When will I get my first period? *Accurate*

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This is a test for all the girls who haven't gotten their first period yet, whether they are excited, anxious, or both! For best results, ask me to estimate you in the comments!

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    First of all, how old are you?

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80 days ago
Want another accurate period quiz?? go check out mine!!

176 days ago
When it comes to telling your mom, I’ve read a LOT of comments about girls that have had theirs but are really nervous.
So, here’s some tips about how to tell her.
Before you tell her, remind yourself she had hers at around the same time as you, and she probably felt the same emotions as you do right now. It’s also a totally natural thing that happens to every woman.
Now, take a deep breath and go to her. Maybe ask for some private time with her, and then simply say, “Hey, mom, I think I got my period.” She’ll probably give you the “talk” about all things girls, and you’ll go back to your room loaded up with supplies. And now it’s all over and done with!

You may think that your first period determines how mature you are, and you might be more respected at school because you have it.
The thing is, that’s not what matters. Think about it. A little blood doesn’t mean that you’ll somehow be more mature overnight! Instead, YOU get to decide when you are REALLY mature. And that decision is a really big deal, one that you don’t have to make until you’re ready for it. This point also applies to if you have not gotten yours yet and are anxiously awaiting it.

Another thing I want to talk about is the people around you. When your friends might ask if you’ve had your period yet, all you have to say is, “I’m sorry, I’m not willing to share that kind of thing,” or something along those lines. It’s your body, your business. No one needs to know unless YOURE ready. This paragraph also applies to if you have not gotten it yet.

And one more thing. Yes, there’s PMS, and cramps, and all that. BUT your period is beautiful, and it’s NOTHING to be ashamed of. It’s a brilliant way for your body to clean itself out. It’s something every woman deals with. Don’t ever be ashamed about it.

Plus, google “period pride” for more info on the last thing.
Thank you for reading and again, please repost to another period quiz
215 days ago
YAY! I GOT 0-2 MONTHS!!!! Almost there!❤❤❤❤
1033 days ago
hey olivia!! i would say about 0-4 months!
1035 days ago
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1035 days ago
can someone estimate me please, its only because I do a lot of sport, and its better to be safe than sorry...??
Age: 12, turning 13 this year
Weight: about 95 pounds
Leg hair: a lot. I've always had a lot, even in primary. Il
Pit hair: had it for almost a year, slightly wavy, black
Near the 🍑: had it for a LONG while, somewhat itchy, long since I've never shaved there
💗: has been developing for a little over two years. C cup almost D cup, they're round but not fully developed
💗Armour (bra): Have to wear one..or else, you already know the PAIIIIN!! with or with out!
Wanting a BF or smth: HAHAHA....no- I have a HUGE crush...
Height: pretty short for my age, around 154 cm. grew about 4-5 inches in quarantine
Discharge: I've had pinkish-red discharge once, but mainly I have LOTS of white/clear mixed with a lil yellow, my money be gone, panty liners, I need them...and it happens every DAY!!
Mom got it: 13-14
Gran got it: 12-13(but I'm very alike to my gran.
cramps/back pain/head aches: cramps, I got it, back pain, I got it, HEAD ACHES...I GOT ITTT!!!! ugh
Sweat:Haha your'e talking to the sweat angel, my anxiety doesn't helllppp...lol-?...I sweat if I'm nervous, and pits if its hot, or just if it happens...

Thanks!! :0
1035 days ago
@Mama Mia!

Hmm 11 is a bit young, but I'd estimate u about 5months maybe 8 tops? When u get it, whether you wanted it or not, you'll feel panicked but u rlly need to tell ur mom asap. As for asking for armour, say sometin like, mom can I get measured for a bra? I think I need one. You might wanna keep that and asking for deodorant separate. For the deadorant, say mom I stink bit more now, would it be ok if I could had some deadorant? Good luck x
1035 days ago
Hmm 0-2 months? So much for being accurate. Got it ages ago
1035 days ago
well...look at the... 0-2 months... I- Welp...plise no I...
1164 days ago
Wow super i got 2 to 5 months really close🤗🤗🤗
1546 days ago
I'd like to be estimated. I'm putting as much info as I can, but there's isn't a lot
Age: 11, turning 12 this year
Weight: about 80 pounds
Leg hair: a lot. I've always had a lot, even in kindergarten. I've always had more leg hair than my older brother, until now. We're about the same niw lol
Pit hair: had it for a couple months, slightly wavy, black
Near the 🍑: had it for a LONG while, pretty wavy, somewhat itchy, long since I've never shaved there
💗: has been developing for a little over a year. They are not points or triangular, they're round but not fully developed
💗Armour (bra): don't wear one since I'm too scared to ask my mom about it
Cramps: I get them randomly, especially in the mornings they HURT. like HURT hurt. But I don't get a lot
Wanting a BF or smth: well yes, but actually no
Height: pretty short for my age, around 143 cm. no growth spurt for me
Discharge: I've had brown discharge once, but mainly I have white/clear, and it happens every now and then
Mom got it: idk, but I heard her saying something like you would get it when you're 12-14, so I'm guessing she got it then
Sis got it: idk
Sweat: um, I sweat. Like from my pits, all around my 🍑, my face, sometimes my 💗 (Chest, basically), my back. I sweat when I excersise, when I'm hot, sometimes when Im nervous

Also, just wondering: when I do get it, how am I supposed to tell my mom? Or tell her I need deodorant? Or tell her I need breast protection because the moment something touches them, they HUUUUUUUUUURT? My mom n I really aren't close so...

Thanks for the estimations! (And for the answers to my questions)
1559 days ago
No problem................
1560 days ago
@Anshika, I made it as accurate as I could get it. Idk how to get it any more accurate. Sorry, I tried :(
1560 days ago
Umm.....it says the same thing
1562 days ago
this I love screwing ravioli
1562 days ago
0-2 well see how close is that
1565 days ago
5-8 😬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1567 days ago
Hey I didn't take this yet 'cause I already got my period it's been a year now.
1567 days ago
@Anshika, try it again. I think it should be more accurate now. I tried, I'm not an expert on how to make this work
1567 days ago
@Anshika yes I will try can u help me where did i go wrong