Accurate period test!

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From a girl who took these and knew they were incorrect and then receiving an estimate, I bring you a period test from the girl now with hers, that will actually work:).

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240 days ago
Hey everyone is this quiz accurate
241 days ago
changed my name HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH im so depressed
241 days ago
hey, 51941, thanks. it must be hard to have no period with a friend group that does. luckily, i don't have to deal with that problem, but not having my period is enough.

Question- Why do we WANT our periods??!!! I mean, It's just cramps, changing feminine supplies and mood swings! But the only think I think i will ACTUALLY ENJOY about my period is the first few minutes of my first one; " guess what, friends? I got my PERIOD." Then, that's pretty much the end of my excitement, I guess.
241 days ago
it said 6 months! I am super excited for my period!!! I am super prepared... I also know you might not think 6 months is close, but I DO, and I've been waiting so long! Most of my friends don't even have B*OBS except stage 1 1/2. My one friend, ######, might, 'cause she is tall, has b*obs and also has hips. She will NEVER let me touch her sweater's pockets. One time, I felt them when i hugged her and they kinda felt like TAMPONS...... so ya. I'M SO HAPPY!! Thank you, all my Period Quizzes.
255 days ago
Hey if you feel like you will never get your period that’s ok you will I feel like that a lot all of my friends have it and I’m the only one who doesn’t but all I have to tell myself is that every girl gets it and if someone ask do you have your period yet and you feel embarrassed that you don’t just say I don’t want to tell you you will hit woman hood you just have to wait for the right day 🙃
279 days ago
Omg it said 0-3 month hope it is not bad 😬
434 days ago
I got 0-3 months: I’ve been doing a lot of quizzes since may 😂 aaand one I got in may said sixth months but here I am nine months later, no period :/. My whole friend group has theirs and it feels awkward. I’ll check back when I get my period or after a couple of weeks
510 days ago
Holy christ I've been gone for over 200 days.(I keep changing my username i need to stop.)

I couldn't comment 'cause I couldn't get access to the site. It just came up with a error code qwq.

Why am I even commenting this is dead.
718 days ago
It's offical mah boiyos this comment section is D E A D L I k E M y s O uL
721 days ago
*sad robot shark noises*
735 days ago
I-Is someone gonna come here and make it feel less dead in here?

Johnny no no likey

739 days ago
Changed my name again SKAAAAAAAAAA XD.


yup im sonic rush adventure johnny now

He's so precious

751 days ago

Don't worry! You're most likely overdue as stated in my previous comments.

Also have been feeling anything?
My most recent period gave me some symptoms a couple of days prior. Sometimes the symptoms are different.Usually mine are just cramps and the niagra falls of blood at the beginning but it calms down by the 3rd day usually for me. However my most recent period's symptoms somewhat made me feel depressed,I didnt want to eat but i did at the same time,stomach hurt alot and i felt unmotivated to do anything. Now P L E A S E do not let this worry you, as everyone experiences different symptoms. Dont be like me a get panicky.

Hope this helps!

752 days ago
Still haven’t.................
757 days ago
also why has my 'username' code tag number thingero changed?
757 days ago

Don't worry! According to the comments you've posted it says you're waiting for your second period. It's most likely you're overdue but it's nothing to worry about!
(why am i using correct grammar and not the usual typos i look like a mom lmao)(no offense to any1 that uses correct grammar)
762 days ago
Still haven’t gotten it again yet.
771 days ago

when you first start your period its gonna fluctuate sometimes it will be short some times long sometimes heavy sometimes light sometimes early sometimes late or it can be accurate

i had a period that lasted 4 weeks and i looked it up a couple months ago and it said thats when its no longer a period


no srsly im ok

also have you been wearing pads with wings? they provide much better protection because it doesnt move as much
782 days ago
It also always felt like I was sitting in a puddle
782 days ago
Hey so it’s a month later and I have to say my first period was terrible it lasted for 9 DAYS and it was constantly heavy and I had to change pads a LOT. Even if I wore 2 somehow it would get on my underwear. I’m very worried cus I was supposed to get it again on the 6th and I haven’t gotten it again yet!! 😕