When Will You Get Your First Period Quiz?

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You may know me as Katie 💜. I've helped many girls on quizzes about their periods and I'm back to help you. Good luck! 💕

  • 1
    First off, how old are you?
  • 2
    How much do you weigh? (In pounds)
  • 3
    What size are your breasts?

  • 4
    What are your breasts like?
  • 5
    What about discharge? (Discharge is goop like stuff found in your undies. It I said usually white or a pale yellow, and a bit stringy)
  • 6
    Describe your hair "down there"?

  • 7
    Describe your under arm hair.
  • 8
    Describe your leg hair?
  • 9
    What about mood swings? (For example, you were 😄 one minute, then 😰 the next)
  • 10
    What about cramps BELOW the belly button? Have you had any of those?

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383 days ago
Your age: 12.4
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period: my mum got hers around my age, my sister at 13
Breast stage: 3.
Cramps: you can answer the below 5 questions (including this one) with yes or no, if it is a yes, please add since when and how regularly, for example: Cramps: yes, have been getting it from 4 months ago, have it once a week: I get cramps 3-4 time a day and they are normally worse when I try and relax or am in school
Acne breakouts: I don't really have breakouts but get loads of pimples
Bloating: I bloat EVERY day and it's a very big difference
Mood swings: you could litrally say I'm the detention of a mood swing. It's an emotional 🎢 rollercoaster 🎢
Spotting: I think I have spotted 1 or 2 times
Discharge: please answer the below questions with what colour and consistency (amount): I wear pantyliners now but I only noticed how much I get it when I wore black knickers yesterday. Its sticky, egg white and thick
Armpit hair: I shave 2 times a week. It's dark, curly, thick and uncomfortable
Leg and hair arm: It's litrally a jungle and I get it waxed sooooo often
Public hair (hair down there): thigh to thigh, lower stomach is covered. It's VERY curly and dark
Height: 4'10 or 4'11
Weight: 33lbs
Hips: my figure is like an hourglass now (when I'm not bloated) because my hips grew so much
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend: I think I have a crush but idk if I just like the attention they give me

Anyone estimate me
464 days ago
This is NOT accurate
502 days ago
This test is not completely reliable soo don't only go off this 🙂🙃☺️
510 days ago
hi a gal. the test said a month or less I believe. but last month I had Brown discharge for six to seven days was that my first period. it shows really clear in my pantyliner
696 days ago
Animal lover if your a bit to embarrassed to talk to your mum about period and puberty u can just pass her a note!😊
729 days ago
@animal lover it’s nothing to be embarrassed about she would’ve done through the same exact things 😊
744 days ago
OMG! . It said 4 to 7 months 😧 and I'm only 10 I haven't talked to my mom about puberty yet ether . When should i.
I'm gonna be so embarrassed😱
794 days ago
Can someone estimate me? Thanks!

Age: 11.5
Height: 4'6
Weight: 83
Acne: worse than last week... Much worse
Bloating: little
Cramps: only a few times a month

1040 days ago
I liked this quiz I thought it was pretty accurate 👍🏻
1077 days ago
@I need help
i would say about 2-4 months. if your discharge was completely brown, this is your first period, and it will turn into a less sticky substance. if you just saw a bit of red or brown, this is spotting
i would also say about 1-2 months. if your discharge is clear from now on, you are most likely ovulating, and will start your first period in about 2-3 weeks.
1309 days ago
Wania had pubic, leg, arm and armpit hair for 3 years and only started getting breast buds a month ago? I don’t think it will come soon if your breasts just started developing and you only weigh 57 pounds, but I am no doctor and sorry if this came of as rude!
1312 days ago
It says I still have 7+ months but I’m 12 almost 13. That’s good I guess. Periods suck
1356 days ago
Can some one please estimate me.
OK so for the past two days I have got this reddish pink stuff when I would wipe but only those two days. It’s been another two days and nothing, I’m not sure if it was my period or not
-had discharge for about 6months
-pubic hair is dark somewhat curly and thick down there had it since 6th grade
-Armpit hair is mostly blonde but definitely have some darker ones
-leg hair is dark
-cramps yes but not everyday (every couple days)
- sweating a lot more than used to( started to sweat more about 6-7 months ago
-Growth spurt ( grew 4 inches in last 7-8 months)
I have taken these quizzes before and most are saying 1-6 months. So I’m not sure if I had spotting or if it was my period...can someone help plz💓
1430 days ago
This quiz is sort of accurate, it said one to three months for 50%, but one or less months for only 10%, but I mine today. I am testing how accurate the quizzes are.
1512 days ago
Make sure you've got pads and tampons and pantyliners ready, and tell your mum you think you might be getting your period soon. Also make an emergency kit for school and always keep it in your bag. If you have a lot of discharge make sure to already wear pantyliners, and when the time comes, you're prepared and you can take on the world!
1531 days ago
70 % A month or less... Any tips?
1538 days ago
I’m 14 I don’t have my period I’m really sad about it because pretty much all my friends do and just recently my bestest friend got hers I get all the symptoms except my cramps aren’t really very bad just a little irritation and my discharge (tmi) is clear and sometimes milky and drys white I feel like I don’t have enough as I should although I get it everyday I don’t know wheather I have enough idk if that’s because it’s white on white underwear it varies in amount though also I don’t bloat my 🐤 fit a 32 b bra but I can still fit into some of my A bras and I have all the rest of the symptoms fully when will I get my period ???
The test says now-1 month but idk
Pls can someone tell me how close I am
Thank you
1540 days ago
I'm not excited.......
1550 days ago
i reckoned maybe in a few days!!! be prepared!!! and good luck!!!
1550 days ago
hai guys!!!
Breasts: c cup, almost d, it’s full and round, almost like my mom’s, i got tender 💗 these few days and it’s so painful walking bc it moves a lot :’(
Vag hair: a lot, curly dark, thigh to thigh
Armpit hair: getting more and more, curly and dark
Sweat: literally all the time and it stinks, I even sweat thru my deodorant and get sweat stains ewww
Discharge: every day, i’ve been wearing pantry liners for like one year, but these few weeks it soaked through my panties (ewww)
Spotting: i saw pinkish gooey substance a few days ago, and today when i wiped i saw it again!! but it’s not my period
Cramps: every day!!!! it’s so pain someone help me!!!!
Bloating: YES OMG
Cravings: i crave so much food
Height: 165cm!!!And I had a growth spurt of 5 inches a year and a half ago
Weight: 55kg
Acne: not rlly bc i have clear skin but i have tons of black heads
Moodiness: oml so much!! I go from happy to annoyed to happy so quickly ugh
My age: turning 16 in a week!!!! (i’ve been starting puberty since 13)
someone pls help me estimate as i have swimming competition next week, and i don’t wanna get my period during it cause it’s gonna be so troublesome.
lots of love thanks !!!❤️