Am I Close To My First Period? Quiz

Hi, I'm Grace! I'll be your quiz-giver today. We'll be talking about menarche (MEH-NAR-KEE) - in other words, your first period. As in, how close you are to getting it. While this quiz won't be completely accurate for everyone, I say you can trust it.

  • 1
    Do you have any boobs?
    Do you have any boobs?
  • 2
    If you have boobs, what type of bra do you wear?
  • 3
    Do you have sore boobs?

  • 4
    Do you have armpit hair?
  • 5
    Do you have pubic hair?
  • 6
    Do you have vaginal discharge?
    (Goop in undies, ranging from clear, to white, to yellow, to brown.)

  • 7
    What color is your discharge?
  • 8
    Do you have food cravings?
  • 9
    Do you get constipated or have diarrhea?
  • 10
    Do you get cramps - pain below the belly button?

  • 11
    Do you get angry sometimes over small things?
  • 12
    Do you have mood swings?
    (Don't worry if you don't - it's not that common.)
  • 13
    Do you get nauseated sometimes?

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69 days ago
Hello, Estimate me!

Age:11, 12 in Nov

Height: 5’2

Cramps: 4-5 times a week

Weight: 77 pounds

Breast stage: 3

Bra size: 32A

Armpit hair and down there hair: Bushy almost black.(I’ve had both for about a year.)

Discharge: Watery and cream colored (I’ve have it for 6-8 months)

Discharge amount: Every day and a lot

Mom age: she was a year older

Leg hair: medium amount and brown ish

115 days ago
Decided to take tests to see how accurate they are as a person who started their period today.
Results - 1 to 2 months
130 days ago
I got it for 3-4 weeks! i just need to take these quizzes to help prepare. i am growing hair, starting to crave food, getting REALLY painful stomachaches (probably cramps) and...yeah.
162 days ago
Also on this quiz I got 2-3 weeks
162 days ago
I could estimate you if you want me to
179 days ago
Hi I'm really want m period and I've done like 10 tests and they all say either the next couple of weeks or 2-6 months.
How long do you thing,

Please tell me I'm desperate
183 days ago
i'm not qualified or anything but i think mabey a month and a half
211 days ago
What the?!?!?? I have taken loads of these tests and I don't know what to believe! 2 tests have said 6-10 months, 2 have said 5-8 months, 1 has said 1-2 years and this one says 4 to 7 weeks, 2 months at the most?!?!?!?

Any help?

Age: 11 almost 12
Height: 5'4 in my growth spurt right now
Weight: 100-110 it changes
Cramps: rarely but if i get them they are really bad
Cravings: hahahhahaha yeah.
Mood swings: More emotional than last year?
Leg hair: I shave but it's noticeable and straight
Armpit hair: I shave but when unshaved curly dark
Pubic hair: embarrassing it's a full dang bush and i have to shave for bathing suits
Breast: I think stage 2/3?
Mom: IDK
Discharge: every day for a year i think
219 days ago
Certificate Seal
Am I Close To My First Period? Quiz

So, how close are you to getting your period? Whoa, honey! You should get it really soon...about two to three weeks for you, is my guesstimate. I would make a bag really soon if I were you! Talk to your mom or another trusted female right away about the things you should be doing to prepare.

I need help. Other quizzes said the same thing, but I get the same answer even though it has been 6 months
220 days ago
@Iamhello😏 I think maybe 2-4 months but i'm not to sure!
224 days ago
Can someone estimate me please?

Age 11 3/4
Breast stage 2
Armpit hair blond barely noticeable
Leg hair dark strait
Hair 👇 there almost black getting curly
Discharge some I’ve had it a couple of times
Spotting none
Weight 68 pounds
Height about 5 feet
Cramps yes every week
Always really sweaty
Moody not that much
Growth grew a couple of inches in the past few months
Acne none
Crushes none rn

Thank you!
229 days ago
( I've used aspirin for my headaches, and it takes a while but completely numbs the headache so u wood be fine)
229 days ago
@lucia I think 0-1 month. Aunt Flo is coming real soon so you better wear pads just in case! (Also I recommend aspirin for cramps, headaches, and all that other stuff.)
229 days ago
4 to 7 weeks!! Woohoo! I'm scared, but also want to become a woman.
248 days ago
Btw can someone please estimate me?

Age: 12 my mom was 1 year older than me when she first got it but I have developped a lot more faster than her,
Breast stage: 4 theyre really tender and hurt when I jump or touch, I ahve hair in my nipples
Armpit hair: is blond and curly, it's getting longer and darker
Leg hair: is dark, long and getting curly
Pubic hair: is a lot, iv'e had it for 6- 1 year.
Discharge: A lot, like, 4-7 times per week, it's liquid, watery, milky and sometimes sticky
Spotting: No anyways not that i noticed
Weight 43 kg
Height: I'm 155 cm long

I'm really sweaty- I am also wet and sweaty a lot in my down area, idk if that means anything...
Ive had alot of cramps but lately they hurt a lot under my belly
I'm really moody and I have lot's of cravings lately
I have a lot of diarrhea, contipation and a lot of other symptoms, I also feel really bloated ...
Iv'e had growth spurts lately but now they stopped
I ahve quite a lot of acne and pimples hurt
I also have a big crush...

248 days ago
Hi Ais you might get it in 3 to 5 months
252 days ago
Hii! Can someone estimate?
Age: 12 1/2
Breasts: stage 3-4, but I only wear a trainer bra and I measure at 27inches.
Acne: Some mild texture but no proper acne.
Pubic hair: Long, kinda curly but only in a triangle, just waxed so idk.
Armpit hair: Well I shaved like a month ago but rn it’s probably like max 10 hair on each, not noticeable or very long.
Arm and leg hair: Same as always, kinda dark but not that dark, pretty long though
Discharge: I’ve had it for maybe like a year,it’s normally kinda thin and white but recently has sometimes been a bit sticky, is yellow sometimes when dry and I get it about every day I think.
Weight: 75.5 pounds
Spotting: none
Mood swings or cramps: none that I’ve noticed
Crushes: no one rn
Height: 5ft 1
Breast tenderness: none
Cramps: none
256 days ago
@ideal & unreal

256 days ago

or maybe a few weeks to a few months. idk

felicity nicholson um ur pretty close but not that much. i'da say u have around a year. good luck both of u 😻
256 days ago
LOL hahah i mean rhiannon! it autocorrected to rihanna! lol haha