First Period Quiz - Official Test

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This is a first period quiz for any girl wondering when her special blossom of womanhood is going to arrive! Answer the following questions being honest with yourself, and to the best of your ability. (For best results!)

Note: I am not a doctor, and this quiz isn't guaranteed 100% accurate. But it's a very close estimate, and is sure to give you an approximate idea.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much do you weigh?
  • 3
    When did your mom get her period?

  • 4
    What stage are your breasts at? (Sorry, it's necessary!)?
  • 5
    Do you sweat?
  • 6
    What stage is your pubic hair at? (Your hair down there)?

  • 7
    Do you have arm and leg hair?
  • 8
    How has your mood been?
  • 9
    Do you have discharge? (Sticky stuff in your panties)?
  • 10
    Do you find you're bloated?

  • 11
    How are your energy levels?
  • 12
    About how tall are you?
  • 13
    Do you have aroused romantic interests?
  • 14
    Do any of these symptoms apply to you?

    Diarrhea, gas, bloating, breakouts, sore tummy, fatigue?
  • 15
    Have you been cramping?
  • 16
    Any junk food cravings?

  • 17
    Are you experiencing acne/breakouts?

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1048 days ago
3mount max. lol i can’t spell
1051 days ago
Can someone estimate me? I dont know when will i get my first period. I dont want to get it in an embarrassing situation..

I'm 11.

I am 5ft

I weight 81 pounds

I get a lot of discharge everyday. Its yellow/white-ish

I have medium length, curly hair. (Down there)

My leg/arm hair is light brown, getting noticiable

I have terrible mood swings. ( I cried for like 10 mins straight, then i started to laugh like a crazy person)

My hair looks so greasy a day after washing it.

I have bad headaches

I get cramps!

I am sooo sleepyyy aalll the timeeeee

I only want to eat chocolate

If you know when it might come, please tell me. And thank you for reading this
1053 days ago
Person i would say about 1-4months - good luck!!
1072 days ago
I will estimate you if you ask and estimate me
1072 days ago
And I’ve had discharge for over four years I get thin discharge every day sometimes thick and creamy about once a month
1072 days ago
Can anyone help me?
I’m 12 and have been going through puberty for like two years
The exact same age as my mom was( to the week!)
Bra cup B/C stage 4 breasts
Went through about one week of cramps 1 1/2 months ago and haven’t got any since
Get mood swings every week
Dizzy whenever I stand up
Get headaches for no reason
Stage 3.5 hair down there
Have a few dark curling armpit hairs
Arm and leg hair is getting darker and becoming more noticeable
Height 5’3 (and a half)
Weight 45kg/99lbs
7th grade/year 8
1089 days ago
@Molly you probably have around 3-6 months
1094 days ago
Hey! Can someone please est. me?
Age: 12
B.r.e.a.s.t.s: Stage 3, A cup
Discharge: Not much, had for like 4 months, very small amount i dont notice till i go to the bathroom
Height: 4'9
Weight:72 lbs
Moms age when she got it: 12
I get cramps sometimes, mood swings always, always have headaches, nausea,
Hair: Legs and arms: SOOO MUCH, Down There: halfway full and dark Armpits: some long straight brown hairs
1102 days ago
Oh hi lea I still haven't had mine but I'm sure when you do get your period you'll get used to it
1104 days ago
Im scared....

I dont want to get my period i already have cramps And they sUcK
1107 days ago
aAa scary periods are coming for mEeE
1109 days ago
honestly i feel so gross doing this but i don't want to be in math class and start to bleed sooooooooo
1111 days ago
@Alienfreak#1,I know,they suck
1111 days ago
Great quiz, but I don't get it. The quiz refers to periods like they are something to look forward too. They are getting not! I am currently on my 14+ period, and it is dreadful. Thanks for reading this.

- Alienfreak#1