When am I going to get my first period? Quiz

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I understand that you may be wondering when you’re getting your first period. I’m DEFINITELY not a professional but I’ll try to answer as accurate as I possibly can.

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    How old are you?
    How old are you?

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28 days ago
YAYA I'm 14 now!
Well actually 5 days ago but yay
But still no period ughhh!
28 days ago
Macy- haha I wish I were on it!
Ooh really hope it comes this month!!!🤞🤞
31 days ago
To bunny
Gurl u sure ur not on ur period already? It’s coming this month!!!
46 days ago
Hi I've been asking for estimations on alot of different ones of these and no one will has giving me one
So can someone plz give me an estimation

13 years old turning 14 in 11 days
Breasts stage:stage 3
Cramps:sometimes, just got a small one below that bellybutton that didn't hurt that much
Discharge: Practically everyday, stringy and white/clear, had it for about 3 months.
Mood swings: get them quite alot but don't really know if they are actual mood swings?
Cravings: starting to want KFC and chocolate alot in the past week
Armpit hair: I have to wax, I've had it since about the start of the year or end of last year.
Pubic hair: Covering a fair amount down there, black and curly. Had it since last year middle ish.
I shave my legs.
Very moody towards my family
Tired and sooooo lazy these days.
I get lower back pain like 2-3 times a month, it's quite bad.
I think that my mild headaches are period related but I don't know, I don't know how longs I've had them.
Weight: 44.5kgs
Height: 158.5cm
Breast tenderness:Yesss
Spotting: No
I just had a huge growth spurt I've grown 3.5-4 inches this year, and I might still be having the growth spurt.
I have major acne that I have to go on medication for, I've had pimples for at least 2 years!

I've done alot of period tests and the mostly all said around 2-5 months!
I can't wait that long I want it now!!

Plzzz estimate me as best u can I've been waiting for so long!!!
50 days ago
@jenny I think you'll get it in 3-7 months idk if you will I don't even have my period yet but that's my estimation lol good luck girl!
55 days ago
Hey guys Pls someone estimate me
Age - 12 (on April 17th)
Breast stage - 4 , bra size - 34 A
Cramps - once a month
Bloating - Always bloated
Mood Swings - Like a roller coaster ride
Pubic Hair - Medium amount
Arm hairs - not much
Leg hair - ready to shave
Height - 5.3 ft
Weight - 60 kgs
Breast tenderness - not much
Growth spurt - I think I am having one right now
Spotting- none
😘l discharge - not much
Nausea - after waking up
Tiredness - A lot every day
Crush - On a boy in my class
122 days ago
Bro I am lighter than ALL of these
151 days ago
BTW, Ellie you might start your period in some weeks to a month
151 days ago

152 days ago
Estimate me babes! (got 0-3 months on da test :D)

Age- 12 (my mom got it this age in August)

Cramps- EVERY. 🕊. DAY. I can't even sit down betch!

Acne- ALL OVER MY FACE. EVERYWHERE. Especially on my forehead!

Discharge- 4-5 times per day, thick, reddish or pinkish. I wear pantyliners.

Weight- 100lbs.

Hair- Everywhere. I shave my armpits every three days and I have to shave down there every week. Same for my arm and leg hair.

🕊- I'm nearing stage 5 breasts and started developing when I was eight in the October of grade four loves.



PLZ Tell meh! I want it so bad rn
197 days ago
Estimate me please!(I got 2-5 weeks on the test)

Age-12(same age as mom and sis)

Cramps- once or twinge a week idk if it’s actually cramps tho

Acne- I’m lucky I barely have any

Discharge- 2-3 times a day and soo much I would wear pantiners. White and sticky sometimes clear

Weight- 90lbs( I’m fairly petite)

Hair- Everywhere legs, 🦄, armpits. And a lot of it too I have to shave a lot

🦄- Big and pretty developed not close at all to my mom tho I’m a 34B. Started to develop them in 4th grade when I was 9

Mood swings- ALL THE FREAKING TIME!! Everyday I get mad and sad and I wanna cry it’s so annoying

Cravings- omg hand me some chocolate right now! I want food all the time

Plzzzz tell me I’ve been waiting so longggg
218 days ago
I will have period in 2-5 month😪
237 days ago
10 and a half, I have cramps everday, I had puberty for 2 years,I have a little bit of acne and pimples,my breasts are tender and grow every 4 to 3 weeks,I have modd swings,I have brown discharge and spotting CAN U PLS TELL ME WHEN IAM GONNA GET IT
747 days ago
@BingBong from what you said I'd say about 1 week - 2 months
Good luck girlie! x
747 days ago
2_5 weeks away omg I don't know how to use a pad someone help me please
805 days ago
@when tho
from what you said probably about 8-12 months to go
860 days ago
Someone, please estimate me!

Age 13

Height 5’4

I have discharge every darn day! It also goes through my underwear egg white and really sticky

Breast a B cup Not fully developed tho

I've been getting like 5 pimples every day

Spotting 4 - 5 times

Mum got hers at 12 and my sister got hers at 9 my mum thinks I will get it soon

Always tired even if I get 11 hours of sleep

Mood swings 4 times a week

Black and curly underarm hair not full yet tho

Hair down there stage 4 out of 5

Leg hair going black become very Noticeable

Thanks 😙❤️
868 days ago
Estimate me?
I'm 11

❤ Are buds

I weigh about 112 lbs.

Had 1 or 2 pimples

Been very Moody and tired lately

I have a medium amount of white discharge, had it for about a month

have a little bit of blond wispy pubic hair, arm and leg hair you can't see because it's so light blond

Been noticing more sweat then I used to have

I want it pretty bad, but I don't think I'm gonna get it too soon. 😔
878 days ago
Discharge for 8/9 months and so much daily
❤are triangular and sore all the time
Mom got hers at 12 grandma at 11
Always tired
Want chocolate and mangos
89 pounds
4 11
Sooo moody
Lots of hair down there
A couple dark straight hairs in armpits
Acne breakouts every couple of weeks
Cramps sometimes
And I shave my legs
Also sweat so much
Please estimate ASAP
Can I have a couple peoples opinions plz
949 days ago
Erin is a freaking A$$ hole look at her on home page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!