A quiz that will tell you; when are you going to get your first period

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When will you get your period? All girls get it at one time in your life. Getting your period changes many things in your life, so we can definitely understand that you want to get as much information about it as possible.
Maybe you're excited to get your period because you feel it's a rite of passage – in other words, it makes you see yourself as a woman, and you're more than ready for that. Or maybe it seems scary to you, and you're a bit worried about what will be going on with your body. Maybe you see your period as just another thing you'll have to deal with in your everyday life and you want to know the ins and outs of having it. Or maybe you haven't given your period much thought before, but as the inevitable event of your first one draws closer, you want to know what to expect and to be ready. I hope this quiz helps you know when you are getting your period!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How big are your breasts?
  • 3
    How much pubic hair do you have (hair down there)?

  • 4
    How much older/younger was your mom or sister when she got her period?
  • 5
    How many of these symptoms do you have?

    1. Cramps
    2. Fatigue
    3. Craving
    4. Discharge
    5. Headache
    6. Mood Swings
    7. Bloating
    8. Tender Breasts
  • 6
    Have you had discharge?

  • 7
    Have you been craving junk food more recently?
  • 8
    Have you had mood swings?
  • 9
    Have you experienced a growth spurt recently?
  • 10
    Do you feel that you need a boyfriend?

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21 hours ago
Age: 11.2
Weight 34.7
Height 4’8”
Discharge: stretchy, watery and clear. 8 months.
Breast Stage: stage 3-4. Mostly stage 4. Had it for 2.9 years.
Tanner stage 4
Pubic hair: curly and black, spreading on my thighs. 1.7 years.
Armpit hair: full, I shave. 1.2 years.
Cramps: a lot. Sometimes on the sides too!
I break out a lot, everyone points it out at my school cuz I’m the only one with pimples.
Started puberty about 2.9 years ago or something?
Mood swings: all the time and I’m really moody too.
Also shave leg n arm hair.

This is my new update 😂
33 days ago
Are you sure you don't have your period yet? If not, then you will get it in 3-4 months. I would start talking to your mom about it, and have an extra pair of underwear and a pad.

true yea im 14 and I’ve had it since I was 11 and don’t rush it guys I wanted it but ur lucky if it comes late if other mock u for it or say ur still a child punch them in the face
37 days ago
All of my friends have their period and I’m the only one that doesn’t I really want it and I hope I get it soon
39 days ago
Can someone please help me
I'm 10 ,11 in a few months
My mum was 12
I get discharge not everyday but when I do it is quite a bit
Pubic hair I have a lot o f
Breasts stage 3 but tender and grow pretty fast
Cramps I get about 4 a week but I have had a lot this week
I started pubity 1 and a half years ago
Mood swings I have noticed a lot lately
My discharge h have had for half a year or more

Thanks 😀
51 days ago
also guys if u want ur period pls don't bc I wanted it so bad at 10 bc I thought that it was so cool to have and I got it and it was nice for like a month then it became awful so pls enjoy not having it while u don't :) (not trying to scare u, u will get used to it in no time and u won't even notice it :)undefined
51 days ago
@sarelli 4-5 months
@ava 2-3 months
@not saying 1 months
@Gracie poo 5-6 months
@rat 6-7 months
51 days ago
Also check out my quiz ;) https://www.allthetests.com/health-tests/when-will-i-get-my-first-period/quiz39/1696733676/first-period
51 days ago
Hey @Sarelli, you will most likely have about half a year
63 days ago
Estimate me pls :)

Age: 11 and 12 in a few months
Breasts: I don’t know stages but they are growing fast and tender
Height: 4’10
Pubic hair: quiet a bit ngl
Mood swings: Literally every day I can’t help it
Started puberty: 1 year ago
Cramps: quiet a few
Discharge: started a couple of months ago I think

65 days ago
Age: 11 in 3 weeks.
Weight 32-35 kg
Height 4’8”
Discharge: really watery and really stretchy, clear and I’ve had it for 6 months
Breast Stage: stage 3-4, it rapidly grew in a week-? I wear an AA or A cup, idk but it’s 3 cm
Tanner stage 4
Pubic hair: it’s so curly that it looks pitch black 💀
Armpit hair: full, I shave
Mom got it at 12 or 14
I’m curvyyyy and big hips
I had a big breakout a few days ago, I look like a bumpy roller coaster in my face :) I’m good now!
Started puberty about 2.4 years ago or something?
Mood swings: firstly I am hella moody. ISTG I YELLED AT MY BIRD CUZ HE DIDNT EAT HIS FOOD… 🫣 and yes my moodswings are bad. I was happy when my mum came home and then I got sad for absolutely no reason and then now I’m mad and it feels like my blood is boiling for absolutely no reason
65 days ago
Hey guys can someone please estimate me?
76 days ago
Not saying: hmmm, you have about a few months. I suppose 4 months at the most, probably 2-4 months
80 days ago
Tell me if you need something more
80 days ago
Someone please estimate me!
Discharge: had it for 2 years, like egg white or clear
Breast stage: 3/4 rounding out but still kinda pointy
Mom and sister got it at 12/13
I am 160 cm and 50kg (I don't know in feet and lbs)
Puberty started: 2.5 years ago
Pubic hair: dark curly jungle
Please I estimate!
108 days ago
Period@ umm put a sheet over it and switch the blanket :/
109 days ago
Help now. My boyfriend spended the night it is morning now I just got my period and it’s all over the bed and sheets it looks like a murder accident. He is still sleeping what do I do? HELP NOW
131 days ago
Estimate me please. All the quizzes I do are all different

Age 13
Weight 45kg or 99ib
Height 5'5 or 165cm
Discharge White and gooey a bit everyday
Breast Stage 2-3 30AA cup do't wear bra
Tanner stage 3
Hair down there A few black curly hairs
Armpit hair A few black curly hairs
Never have cramps
Mom got it at 13
Body shape supermodel
No acne smooth baby skin
No mood swings
131 days ago
My power went out recently, that’s why my number is dif btw.

It seems I’ll get it in Sep/Oct Idk tho, I still wildly appreciate that estimation!
131 days ago

It’s me, I’m rat 🐀.I’m now 12, it was my birthday yesterday.All I’ve eaten over the past 24 hours has been chocolate cake, chocolate, chewy sweets and some malteasers.I’m dying, oof
150 days ago
Hello people of the period quiz chat