When will you get your first period?

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Ever wondered when your very first period would come? Well this is the test for you and will estimate how long until you get it using facts!

  • 1
    First of all how old are you?
  • 2
    Secondly what is your pubic hair like? (Hair down there)
  • 3
    Are you getting discharge? If so how much of it?

  • 4
    What shape/size are your boobs?
  • 5
    How many of these symptoms do you have;
    Cravings, Cramps, Headaches, Mood swings, Tender boobs.
  • 6
    How much do you weigh?

  • 7
    Have you had a growth spurt?
  • 8
    How much older or younger was your mum to your age now?
  • 9
    How long have you had discharge for?
  • 10
    Last question! Did you like the quiz? (Doesn’t count towards your score!)

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195 days ago
@clue u have around 4-5 months
@trI5 u probably have 2-3 months
239 days ago
This is not accurate I have all of the symptoms except for one and it said 2-3 YEARS
395 days ago
I'm 13 and I have 2-3 years to go
646 days ago
can someone plz estimate me?
12 since april
30a cup
discharge for 6-8 months
dark, curly, medium amount of hair down there
blond/ light brown leg hair
a few brown hairs in the pits
some acne
just finished a 4in growth spurt
rarely have cramps down there
headaches every few days (might b just me, lol)
and desperate.
Thx in advance
765 days ago
im 9
I barley have dis
im a aa cup or trainer bra
my mom got hers when she was 12
and I have 4 out of five of the pms symptoms
868 days ago
I have had 💗 for like 2 years and discharge for 1
919 days ago
OMG!Maybe today?!..or a month away😂
937 days ago
Not accurate
Started my period today and just doing these tests to test their accuracy. I got 2-6 months. (BTW u do not want your period it’s like hell)
939 days ago
not very accurate i’ve been getting 1-3 months and this said 6 months
943 days ago
every time i take a period test the results are always different but it looks like im getting it in 1-2 years time. im scared. help.
946 days ago
@Flo very close bc once you have a big growth spurt about 6 months after you get your period. 1-3 months
946 days ago
@ohnos probably 1-5 months. You’ve had discharge for the average amount of time
946 days ago
@232435 I would say very soon. You’ve had discharge for quite a while. Any week now-4 hope this is helpful. Good luck
946 days ago
I’m 13 in September
Sister got her when she was 11
Mum got hers and 12-13
Had discharge for about a year sometimes heavy
My 💖 are about an A
My hair down there 👇 is nearly fully grown
I have hair in my armpits shave every week
Shave my legs every two weeks
Have a lot of cravings
Getting cramps more often
Moody every day 😁😫
Grown a lot in the last year
I’m 5’3
Cry over nothing
90-100 lbs
My hips are wider ( love Handel’s they are called )
Pls estimate 🙏🙏🙏🙏💘💘💘
946 days ago
I was twelve in late February
Idk when my mom got it
My sister got it the summer before her seventh grade and currently it’s the summer before MY seventh grade
No spotting
Not many cramps
Discharge is white ish and thick / goopy
Been getting it for around six months
About halfway full pubic hair. It’s dark brown and curly but not full.
Breasts are 32 A cup
I weigh 80 lbs
I am really bloated right now and I just woke up and became bloated
I get bloatings some times
Little blonde armpit hairs
Dark leg hair but takes kinda long to grow- I shave it every 2-4 weeks
I don’t really get many cravings
My breasts rarely get sore- one did last night tho lol
No nausea
I don’t get headaches often
Slight growth spurt from2017
Slight mood swings - not rly mood swings but when I am hurt (emotionally) I get REALLY hurt
Like if my parents say something kinda mean I begin to cry or get very angry usually
I’m v short - 4’ 7”
I kinda want it to hurry up lol all my friends have it
Thank you!
946 days ago
Turning 12 in 6 days
Don't know mom' s age
No Spotting
Painful cramps during school
Discharge for 12+ months
Quite full and bushy "down there"
Breasts are larger than most friends my age +(don't know what size cup mom is too worried about me getting older she won't buy me any thing other than sports bras) lol
Bad armpit hair very dark
Need to start shaving legs
Slight cravings
Sore breasts
Slight bloating
No nausea
I am always tired
Terrible migraines
Growth spurt of 7+ inches over past year
Slight mood swings
1oo+ lbs
5 ft 6 in

Thx in advance!
946 days ago
@Chloe it's ok
I would say you have around 5 months to go
You are kinda like the 4 months ago me and I have about a month to go soooooo...
Sorry if it's not accurate
949 days ago
turning ll soon
mom got hers at around 13
no spotting
moderate amount of discharge
short cramps
dark but whispy hair down there
breasts are sore, not too big but are definitely growing, and im still wearing a size L training bra but it has small cups (not an actual bra size yet tho lol)
very short fuzzy blonde armpit hair that only i can see
full leg hair
nearly full arm hair
cravings for mint chocolate chip ice cream
not sore yet
no bloating
no nausea
no tiredness
i get angry very easily, usually because of really stupid reasons like my stomach sticking out, my thighs looking all fat when i sit down, etc.
growth spurt of 5 inches in a little over a year
around 100lb, but my hair might make up a few pounds lol
my hips are a bit wider, but ive mainly been gaining weight
4ft 10
please estimate thanks
btw, Hi, im not trying to copy you, just kind of using your comment as a template if thats ok with you. Crampings, moody, hairy tween girls unite! 💪
949 days ago
Pls estimate 
Don't know when mum got here
Spotting once (I think)
No discharge
Short but painful cramps
Over half full curly hair down there 
Full armpit hair
Full leg hair
Arm hair becoming defined 
Cravings for pretzels
Sore 💗 
Mood swing
Growth spurt of 5 cm in a month
100+ lb
Good curving
4 ft 6 in I think
Please help me!!!!!
thank you in advance