Period quiz

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I will try to tell you when you will get your first period.

PS: remember I am not a doctor so it will not be that accurate, but I will do my best

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    When did your mom got hers period?
  • 3
    What do your boobs look like?

  • 4
    Do you have discharge?
  • 5
    How long do you have discharge?
  • 6
    Do you get cramps?(pain in your backs or belly)?

  • 7
    Do you get mood swings and (or)cravings?
  • 8
    Do you have lot of acne?
  • 9
    Do you have hair down there?
  • 10
    Do you have hair on your armpits and legs?

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144 days ago
Is sharp pains in the 🍑 or slippery discharge a sign of periods???
177 days ago
i think this is accurate. All the other ones say 2-5 months or less than 6 months maybe even 5-8 months and this one was 4-8 months! Good job!
1002 days ago
Is this accurate?? Mine said 1-4 months. I really want it bc a lot of people have already gotten it in my grade. I really hope this is accurate
1007 days ago
I got any day now but I wish I knew what day.....
1020 days ago
I’m think it said I will get mine in 2 years is that good or bad?
1020 days ago
Any day now been wanting it for so long still do but kind of nervous 😬
1056 days ago
any day now so excited I can’t wait but I’m kind of nervous at the same time
1063 days ago
1 to 4 months don't no what to do 😢
1064 days ago
1-4 months!!! 😰 Idek if it's accurate 😂
1064 days ago
@ill help
nope it’s defo not my period bc it’s only smol dots but thanks!!!
1064 days ago
hai guys!!!
Breasts: c cup, almost d, it’s full and round, almost like my mom’s, i got tender 🚔 these few days and it’s so painful walking bc it moves a lot :’(
Vag hair: a lot, curly dark, thigh to thigh
Armpit hair: getting more and more, curly and dark
Sweat: literally all the time and it stinks, I even sweat thru my deodorant and get sweat stains ewww
Discharge: every day, i’ve been wearing pantry liners for like one year, but these few weeks it soaked through my panties (ewww)
Spotting: i saw pinkish gooey substance a few days ago, and today when i wiped i saw it again!! but it’s not my period
Cramps: every day!!!! it’s so pain someone help me!!!!
Bloating: YES OMG
Cravings: i crave so much food
Height: 165cm!!!And I had a growth spurt of 5 inches a year and a half ago
Weight: 55kg
Acne: not rlly bc i have clear skin but i have tons of black heads
Moodiness: oml so much!! I go from happy to annoyed to happy so quickly ugh
My age: turning 16 in a week!!!! (i’ve been starting puberty since 13)
someone pls help me estimate as i have swimming competition next week, and i don’t wanna get my period during it cause it’s gonna be so troublesome.
lots of love thanks !!!❤️
1065 days ago
Usually you should get your period by 15 I would suggest consulting it with a doctor. Often the spotting is your period so it may be that you just didn’t realize
1065 days ago
omg they said any day now!!! i’m so scared :( some of them said that a few months some of them said few weeks :/// can someone help me estimate cause i don’t wanna embaress myself in sch
im 15 turning 16 this year.
i have big breast, c cup, full and roundish
i have full dark curly pubic hair on my 💋l area
i have a lot of dark armpit hair, i needa shave everyday :/
i have been getting rlly bad discharge for one year, but recently it’s but even worst :/ (gotten discharge for two years)
i have gotten spotting a few times last week
i weight 65kg
i have clear skin as i wash my face everyday, but i had a recent acne break out omg
i’d appreciate you if you help me out .-.
1065 days ago