First Period Quiz!

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Are you a girl wondering when you will get your first period? Well you've come to the right place! I am not a doctor, but I know a lot about periods!

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25 days ago
1-3 months please wish me luck!!!!!!
52 days ago
I think it's right and you'll get it pretty soon altho I'm pretty late responding so if u already have it. (Sorry)
120 days ago
I’m 11
My mom was 11 when she had hers
4’11 or more
I’m 71 pounds ( my dad was really skinny up tell college)
I have spotted two days ago
I have had discharges for about 6 months
Cramps every day and they hurt sooo much
Headaches every day
I think I saw some brown in my discharge twice
I have mood swings 24/7
I’m always craving something
I’m a little hairy on my armpits really hairy down there👇🏻
I’ve been shaving my legs and arms for about two years
I grew an inch last month
My 💗 are at stage 2-3
And this test dates I have 1-2 months

Thx ☺️
120 days ago
And I’m scared I have spotted once I think it was two days ago and I’m going to my grandmas house in two weeks and I don’t want to have it while I’m there so if someone could estimate me that would be nice
120 days ago
Hi Clo sorry I came late but I think you might already have it bc when I read it today I though 3-4 months and it’s been a while so right me back when you can to let me know if you got it
171 days ago
Sassy I think you will get yours in around 3-5 months. That's is only an estimate, but go ask your mom for some supplies just in case.

188 days ago
Can someone pls estimate
Age 12
Height 147cm
Weight 81 pounds
A lot of pubic hair that is dark and curly and covers quite a lot of area
Underarm hair is dark and starting to curl
A lot of discharge every day
Leg hair is dark and noticeable
Mom got hers at 15
My 💗 are stage 3 I can kind of fit a 30a bra
I started puberty at 10
Almost all my friends got their period
195 days ago
Thank you so much again @Clo.

I would estimate you but I really don't know how to. My apologies! But thank you again!

196 days ago
@bailey your mom will understand. She gets periods too. It is completely normal and you don’t have to be scared. Really all you have to say is, “Hey mom I got my period.”

Can you estimate me
196 days ago
Thank you so much @Clo. Does anyone know how I can tell my mom because I'm really scared talking about those things even though I know they are completely normal.
197 days ago
Can someone estimate me
197 days ago
@bailey probably under 3 months it could be a week because cramps normally come 2 weeks before so be prepared
197 days ago
I forgot to mention I started getting headaches last week and cramps. Food cravings and bloating are also on the list
197 days ago
I'm 12, sorry I forgot to mention. Also, I don't know when my mom got hers. I'm too scared to ask 😔
197 days ago
Can someone estimate me please? I'm really confused!

My hair gets really greasy.
I get mood swings all the time.
I have broken out with acne.
I am in the middle of a growth spurt.
I have a full bush of underarm and pubic hair.
My breasts are a stage 4.
I have lots of arm and leg hair.
I get lots of milky white discharge every day.

Thank you in advance, guys!
198 days ago
Hi can someone please estimate me
205 days ago
Can someone estimate me
205 days ago
Also I think I might’ve had cramps what do they feel like
205 days ago
I was apparently no writing the rest of the comment but if you have cramps everyday it will probably come within a couple months idk though I haven’t had mine yet so I’m just guessing
205 days ago