When am I going to get my period?

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Are you excited or anxious about when you are going to get your period? Take this quiz

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    How big are your boobs?

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288 days ago
It’s always good to be prepared I would buy some and Carrie it around with yo just in case😉
599 days ago
It says I should wear painty liners if I don't already but I don't want to because I think it's unnecessary because I get barely any discharge. But now I'm not sure. Advice ??
614 days ago
Hey everyone as u r here can u plz do my quizzes? I will be very grateful especially if u comment! My name is TheQuizzyAddict and thx a lot for ur time!
766 days ago
Inaccurate quiz. Would not recommend
769 days ago
@Red123, I think you could get in within 5 months, This is just an estimate though so don't take my word for it. Good Luck!
771 days ago
😻: they hurt to touch and are getting bigger. I've had then for 2-3 years, Hair down there: bushy and curly and dark, Armpit hair: dark and curly, Discharge: creamy, yellowish, I've had it for 1-2 years, I sweat a lot. PMS symptoms: backache, slight cramps, mood swings MAJOR cravings and tiredness, Weight: 98-101 pounds. I am more interested in boys now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ESTIMATE ME!!
853 days ago
I meant more to make the time go by faster but thanks!
865 days ago
@ChristmasCactus! There isn't a away to make it come faster. It will come when your body is ready for it to. Good luck for when you get it!
870 days ago
Oops typo, I meant months
876 days ago
I got 3 to 5 weeks. I want it so badly!!!!! Anybody got any ideas to make it go by faster?
882 days ago
@I did this quiz 10 times, I would say you have a while to go maybe a year or less. Because I have dark v a g i n a l hair and I don't have mine yet, pretty bushy too. Plus I think you have discharge for a while before you get your period. I don't have mine yet but I am pretty sure it will be coming soon. both of my sisters had them at 14 and I am 15 and my mom was 17 when she got hers, so everyone is different. So I think once you have dark hair down there and discharge it might be a year then or more. Sorry for the little rant about me!!!
886 days ago
I do have pubic hair that is blond but curling over, I have been developing b o o b s for about 1 1/2 and they hurt to touch. I have been craving chocalate candies. I do have under arm hair but very tiny blond wisps, and I haven't got any discharge yet. I'm 10 and my mom was 11 when she got her period, AND my older sister was 11 when SHE got her period. I also have been having really bad mood swings. 4 weeks ago I scratched my twin sister and she bled because, she woke me up by hitting my face with a pillow that was mine
886 days ago
So, I just did a quiz by this website and the one I did before said 4-5 months and I just did this and it said 6-8 months. How dumb is that! Anyway, please predict when I'm getting my period
889 days ago
@Raging I was really similar to you when I got my first. Though it varies from person to person. Probably early 2019! Good luck ☺
889 days ago
I feel like most girls get it when they're around 85-100.

Btw if you want to read the link that Marie gave the 🐬 part of the link just remove that and type in "v a g i n a"
891 days ago
Here are some websites if you want to learn more about it.
https://medicalxpress.com/news/2016-1 0-💝l-discharge.html
Just to be warned it has an image of down there.
891 days ago
@Raging, Usually, girls get their periods when they weigh 100 pounds but not for all cases. You might want to look up stuff on periods, so you could get an estimate that way but I would estimate, maybe about 4 to 5 months. I haven't gotten my period but I think it will be coming soon! So good Luck!!!
892 days ago
I think you are very close maybe 4 months max hope this helps u
893 days ago
❗️Can someone please estimate me!!!❗️


💡💡: I took these a while ago (In May) and they all said 3-6 months. 5 Months later, nothing happened. All of the tests I’ve taken now have said Any time now-3-6 months. Same results that I had back in May!

⚪️⚪️: I first started Discharge in December of 2017 (11 months ago)
I used to get so much that I ACTUALLY ruined a pair of undies in one day because of just discharge. But lately I’ve been having it in little spurts, sometimes when I wipe after going to the bathroom. Can anyone explain why?

💗💗: I wear sports bras and A-B Cups (My shoulders and ribs are very broad+I’m in soccer) and my 💋 started to bud in March of 2017. They used to be extremely tender, and now they’re fine.

👩🏻👩🏻: My leg hair grows extremely fast, that if I shave on Monday, it’s all back by Friday. My pubic hair is very coarse and gritty, ((TMI WARNING!)) the hair is so thick and curly that it sometimes gets knotted. My arm hair grows really fast too. Armpit hair is a different story, though. I have 3 EXTREMELY LONG pieces of hair that are thick and dark, but no other dark hairs. I have a bunch of blonde hairs too. BTW they are all dark brown (My hair color)

💦💦: I sweat a lot more often, with heaps of it, too. Especially in my armpits.

📏📏: I weigh 84 pounds, (When just a few months ago I was about 75.) and have no idea how tall I am. 😅 I think like 4’11-5’. I’m 11, and turn 12 in 7 months. I’ve grown over 4 inches in the last 4 months! ❗️My Mom got hers at 11/12❗️

🌡🌡: My PMS symptoms are odd. My cramps used to always happen, and then they stopped for a few months. Now they’re back, and worse than ever. Mood swings are kind of apparent. I get headaches almost every day, same with nausea. I’ve been getting sick way more lately, and I have to go pee so much more often!!! My skin and hair are getting oilier as the days go by! I don’t ever get bloated, though.

🍍🍍: I eat carrots (a food that is supposedly supposed to help you start your period faster) a LOT!!! They just taste good uwu.

👭👫: I’ve been wanting a girlfriend/boyfriend so much more lately... just the thought of someone to cuddle me is wonderful.

894 days ago
I would say you won't be waiting too long for yours, maybe 2 to 4 months but it could come earlier or later just around that time