How much time till your first period?

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I'm 12 and I have my period so I'm trying to get all those experiences from the back of my mind for you guys in the form of a quiz. I also chat on the comments section by the name "Ana" if you need help. ❤️❤️

  • 1
    When did you start puberty?( Or think you did.)
  • 2
    How big are your breasts? 🔮 ( don't worry I'm not stalking specially about the fruits 😂)
  • 3
    How much hair do you have in your vagina? (Private part down there) 😇

  • 4
    When did your mom start her period? ( do you know?)
  • 5
    Are you physically mature? (You don't have to be emotionally I promise 😂)
  • 6
    How much underarm hair do you have? 😁

  • 7
    Do you need the shave your body? (Legs, arms etc) 😌 ( you don't need to be shaving for this question)!
  • 8
    Have you ever experienced vaginal discharge? ( white gooey stuff in your underwear. ) 😁
  • 9
    Any cramps? Or spotting? 😉( by the way it's okay if you haven't. I never got those before my period.)
  • 10
    Any cramps, spotting or mood swings? ( don't worry I your answer is no as I never had these before mine) 😉

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144 days ago
Sorry this seems a little inaccurate. Maybe do a little more research?
And maybe be a little more specific
Besides that this was a good quiz 👍!
147 days ago
17 hours ago
Hi. I have a lot of the symptoms and I think I might have had my period before but it was a dark underwear so it could have been discharge so now I’m very confused.
159 days ago
Can someone estimate me
I turned 14 a month ago. My mom got hers at 11 or 12. I have a mix of dark and light leg and arm hair but i shave about 3 x a week. I have an average amount of pubic hair that starting to curl probably stated noticing it about a year ago. I only have blonde armpit hair but it grows fast. I'm in a size bra probably stage 3 or 4. I weight 95lbs and 5'2". Acne- I have a little but wash my face and use medication everyday. Very greasy hair. I have a lot of discharge every day to the point that it leaks through my underwear and sometimes through my pants if their tight. I've noticed it for about 6 months bc it was heavy but definitely had it longer. Never spotted. I have cramps but they aren't super painful just noticeable. I have cravings some back pain i'm really tired a lot very moody. I've had diarrhea and costipation headaches and a couple more but can't the think of them. I also workout 5 days a week.
I'll give more info if needed
318 days ago
Aha, you are very very nearly there. I'm excited for you . Here are a few symptoms I faced right before my period.

The thing im most scared of is telling my parents
318 days ago
Why do I have all the symptoms of periods ex. Cramps, bloated, cravings,mood swings for like a month but no period(( ??
623 days ago
I am 11 years old I have tiny breast a little hair down there😳 and I am 4'5 and I don't wear a bra yet but want to I have not asked my mom but I want to should I ?
765 days ago
She re to format
802 days ago
Thank you Ana your so sweet! xo, Chantal
802 days ago
thank you ana you are so sweet❤️ this really helped me💞
870 days ago
I actually Waite 5 st on I got it rong
874 days ago
My mum was12 and I Waite 4 stone 6 and I have been relay tied recently
874 days ago
Hi ana plz estimate me
Been in puberty for 2 years
🦄 24a had for 2 years
Discharge thico and yellow had for 1 1/2years
Pubic hair long dark gating curly
Camps recently
Headaches recently
More sweat
Hips gating wider
Grown 3 inch in 1 year
Age 10 1/2
879 days ago
ed help (48662)52 minutes ago
Can some one please estimate me.
OK so for the past two days I have got this reddish pink stuff when I would wipe but only those two days. It’s been another two days and nothing, I’m not sure if it was my period or not
-had discharge for about 6months
-pubic hair is dark somewhat curly and thick down there had it since 6th grade
-Armpit hair is mostly blonde but definitely have some darker ones
-leg hair is dark
-cramps yes but not everyday (every couple days)
- sweating a lot more than used to( started to sweat more about 6-7 months ago
-Growth spurt
- acne(a lot recently)
-I have been extremely emotional this week( crying and getting angry for nothing)
I have taken these quizzes before and most are saying 1-6 months. So I’m not sure if I had spotting,it wasn’t little dots like spotting but im still not sure or if it was my period...can someone help plz💓
1034 days ago
My scars--
2 on my ankle from shaving
1 on my lower 👮 from walking into a sharp rock
1 (very noticeable) on my shin from falling onto a stick that was standing up
1 on the part of my leg that touches when you bend your leg from when I got a bite of some type started itching itching it, it then got infected
1 under my thigh from shaving.
1 on my lower back from when there was a short sitting space on a bench and it s👮ed against a bolt
1 on my thumb when I didn't know how to use a Swiss Army knife and I was debarking a stick
Multiple on my forearm from having fights with my sister (she has really long nails)
1-2 on my forearm from my moms long nails
1 on my neck from a splinter, it's blue....
I have 2 on my forehead when I hit it on the corner of a table
1035 days ago
please estimate me

-12 years old
-mom had hers at the samge age; her birthday is also 17 days ahead of mine
-32A cup
-i weigh 80lbs
-cramps: yesss i hate them
- spotting: no
-sweating a lot
-literally have a bush down there
-i don't have that much arm hair
1035 days ago
If you get a cup make sure you get lubricant
If you don't use it insertion can be painful
1035 days ago
I hate having b*obs 😭😭
Sooooo annoying
1035 days ago
Where did you come from? It's been 24 days
1036 days ago
**1-3 months BTW sorry
1036 days ago
I've been getting 1-3 for almost 2 months now.

Someone Estimate me PLZ!

Mom got it when she was 10/11
💗Hair almost full
💗Tender and size 32A
Cramps are bad
Lots of clearish discharge
94 lb
Little bit of underarm hair (BTW to the makers of these quizzes: all of my hair (on my head, on my arms, on my legs, on my 💗, and the little bit on my pits) are all dark. Not blonde even if it's just a little bit)
And I have to shave my legs