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When will I hit my first period?

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This quiz will help you get an idea of when you will hit your first period!
It will be the best estimate I can give you!

  • 1
    How old are you
  • 2
    How much hair do you have on your arm pits and (down there)
  • 3
    How long have you had hair in your pits and (down there )

  • 4
    How big are your boobs?
  • 5
    How long have you been developing boobs?
  • 6
    How much discharge do you have?

  • 7
    How long have you had discharge?
  • 8
    Have you had head aches and/or cramp?
  • 9
    Have you had any spotting(red dots in your undies)
  • 10
    Do you want your period? (Will not affect score)

Comments (16)


363 days ago
Hi can some estimate me please, so i have taken a lot of tests and this week they have been saying its going to happen in a few weeks but i'm not sure ...

11 years old ( but 12 in 3 moths )
I am 5 foot (153 cm) yes i know i am very tall for my age
my pubic hair is strait but thigh to thigh and very dark and thick
my legs and arms make me look like a yeti
i have some armpit hair but not much
I can fit a b cup
my face had transformed into a pepperoni pizza
i get mad at anything
i crave a lot of stuff
I have had o lot of discharge and for at lest 7-8 moths
i need a whole bottle of deodorant a day
my hips have widened a lot
I am 37kg or 81lbs
i get crams and headaches everyday and i am always tired
there is probably not even a word to describe how greasy my hair gets

and that it and if someone could estimate me as soon as possible that would be great thank you for reading my comment and god bless you.
751 days ago
11 year old tween, probably 3 month because most girls have Discharge for about 6 months or more before their period.
783 days ago
I dont know why it put heart discharge😂
783 days ago
I’m 11 years old and mine said I have less than three months.
What do you think because I’ve taken many quizes and all of them have different answers.
Please estimate me.
I’m 11(obviously)
I’m 4 foot 6
My pubic hair is black and long but not full more like halfway
My arm hair is black and long to the point I have to shave
My leg hair is also extremely long (95% being at least 1 or 2 inches)
I’m an A cup
I have a bunch of blackheads on my nose and recently started to get quite a bit of acne
I get mad at literally anything
I some times crave either junkfood or sweets
I’ve had 😘l discharge for about 3 or more months
I sweat a LOT ( sorry if thats gross!)
956 days ago
some quizes say 1-3 months and some say up to a year, I am so confused plz estimate me
I am 12
I am 5 foot 3
my pubic hair is from thigh to thigh, curly and bushy
I have a fiew dark armpit hairs
I want to shave my legs but dont know how to tell my mom
I can fit a b cup
I have a LOT of blackheads and a fiew pimples
I have been really tired lately and have been a bit sick, I've had a fiew cramps a week, have been really moody lately, have been craving sweets
My panties have been starting to be stained yellow like 6 months ago, I started getting discharge about a week ago
I have been swetting a lot more lately, even when it is cold, I HAVE to wear deoderant or else I smell terrible, I HAVE to shower every day or else my hair gets very greasy
1068 days ago
all of the other test say that it's going to happen in1-3 months but this one says 8 months
1076 days ago
Welp I got you will 100% get it in less than a month and I’m only 11 years old welp
1095 days ago
I was wondering that too... How much does it hurt?!
1103 days ago
@kayla how much do it hurt 😭 😬😖
1133 days ago
I just had a long meaningful comment, and I accidentally deleted it.
Such a great way to waste 10 minutes of my short, short, twelve year life.
I'm stupid like that sometimes, :)
1133 days ago
mine says less than 1 month. i got mine 5 months ago (i took it to test the accuracy)
1135 days ago
Wait Lydia what did it tell you?
1136 days ago
Haha haha I all ready hit mine!!!!!!!!
1136 days ago
i got to wait for too years like i already got my period
1136 days ago
I don’t believe this bc my bff just got her period and she took this and it said like 1-2 years and girl I’m shook
1137 days ago
I got: wait for 2 years, be happy to be young....what nooooo I am like 13😒I cannot wait that long!