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First Period Quiz

I made this quiz to be as accurate as possible - but really, your result is up to you. The more truthfully you answer the questions, the more dependable your result will be! So, to the real point of the test - when will you get your first period? Find out now!

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    How old are you?
    How old are you?

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Please answer I live with a single dad surrounded by boys and I dont know what to do all the tests I have taken say like 4 weeks to like 5 months.
Ready for your result? You have two months - maybe just a few weeks - before you start your period. You will NEED period supplies VERY soon. Be sure to carry around those, a change of underpants, over-the-counter pain meds, and whatever else you think you'll need. GOOD LUCK!
Please do me!
Thank you!

Your age: turned 12 last month
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period:12 turning 13
Breast stage:3 or 4
Cramps: you can answer the below 5 questions (including this one) with yes or no, if it is a yes, please add since when and how regularly, for example: Cramps: yes, have been getting it from 4 months ago, have it once a week. :yes mabey once every 2 weeks
Acne breakouts: Not really I have acne tho
Bloating: No
Mood swings: Yes every week
Spotting: No
Discharge: please answer the below questions with what colour and consistency (amount):Watery whitish clear
Armpit hair:Black Lots
Leg and hair arm: Black lots
Public hair (hair down there): Blackish Brown lots
Height: 4 foot 8 inches
Weight:85 pounds
Hips: (how curved are they?) Quite curvy
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend: Yes a huge crush
41 days ago
Hi I'm Abbey.
(Pronounced the same as Abby but its spelled odd)

I really really need an estimate.

Age: 12

Mom: idk

Down there:
*brown discharge
*discharge for 7 months
*brown discharge for 2 months

*stage 4


Cram ps:

Have to shave

Please estimate thx
57 days ago
hey guys if you posted and nobody answered your comment go on all the tests extended a lot more of people comment on there
57 days ago
Amanda brown discharge I think is you period some peaple say it looks like ppoop
57 days ago
sorry not amanda someone
57 days ago
Hey someone i say probably 2 to 4 months max and Amanda if you are 13 and you started at 11 it is cpmpletly normal you might even have to wait another year but of the look of your comment your close
68 days ago
someone I will say in a few weeks to 2 months always be prepared. congratulations
72 days ago
oh and i feel that my hair and skin have been more oily. i DEFINITELY have been getting more pimples lately but it isnt acne. Ugh im so sorry i just want to make you sure u have all the info bc i rlly need an estimate!! : )
72 days ago
Ready for your result? You have two months - maybe just a few weeks - before you start your period. You will NEED period supplies VERY soon. Be sure to carry around those, a change of underpants, over-the-counter pain meds, and whatever else you think you'll need. GOOD LUCK!


Age: 13, mom got it at 14

Breasts: TENDER! Stage 3ish, A cup (might need slightly bigger size??)

Hair: Armpits and Legs I have to shave once or twice a week(started 6 months ago), also a lot of arm hair. I HAVE TONS OF HAIR DOWN THERE (pretty much or even SUPER close to being fully developed. Had this for abt 1 or maybe more)

Growth Spurt: I grew 4-5 inches in the past year! I'm 5'4(maybe taller i havent measured myself in a while) and weigh 110lbs

Discharge: A year or more, EVERYDAY! Even tho I have it everyday, i dont need to wear pantyliners because it's usually just a lot of egg-white streaks that dry and get crusty. I get more on some days than i do on others.

Cramps: Have had them before but they dont last very long and arent very painful, but i still do feel some pain.


BO: Omg i sweat so much and it stinks! idek if deoderant works anymore LOL

Cravings: I HAVE BEEN EATING SO MUCH SWEETS (especially chocolate!!!) BC I CRAVE IT! And the other day i randomly was craving Chic-fil-a!

I have been a lot more tired lately, but its often hard for me to fall asleep. I also dont usually get headaches, but i have been getting more of them!

I dont get diarrhea, but i have been more constipated lately!

Mood swings: ALL THE TIME(emotional rollercoaster) i get mad or yell over the simplest things sometimes. then i feel rlly bad for yelling but then i dont. its confusing!

Ok here's the thing, I've had crush on this same guy for 8 years(IK its a lot), but its grown throughout the years. NOW I HAVE A RLLY HUGE CRUSH!

I WANT MY PERIOD SO BAD!!!! I started puberty when I was abt 11ish so I worry sometimes that im too late or that im never going to start. I would rlly appreciate it if someone could estimate me! Thank you!! and great quiz btw!

P.S. tell me if you need anymore info!!!!
76 days ago
lol hi nice to meet u
77 days ago
Hi I guess 0-3 months
85 days ago
Pls help estimate for me
I just turned 13 in December

My 💗 are at stage 4 rounded shape but not adult full

My pubic hair is very big and full i started shaving a few months ago

My airmpit hair is dark but a fair amount i i started shaving a few months ago aswell

My acne isn't that much but small pimples on my forehead and and i get big ones on my chin

I started getting discharge when i was 11 its goey and white but a average amount

My mom got her period when ahe was 15

Im a bit skinny but i recently started gaining weight

I had a growth spurt last year i grew 5 more cm im now 153 cm

I do get mood swings very often

The quiz said in 2 months time

Pls if anyone can give me a estimate i would really appreciate it ❤
85 days ago
Wait amanda do you remember me did you I thought you were going to get it in like 5 months wow
93 days ago
the tests says one to two months or a few weeks . what every test I have taken says. so happy. but last week I had Brown discharge for six to seven days. pls marsbar and serenity was that my first period. if u need my info let me know
117 days ago
Hihihihi id say 1 month to 6 months
119 days ago
I apparently have 1-6 months to go, but I don't think this quiz gives enough answers to questions. Some of my answers were not 100 per cent accurate.
152 days ago
Thanks serenity will do
159 days ago
olivia you have 2-3 month left make shure you carry PADS AND TAMPONS with you
165 days ago
Calculate me

Discharge since March 2020
Bushy pubic hair (curly, covers whole area)
Pit hair is barely 5ere a couple that are growing in dark and curly
Stage 3 of breast development I can fit in an aa bra
I have pimples and zits here and there
I’m almost 97 pounds
I’m about 5’1
I get stomach cramps but not abdominal
I get mood swings but I’m not sure if it’s my personality or signs of pms
I’m 14 in 5 months
don’t know when my mom got it cause I’m not comfortable talking abt it with her
Discharge is egg whitey and thick and comes basically everyday with I guess a normal amount
And yeah tell me if you need me to tell u anything else