When will I get my first period quiz

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If you feel like you have entered puberty and want to know when you’ll get your first period then this quiz is for you

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    So first off how large would you say your breast are?

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281 days ago
Wow I may get in a month or less☺️☺️☺️
361 days ago
omg it sad mouth or less eeeehhheeeeeeee oh @ brino i think in about now to 3mounths max
362 days ago
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Brin (19152)0 seconds ago
Can someone estimate me?? Tysm

Age: 11.5
Height: 4'6
Weight: 83
Acne: a lot
Puberty: going through it, about 6 months in
Bloating: only a little
Tired a lot
Breast: 3-4
Headaches a lot
Armpit hair: darkening and noticeable
Leg hair: literally a gorilla
Pubic hair: starting to darken
Growth-spurt: just had it, or going through it right now.
376 days ago
Amy that sounds a lot like me when I has just hit 12 1/4, but months later I still don’t have it, so it’s hard to tell, but I’m sure that in maximum eight months you will have it. Long time to wait, but it’s closer than you think. Hope this helps!
379 days ago
I turned twelve in January. I wear a C cup bra. A full forrest down there, very dark and curly. I have been really sweaty. A few days ago my face was practically free of pimples and now I'm covered. I have yellowy clearish discharge and cramps almost everyday along with headaches and thigh aches. Tests say I'm pretty close. Could you estimate for me?
407 days ago
I am twelve and 3/4. My mom is making me bring supplies to school. I have stage four 😘. A lot of 😘 hair it is very dark and curly. My mom also makes me shave because if I don’t I get really sweaty. I have a couple pimples. I have clear and wet 😘l discharge. I’ve taken a couple of testes and they all say within a month. Can you estimate
423 days ago
You may get in in a month or less. This answer is not exact but you seem to have quite a few of the pre period Symptoms. Better go prepare!
Ahhh I'm so excited
674 days ago
@Colette oh cuz I got any time now and I’m excited 😆
726 days ago
((large)) this is very good and accurate ((elarge))
731 days ago
hi ppl btw owo uwu
731 days ago
a month or less...OMGGHVJGTKV
752 days ago
Actually a pretty good quiz
752 days ago
(Tiny) is say this Issa pretty good quiz I already hadn’t mine and it says tomorrow soo ya sorry if tiny text not work(tiny)
857 days ago
Someone... Well I would say very soon be prepared.
859 days ago
Can somebody estimate me??

Cramps-1 every 3 of 4 days
Pubic hair- darker than the hair on my head.
Height- 5’2
Weight- 100 lbs
Age- 11 (almost 12)
Grade- 6th
I’m a 36A breast cup size
I have quite a lot of acne on my nose,forehead, and BOTH cheeks.
860 days ago
Oh dear the tiny text didn’t work...
860 days ago
((tiny))Umm... so I just got my period and I live in a house FULL of men. My dad, my older brothers, and my younger brother. My parents split after my younger brother was born and my dad took care of us kids. I ended up being the only girl in my family and now I’m panicking. How do I break the news to my father??((etiny))
863 days ago
If you guys are having trouble with what date it is,Get the app "Clue" it is free and very helpful!Definitely recommend!
863 days ago

I got a month or less too,We might have it near?
864 days ago
@evie pubic* hair. And I think for some of the American people year 5 is year 4 and year 6 is year 5.