When Will I Get My Period?

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This is a quiz that will tell you when you will get your first period. I'm not a professional, but it will give you ideas.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Do you get cramps?
  • 3
    Do you get discharge?

  • 4
    What color is your discharge?
  • 5
    Do you have armpit hair?
  • 6
    Do you have hair down there?

  • 7
    How much do you weigh? (Convert to kilograms if you aren't in America)
  • 8
    What stage are your breasts?
  • 9
    How old was your mom when she started? (If you don't know, just select around the same age, it won't hurt your results.)
  • 10
    How bad are your mood swings?

  • 11
    Do you ever get body odor?
  • 12
    Have you noticed any pimples?

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325 days ago
If anyone wants a more accurate quiz see this one by Vicky ;) - First period estimator (its her only quiz)
331 days ago
Holy hot dang, girl, you're going to be starting any moment! Anywhere from now to 5 months! Carry those pads or tampons, because you are going to need them! I wish you the best!

Love the holy hot dang girl bit 😂.
523 days ago
And "That emo💗" girl you got a while I'm saying about a year plus
523 days ago
You probably get it in 2.5 - 4 months this is what it says for me and I the same as you so good luck girl I am with you
523 days ago
Omg I've done so many of these so I'll estimate you pepes as ice got the hang of this
525 days ago
6 minutes ago
HI can someone estimate me?
Age 11 12 in 2 months
Height 5’1/2
Headaches 24-7
Breasts at stage 4-4.5
I get cramps every second day
Discharge everyday white thick and gooey
I have constipation and only received diarrhea
I have upper leg pains
Leg hair is dark and starting to curl
Pubic hair also dark and starting to curl
Arm hair is dark and starting to curl
Armpit hair is blond and wispy
I’ve had discharge for 8-12 months
Breasts started to develop 2.5-3 years ago
Pubic hair for 1-1.5 years
Lots of mood swings
Huge cravings
I think I’ve had spotting but I’m not sure cause my underwear were black but it was darker in one spot not like discharge
Sorry if it’s long and thanksgirl life
528 days ago
Will someone estimate me?
I’m nine years old
I’m around 4’7”
I’ve been having yellowish discharge since I was 6
I weigh 65 or 70 pounds
My mom got it at 14 and my sister got it at 12
I’m always so 🍦 hungry
I almost 🍦 slap people in public daily
I have somewhat curly hair under my arms, my leg hair is noticeable but patchy, and pubic hair is half an inch in some places, but others it’s like a quarter inch
I have a bit of acne up on my forehead sometimes
I’ve worn deodorant since I was 7
I have a celebrity crush on this really hot girl named Caroline
Also, I developed way faster than the girls in my school mentally. I think I’m transgender
Any questions, ask away!
529 days ago
Please estimate me!!😊

I'm 13, 14 in 2 months
My ❤ are starting to round out a little
I have discharge almost every day, and it is a little more than usuall lately
I am 5' 1"
I weigh 114 lbs.
My hair 👇 there is full and bushy and curly
My underarm hair is getting thicker and darker
I have only gotten cramps a couple times
My mom was about the same age as I am now when she got hers, maybe slightly older
I am constantly craving junk food
I am feeling especially lazy these days
I am sweating a little more than usual.
530 days ago
Camille - I would say in about year u could get ur period ☺ good luck!!!
534 days ago
Hai my name is Cami and I need an estimate pls okay also that girl pepsi is my sister and I stole her tablet okay.

I'm 8
I have lots discharge
I have huge 💑 size c
Mom was 10 when she had period
I have cramps
My discharge color white
I have lots pimples
I am moody girl
I have lots of hair on my butt and pits
I weight 68 pound
I sweat normally
I have no neck pain
I don't craving food much random
534 days ago
I'll gladly estimate any of you if you're still unsure xd