Will your first period come soon? Quiz

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Hello, many girls wonder when their first period will come. I hope this will give you an idea of when you will get it, remember I am not a doctor and everyone is different.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much do you weigh? (lb or pounds)
  • 3
    How big are your boobs?

  • 4
    What size bra?
  • 5
    Another breast question, I promise it’s the last.
    How long have they been developing?
  • 6
    How long have you had discharge/ do you have it
    (Sticky goo in underwear)

  • 7
    How many of these PMS symptoms do you experience.(Cramps, Headaches, Fatigue, mood swings, dizziness and many more)
  • 8
  • 9
    Armpit or leg hair?
  • 10
    Any spotting?

  • 11
    Do you sweat more or have bad BO
  • 12
    Do you think your period is coming soon?

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349 days ago
Brin, probably about 3-6 months
This is my quiz, give it a try: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1588296629/When-will-I-get-my-first-period
355 days ago
Can someone estimate me?? Tysm

Age: 11.5
Height: 4'6
Weight: 83
Acne: a lot
Puberty: going through it, about 6 months in
Bloating: only a little
Tired a lot
Breast: 3-4
Headaches a lot
Armpit hair: darkening and noticeable
Leg hair: literally a gorilla
Pubic hair: starting to darken
Growth-spurt: just had it, or going through it right now.

Thank you again!
369 days ago
It changes the answer depending on what u put for the last question this isn’t reliable at all
619 days ago
I Got 1-4 Months. I’m so Exited!!! I really want my period to come... I’m so hoping this is right😴😪🤤🥴❤️
872 days ago
mine says are you sure you don’t have it🙃🙂😢
877 days ago
It literally asked me if I was sure I didn’t have it yet and if not I’d probably get it tomorrow - 1 month. I’m reallyyyyy nervous😬
879 days ago
What are your “symptoms?”
879 days ago
All the quizzes I’ve taken said any day now.
Can you estimate me?
Severe Dizziness
Frequent headaches
Cramping every so often
Spotting once or twice
Breasts are about in stage 3 of development
Pubic hair is curly
Underarm hair and leg hair needs shaving
Mood swings constantly
Much growth in the last couple months (growth spurt)
Discharge 5 or more times a week

Appreciate the help!

Hello, Hi! I would talk to a trusted adult to get you some pads and tampons. Keep some in your bag for school!
880 days ago
I already have mine and it said I won't get it for over 1 year and I'm 15!
This quiz is very inaccurate!!!😠
883 days ago
9ng I got 1 to 1 month and I just get something wet and there is red!! what should I do??
883 days ago
I got one to four months! And I want my period soooo bad!
885 days ago
I got 1-4 months. I don't know if it's true, but I want it so desperately because i'm 15 and don't have it yet and all the other girls in my class do and im the oldest of the girls
887 days ago
I got 1-4 months! I'm nervous but exited
887 days ago
I got tomorrow- 1 month.