When Will You Get Your First Period

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Have you started to wonder when you will get your first period? If so, this is the quiz for you.
Be aware that this is not 100% accurate- it can’t be. Periods are different for everyone. This is just a general prediction of when you will get it according to your physical signs.
Please answer honestly for the best results:)

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796 days ago
MacKenzie did you get it yet? :0
806 days ago
1046 days ago
@Scared, you will most likely get it in 1-5 months

By now you probably already have it.
1046 days ago
The thing that I don't like about this is, the answers are long turn. I took this quiz for fun, so heres an example: LESS THAN 6 MONTHS.

That's not preparing ANYONE!
1097 days ago
@scared hey I think you might have many symptoms but I think you will get it 6 months to 1 year good luck it may come earlier or later and I may be wrong anyway good luck
1449 days ago
I have this feeling in my bones that my period is coming on the 10th or 11th if April
1505 days ago
Can someone please estimate me!
I'm 11 years old and in 5th grade.(I'll be 12 in December)
I got breast buds in first grade when I was 8 or 9 and they have been growing since.
Awhile after my breast buds started growing I noticed thin blonde hairs in the public area now they are a dark brown and are longer and some are curly and course. Of course I have 😻l discharge(it makes me feel gross because I can feel it leaking out of me).
I weigh 80-90 pounds
I do track so I'm active almost everyday except for on the weekends.
The cravings have been bad! Speaking of cravings I really want mac n cheese right now....
My mom got her period when she was 11, 12 or 13(she doesn't remember the exact age)
I wear a 30A and my breasts are triangle shaped but are rounding out. Like in between sorta thing.
I shave every couple of days and I have been shaving for like the past nine months.
I do not shave my legs but they have really long thin light brown hairs on them.
All the quizzes that I've taken off the internet say anytime soon or anywhere in between now and six months.
Recently I've had a few cramp like pains below my belly-button they aren't bad though.(idk what a cramp feels like lol)
I'm currently 5"2 or the last Time I checked I was 5"2
I sweat a TON!!!
Recently I've had serious mood swings.
I've recently felt extremely bloated
I have tenderness in my breasts but they aren't sore
Thank you! If you need to know anything else you can just ask me!
1505 days ago
@Period Wanter I think you will get your period anywhere from now to six months just like me.
1525 days ago
Hey guys! It's ya gurl, and I really want my period!! My 2 older sisters have it, and it seems amazing to know your healthy!!! Please estimate me!!!
Discharge: I dunno... Yellowish stuff when I wipe my vag...It's full on liquid...not sure if it's discharge.
Cramps past week
Bloating no
80 lbs
💗 hurt around my nippos. Training bras medium,but I should have a saize AAA bra.
Pubic hair: Brown thin straight hairs. Growing fast
Anderarm hair and leg hair: legs a pot, underarm starting to see light brown short hair...
Anything else needed lemme know!!! Make it accurate as possible!! Ty's. Y'all baii
1525 days ago
Thanks anshika!
1526 days ago
Any time now!
So be prepared!
1526 days ago
Can someone please estimate me!
Lately my 💗 have been growing more, I wear an A34 or A32 and I nearly fully fill it out
I have a lot of hair down there, it’s starting to grow on my thighs, I shave my under arms and legs
I get lots of discharge every day for almost a year now, the other day I got so much watery discharge when I went to the bathroom at school there was watery discharge ALL over my underwear and it even leaked through a little on my leggings!! But idk what that means!! I have also been getting cravings and a few cramps resently
I just grew an inch in one or two weeks and I’ve been getting more ache resently
Bye im 14 my mom got here when she was 11 but my older sister got hers when she was 14
Can some one please estimate me!!!!!

If you need any more information just let me know!!
1530 days ago
@Olivia.s thanks for estimating me
1530 days ago
It says im getting mine this week or this month what do i do?!!!
1534 days ago
Ok so today at school my stomach kept grumbling so I thought I was just hungry but after lunch I was full but it kept grumbling! It’s so weird it’s like my lower stomach keeps rumbling and grumbling for no reason like an inch or two below my belly button but it doesn’t really hurt so I don’t think it’s cramps but it just feels really weird because sometimes it’s just suddle but other times it’s big and if it’s quiet you can hear it but it’s only in my lower stomach. Does anyone know what this is? Please help!
1534 days ago
These websites aren’t always accurate if they work for u great but I did this quiz when I’d just turned 13 and it said anytime now no more than a month well I started on Wednesday I’m three months away from being 15 so it was off by 9 months so u know and also I used to spend all my time thinking about starting and waiting for it to happen slowly all my friends were passing me by and I was so upset and all I wished for was to start and I had started puberty when I was around 11-12 maybe more 12 well....I don’t know why I cared it’s bloody awful and it hurts and it’s messy and it’s awkward and all the puberty stages don’t really tell you anything I had sooooooo many false alarms and disappointment and on Wednesday I had had bad cramps all day but I got cramps maybe 1-2 times a week before so it was no “sure sign” or anything so when I saw I was so shocked and heads up to those starting later in the teens it’s heavy and mingin for the first few days so be prepared savour the time u have left girls trust me I was one of you !!!!!!
1536 days ago
Thanks @Olivia.s for estimating me
1537 days ago
Thanks for the estimate Olivia.S. great quiz by the way. Thanks.
1538 days ago
@The Red Sea (Ha nice name)
I would say you’ll get yours pretty soon. One to six months maybe. Definitely within the next year. I don’t believe the contact with water would delay it but the frequent training might. However, since you are already experiencing all the signs, and you are nearing the age your mom was when she got it, it shouldn’t be that far away. Good luck!
1539 days ago
Can someone pls estimate ???

I took a few quizzes about 5months ago and they said no more than 4months but my period hasn't come yet. So I took this test and said it could come this week or within 4months. Wondering if this is accurate???

I am 13yrs old turning14 this may and I am in Year9(U.K.). My mum got hers just after her 14th Birthday. All my friends have gotten theirs and I kinda feel left out.

I am 159cm tall but a little bit shorter than most of my friends.
💗 Are quite big and are still developing( rounded out) . I wear a 34A bra. 👇🏼the hair is darker than hair on head and curly and very coarse. Underarm hair is dark and have to shave every 3-4days. Leg hair is dark and have to shave every week. I frequently get bloating and back aches and small cramps, but I don't think my mum suffered from cramps either. I am often Emotional, I mean the other day I cried because I got a new pair of school shoes!!! I have gotten discharge for around a year but I think I have ovulated once cos it went from milky creamy colour to really goopy and stringy and clear. I don't think I have ever spotted but I could of done cos I only have dark underwear. I get some acne like 20 medium size spots but I take care of my skin.

I am a swimmer and go swimming 4-5 times a week. Could the frequent meeting with water be a reason for getting my period later. Also I exercise a lot at school and at home.

I am prepared for my period from watching videos on Youtube(Marissa Rachel is my fav) but haven't talked to my mum about it really. Any tips???

Thanks in advance. Really appreciate it.