The First Period Test!

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This quiz will help you determine the time of your first period.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    What's the distance between your age and the age of your female relative when she got it?
  • 3
    Do you have pubic/underarm/leg hair?

  • 4
    What's your breast shape?
  • 5
    What bra size do you wear?
  • 6
    Do you get discharge? How often?

  • 7
    How long do you have discharge?
  • 8
    Do you seem to fall in love/make friendships easier?
  • 9
    How much do you weight? (I know, but it's important.)
    *in kg
  • 10
    Last question (doesn't affect your score):
    Do you want your period?

Comments (34)


313 days ago
@phantomGirl I feel u it literally said A COUPLE DAYS OR EVEN A WEEK it's been 19 days since u posted that comenent so plz come back on here so I can see if this quiz is accurate 😉 u know cause I could just be getting FREAKED OUT for nothing soooo 😉
331 days ago
796 days ago
oh my god this quiz is inaccurate I’m getting mine very soon
822 days ago
2-6 months away... 2 months away I'm 13... I'm gonna get it like April or May huh pls help me oh dear god no 😭😭😭
834 days ago
Ummmmm I thinks it’s wrong it says I have 6 months but I’ve had mine for almost a year now soooooo
854 days ago
mine said only a couple days and I’m so nervous also some girl under me said she’s 12 and I’m 12 and her breast or large for her size and they were AA ...Honey that’s the smallest person I was ever and I am a b cup
885 days ago
THis is a lie because I got mine and it says 2-6 months
894 days ago
It said 2-6 months for me and I got mine earlier today
898 days ago
Oh and I found a brown spot in my underware a few months ago
898 days ago
Less than 5 months till I am 12. My mom was almost 12 when she got hers. And my sister was 13my Brests are large for my age. AA size. Oh my goodness I get pains in my lower stoumach Avery day! My privet hair is dark and long getting curlery. My leg hair is long but really light, don't shave anything. My armpit hair is light and short, oh my gosh my discharge is really bad. My pants get wet. And I have mood swings oftin. Really moody latly. Every one it's telling me I'm gonna get it soon 😁 I kind of want to get it soon. Please let me know when you think! Oh and most of the quizzes say 4 months at the mostv
899 days ago
It says 4-6 months like no honey
915 days ago
Yasss! A couple of days till my period I'm looking so forward to it!
928 days ago
I tride 5 test for period all of them seed 6 monta just 1 seed 1-2 yrse (sorry for vad englis)
929 days ago
It says 6 months and the other one i took said 4-6 months so i think so
937 days ago
I wanna get my period so bad that Idk about pain. Everyone around me has thr or period and i just want to get mine already.
943 days ago
What is a discharge I’m 11 and I still don’t know
1000 days ago
I have had discharge for 6+ month and lately it has been clear, yellowey brownish, white or light brown it goes all over my underwear and I get cramps everyday it says 2-6 nonths
1017 days ago
@zoe it doesnt work like that ive had discharge for almost a year and still no period I even get all symptoms and no period so basically you can get it whenever after discharge but you cant calculate it perfectly
1028 days ago
i got so much discharge in the past day but it was either really dark yellow or light light brown and there was one spot that looked not dark brown but just light brown but idk if it’s just a buildup of discharge bc i had a liner on for a day (gross i know)
what do think it is??
1029 days ago
Pls estimate 
Don't know when mum got here
Spotting once (I think)
No discharge
Short but painful cramps
Over half full curly hair down there 
Full armpit hair
Full leg hair
Arm hair becoming defined 
Cravings for pretzels
Sore 💗 
Mood swing
Growth spurt of 5 cm in a month
100+ lb
Good curving
4 ft 6 in I think
Please help me!!!!!
thank you in advance