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Period True Or False Quiz

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This is a quiz to help you understand your body and understand the menstruation process easier

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    When your on your period you have to have cramps
  • 2
    Periods usually start every 28 days
  • 3
    Discharge is not normal during your time of the month

  • 4
    Pads are the only things available to absorb period blood
  • 5
    Periods are harmful to the body and can hurt you
  • 6
    Periods prepare your body to have a baby

  • 7
    Most Women or young ladies loose 2-3 tablespoons of liquid during this time
  • 8
    A period is when blood comes out of your vagina from the uterus to prepare you so one day you can do child birth
  • 9
    Men receive periods
  • 10
    When you get a period you will most likely experience cramps

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84 days ago
I know it was talking about those who were born male I just wanted to say that though
84 days ago
Men can have periods if they’re trans
229 days ago
hi roze! you should probably have your period in around 6 to 16 months. hope this helped!
899 days ago
I dont know much about periods. a lot of the period quizzes say 6 - 12 months before my first one, but some say 3 - 5 months. If anybody feels okay to do it, can you estimate me?

My hair can get a bit greasier these days, and so can my skin. It can get oily.
I do wear antiperspirant sometimes, because my pits sweat A LOT, and it can smell bad-ish.

I rarely experience cramps, but every couple months or so, I have hard pains in my left side right below my belly button. It hurts, but only for half an hour or something.

I have stage 2 / 3 brests, they are like very small triangles. They were hurting and sore for a couple days, but now they are feeling fine. I can fit into only 1 brand of 32A bras, but not really any other ones.

I have a little bit less than halfway full pubik hair, and it is dark and curly.
My under arms have only a bit of hair - just a few short, strait, brown hairs.
I do have discharge 1-5 times a week, but it isnt a blob, its like a yellow line or a big of stringy white/yellow stuff. But one time, there WAS a blob, but it wasnt much at all.

I am not moody THAT much, every once in a while, but I do cry a lot more and at the smallest things and I also get annoyed easily.
I do not know when my mom got her period.

I am 12 years old and going into grade 7. If you need more info, just ask! Thanks!
929 days ago
Im a period Queen 10/10
967 days ago
I’m a menarche EXPERT!
967 days ago
I got all of the questions correct! OMG!
1523 days ago
I got 9 out of 10. I am one question away from being a menarche EXPERT!