 13 this month
I’m 75 pounds.
My mom got her period when she was 80 pounds and and 13 years old
I’m a size 30a in bras. Been developing breats for about 1.5 years
I have pubic hair. Kind of dark but not full. Been developing that for 1 year
I get discharge every day. Sometimes I get a lot but sometimes I don’t. I’ve been getting discharge for a 11 months
I have a tiny bit of armpit hair
I shave my legs every week
I just recently got cramps this week but now I don’t ge then anymore. I don’t know why !
I get a pimple on my nose here and there
1183 days ago
I don’t know coz I had the same result a few months ago. I think I’m close tho I have all the signs and discharge for over 3 years now .
1183 days ago
To me it says within couple of weeks....ok......i am scared and excited???...idk i have cramps every day..discharge 6+ months....food cravings...pub..hair....and allll that.