When will you get your period?

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Whether you want to start getting your period or not, it is still good to know. This quiz will give you a general area where you will get you period!

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    I am going to ask you questions within sections. For example, the first section is the breast section. That means first, I will ask you a few questions about your breasts! The first questions is: How long has it been since you have started to develop breasts (since the nipple has started growing)
  • 2
    Second questions on breasts: what shape are they?
  • 3
    The third question about breasts: what type of bra do you wear?

  • 4
    The fourth (and last) question about breasts: how big is your areola (your nipple and the area around your nipple)
  • 5
    Next section is for discharge, that’s the white or yellow liquify stuff in your underwear. First question: How long have you had discharge for?
  • 6
    Second question on discharge: How much do you have?

  • 7
    Third (and last) question on discharge: what is the consistency of it?
  • 8
    This question doesn’t have a section, how much do you weigh?
  • 9
    This question also doesn’t have a section: when did your mom (or sister) get her first period?
  • 10
    This next section is very big, and is based off of the last month, its PMS symptoms. First question: Have you felt sad or angry for no reason or a small reason?

  • 11
    Second question about PMS over the last month: Have you been having cravings?
  • 12
    Third question for PMS in the last month: have you gotten cramps?
  • 13
    Question 4 of the PMS within the last month section, have you felt more bloated?
  • 14
    There are no more sections, just this last question before the quiz ends: How much armpit hair do you have?
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    Comment below if you have any questions! (Doesn’t count against score)

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26 days ago
Hi hello: i would say 5-8 months at least
81 days ago
pls estimate me

bald down there
and underarms
discharge for 1-3 mouths alittle bit
i am 11 ans 1/2
breast stage two no hair
mom got her at 13
no cramps or acne ever
114 days ago
Awesome quiz!!! I love it!
118 days ago
To Mikayla from what I’ve heard, reasearched and taken quizzes about yours is probably happing from 4-1 year but I'm no medical expect so don’t take what I said too seriously
170 days ago
Thanxz hi 💜.
179 days ago
Hello can someone estiminate me

Age: 9 and a half ik pretty young
my mom got hers at 12
my sister at 11
I weight 38 kilos
pubic hair: long black hairs starting to curl
I have had dishcharge for 2 months now
breasts: stage 2 i think,the nipples are medium size
my leg hair is veryyy noticible so is my arm hair
i get A LOT of cravings
i get cramps once ot twice a week
i also have some acne
ive been having breasts and pubic gair for a year now
i get mad or sad at little things

Tysm for reading ❣️❣️

I hope i gave enogh information to be estiminated
180 days ago
Sry to respond so late I’d think about 3-8 months - I know that’s a long span but your body will do you! Don’t let anyone say your lying cause I knew a person who got there’s in 4th grade! Good luck! Best of wishes- hi
233 days ago
I get headaches too.
233 days ago
Can some one estimate me plz and thank you

Age weight and height: I'm 10yrs old and I weigh 73 pounds and i'm 4'7 I've been in puberty for 2yrs

Discharge: a large amount everyday it is sticky and kinda stretchy .
Idk when my mom got hers. I've had it for 6 months

Breasts: I wear a training bra but I could fit into a AA bra

Pms: I get mood swings all the time and Soooooooo many cravings . I get lower back pain and like a straight line of pain. In my abdomen .

Hair: I've got almost full pubic hair and full arm/leg hair a good bit of armpit hairs and I have to wear deodorant .
I have to shower everyday . Thanks 💜
243 days ago
OMG 4-8 MONTHS idk what to do I haven’t even told my mom abt my discharges
261 days ago
How do I tell my mom I’m so nurves I got 1-3 moths howww do I tell my mom!!!???
286 days ago
I can't think properly right now.😵
294 days ago
within the next MONTH??? (i'm scared)
336 days ago
other tests say 2 weeks to one month at most and this says 1-3 months
445 days ago
I took other tests that said 3-5 months this one says 4-8 what??
445 days ago
Hi this is a nice quiz I like it ☺️ thx
484 days ago
I took a few other tests and they either said that I would have my period in 2-4 months or I would have mine really soon maybe asking “are you sure you haven’t started yet?” Clearly not!!!! This Test said I would get my period in 4-8 months also a few months ago I took one and it said I would have one in like two or more years and I really just want my period! Can a doctor write one of these it would be mega helpful also my breaths have been developing since 4th grease now I’m in 6th. All my friends got their periods and I haven’t I feel so left out! Also one of my friends took one of these tests it said 4-8 months, she already has her period. Thanks for listening to my complaining.wish me luck
506 days ago
Ovulating? Are you sure it's ovulation and not discharge?
510 days ago
every test I take No one answer me😔🙏😡😨
513 days ago
*ESTIMATE I what I meant not we