Should I be carrying Pads and Tampons? (If you haven’t had your period yet)

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If you haven’t had your period yet then you should consider taking this quiz in order to see if you should be carrying pads, tampons, etc. I would say this is a 98% accurate quiz by the way.

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53 days ago
hey guys if you have any questions go to this website and comment!
69 days ago
anonymous person i tolk your quizs
71 days ago
13 yo

started puberty 5 years ago

mother's age when she got her period: 13

discharge: a lot. sometimes i mistake it for my period lol

i started discharging over a year ago, in December 2019

breast: 3 (pointy/triangular). They are very tender and burn/sting/ hurt even if I don't touch them :(

body odour: SO BADDD, i ALWAYS sweat through my deodorant.

weight: over 110 lbs ://////////

height: 5 foot 3

cravings: really bad, it's so hard to not eat everything in sight

pubic hair/ armpit hair: a lot and I've had it for yearsss. (pubic hair- 5 yrs, armpit hair- 4 yrs)

body hair: SO MUCH, they're wavy and brown.

Other signs: cramps (1-2 a month)
mood swings
greasy hair
and on other quizzes i get results varying from a couple of days to 2 months.
73 days ago
Plz estimate soon
73 days ago
11.5 yrs. started puberty: 2 yrs ago. Breast stage:3.5 . Mood swings: Frequently. Moms age: IDK Amount of discharge: average amount but kinda slippery. When I started to have discharge: 8 months ago. I have discharge every day but sometimes I skip a day or 2.Weight: 88 pounds I have greasy hair and body odor. Tender breasts. I have lots of public, leg, and arm hair. 0 armpit hair. I get cramps once a week I get 5-8 months in some quizzes and 1-3 months in others HELP
87 days ago
87 days ago
i got my period!!
check out my accurate period quiz at:
and my very accurate crush quiz:
94 days ago
Hi @Daisy!!! Your period will come in a couple days to a month. I might not be right cause every girl is different. Good luck. (WARNING!!! THE WAY YOU DESCRIBE IT YOU WILL BE IN A LOT OF PAIN DURING IT!!!)
101 days ago
Hi! Can someone please estimate me?
I am 11
I am 4’11
80 lbs - pretty skinny though
I think I have had disxharge for around 5 months.
Tiny bit of hair everywhere
I ha e breast buds but they are as big as the bottom of a cup
Where am I?
140 days ago
hi nobody!!, i have about all the same symptoms as you, except i'm 4'11 weigh about 80 lbs and i've had discharge for 3 months! i have taken so many of these quizzes and a lot of the tell me about 4-10 months so i would probably say the same for you!! good luck💖✨😘💕
152 days ago
hi nobody, my estimation is that you will get ur period in about 1-3 months!
you are a woman🖤
some shows i recommend on puberty🧸
Sydney to the max (Disney plus)
stuck in the middle(Disney plus)
babysitters club (netflix👉🏻👈🏻)
have fun!
and u are amazing💜🐶🥰
171 days ago
hi can someone estimate me?

my breast stage 2-3

74 lbs

white/yellow ish creamy discharge everyday

i've had discharge for 2 months exactly

i'm 4"10 1/2

down there hair is brown starting to curl

blond armpit hair

everybody else in my class probably has there period

AAA/AA bra

mood swings

cramps roughly every week mainly before i go to the bathroom

that's all i can think of💖

pls estimate me💕!!
209 days ago
271 days ago
I would say 0-3 months
276 days ago
Can someone please estimate me?

I am 14 y.o.
My mom got her first period at 14
I wear an A bra
I started puberty about 2 years ago
I have no armpit hair
I shave my legs
I'm like 97-101 lbs.
I'm 5 foot 1 (61 inches)
I have A LOT of discharge every day
I've had it (discharge) for about a year
I have just a few mood swings
A medium amount of brown wavy pubic hair
I've had pubic hair for 7+ months
If you need more info just ask
Thank you so much!!!! -Kate
300 days ago
It is not at all accurate, I got my period yesterday and it said 5-10 months. I only did this because I'm bored
301 days ago
i think every result is 5-10 months........
316 days ago
Not that accurate... it said 5-10 months but the doctor said 1-2 months
332 days ago
5-10 months I think 5 months.
332 days ago