When will you get your first period? Take this quiz to find out!

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In this quiz you will answer questions about your puberty as best as you can. you should take this because then you will feel more prepared for your period:) results may not be perfect, but close as possible

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751 days ago
Hi @:) you maybe get your period soon have you got it yet?
933 days ago
Hi, I’m supposed to get my period like this month, so yay! Btw that was sarcastic
940 days ago
1002 days ago
I’ve never really had that much discharge, but recently the amount has increased. Does that mean I am going to get my period soon?
1014 days ago
Gurl! It’s coming soon. I think mine is to
1032 days ago
Please I need the opinion of an actual person instead of just a computer
1033 days ago
Can someone do me?
Age 12
Same age as mom was when she got it
Used to have painful cramps but now not so much
Breasts cup C stage 4
Discharge is thin and watery, occasionally thick and creamy and have had it for over two years
Dizzy when I stand up
Mood swings
Loads of thick dark curly pubic hair
Few curly armpit hairs
Dark straight hairs on arms and legs
Please let me know what you think
1035 days ago
@Molly sure! I’d say 3-5 months! You are reaaalllllyyyyyy close! I think that when your discharge comes daily and it covers the whole underwear in 1 week to 2 months by then you will get it! Also your private area when you see it’s getting curly, it means maybe 2 months still to go!! Lastly, when you notice cramps at least 2-3 times a week expect your period in 1,5 weeks- 1 month! Girl you should definitely carry pads tampons everywhere cause it will surprise you! Also try to start wearing a pantyliner for your discharge! Trust me it helps a lot!! Good luck and remember, I’m not an expert in this stuff but I do know some things so you might need a second opinion.
1053 days ago
Hey! Can someone please est. me?
Age: 12
B.r.e.a.s.t.s: Stage 3, A cup
Discharge: Not much, had for like 4 months, very small amount i dont notice till i go to the bathroom
Height: 4'9
Weight:72 lbs
Moms age when she got it: 12
I get cramps sometimes, mood swings always, always have headaches, nausea,
Hair: Legs and arms: SOOO MUCH, Down There: halfway full and dark Armpits: some long straight brown hairs
1131 days ago
That is most likely spotting, Che means you out a are very close to your first period
1332 days ago
Why is my discharge brown??
1360 days ago
Discharge: need pantyliner s
Hair down there:quite alot only 10 yes old nearly 11!
My mum was 11 when she got hers
1362 days ago
i will be ur frienddddd
1421 days ago
i'm looking for a friend!!!!!
1421 days ago
spotting means you have 0-5 months left! let's say you have been spotting for 2 months you would probably have 0-3 months.
1448 days ago
Can spotting be your first period?? Cause I've been spotting for about a week each month for 3 months and idk if that means it's coming or it's my period??
1451 days ago
I'm so sorry I didn't reply for 3 days, I was on vacation for Presidents' Week, and I didn't bring my computer.
Anyways, I had three tests on Friday, and I think I'm going to have exams at the end of the school year.
1454 days ago
What do you mean by that?
Don't you have exams/tests in your school?
1454 days ago
French was ok.
What do you mean by examinations?
All I know is that the school that I go to's triad is ending today, and so far I have straight A's.
1455 days ago
How was it? I mean how was French!?
By the way, from which date are your examinations beginning?