A quiz that will tell you; when are you going to get your first period

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When will you get your period? All girls get it at one time in your life. Getting your period changes many things in your life, so we can definitely understand that you want to get as much information about it as possible.
Maybe you're excited to get your period because you feel it's a rite of passage – in other words, it makes you see yourself as a woman, and you're more than ready for that. Or maybe it seems scary to you, and you're a bit worried about what will be going on with your body. Maybe you see your period as just another thing you'll have to deal with in your everyday life and you want to know the ins and outs of having it. Or maybe you haven't given your period much thought before, but as the inevitable event of your first one draws closer, you want to know what to expect and to be ready. I hope this quiz helps you know when you are getting your period!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How big are your breasts?
  • 3
    How much pubic hair do you have (hair down there)?

  • 4
    How much older/younger was your mom or sister when she got her period?
  • 5
    How many of these symptoms do you have?

    1. Cramps
    2. Fatigue
    3. Craving
    4. Discharge
    5. Headache
    6. Mood Swings
    7. Bloating
    8. Tender Breasts
  • 6
    Have you had discharge?

  • 7
    Have you been craving junk food more recently?
  • 8
    Have you had mood swings?
  • 9
    Have you experienced a growth spurt recently?
  • 10
    Do you feel that you need a boyfriend?

Comments (400)


124 days ago
Pls predict me!!
Age: 12 almost 13
Breast stage: 2
Cramps: every month or so
Mood swings: rarely
Acne: medium amount
Height: 5”4
Pubic hair: A lot
Armpit hair: none
126 days ago
hey guys pls help lol
age:11 I'll be 12 in 6 months

mom/sister: like 10-12

🍈 stage: 4

cramps: THEY💝OMG

moodswings: one minute I'm so mad the next I'm choking back tears

acne: rarely bc I do skincare but if I stop doing it I'd look like a pizza face

height: 5'1 ½ and it hasn't stopped

😾🦰: this is awkward but yeah it's littteraly the WORST

💪🦰: yeah it's really annoying

cravings: pickles, chocolate, burgers, zax sauce, they are so bad

135 days ago
Age: 11

Mom: She got it when she was 11 too

Breast stage: 3

Cramps: I get them sometimes, but when i do they’re so bad

Mood swings: I either feel very short-tempered and emotional all the time or laughing and very happy

Acne: I do skincare but yes, I do get acne if I don’t wash my face for a week or so

Height: 4’10

Pubic hair: Dark brown, curling and I get a medium amount but definitely more than other girls my age usually get.

Armpit hair: Starting to curl, dark brown, medium amount. I have to wax every month or so because it grows out a lot

Cravings: I always want food and I get so hungryyy

Energy: I get very tired all the time but I think thats normal for me because I go to bed super late and wake up at 6:30

Somebody estimate me please? :D
147 days ago
Age: 11 turnings 12 in 4 months
Mum: I2
Cramps: Sometimes
Breasts: 4
discharge: a little and sometime in the week
Mood swings: Yeah I guess

spotting: rarely
acne: not a lot
Height: 5'4
weight: 106 or 107 pounds
leg and arm hair: some armpit hair
hair down there: a lot
cravings: Please I want food :P
fatigue: I'm so tired ALL THE TIME
p l e a s e estimated
152 days ago
AHHHHH I just got my period today it is so weird
157 days ago
OMG all the tests I’ve done say any day now YAY
158 days ago
Anyone oooonnnnnnnnnnnnn
165 days ago
omg i am so excited bcuz all the quizzes i took says 2-5 months
177 days ago
Legit any time now! I'm so excited!
180 days ago
Ace- anywhere from 2-5 months i think
184 days ago
184 days ago
lol @catlady thats a coinky👮!! u too anna
185 days ago
Yes, please :)
188 days ago
omg i took this quiz yesterday and it said 2 months and this morning i woke up COVERED in blood and i had started my period!!!! i have really bad cramps though
189 days ago
hey ace do u still need help
190 days ago
Age: 11
Mum: I2?
Cramps: sometimes
Breasts: 4
discharge: a lot and every day
Mood swings: Yeah I guess
moodiness: yeah just yeah...
spotting: none
acne: not a lot
Height: 4'11
weight: 73 or 72 pounds
leg and arm hair: some armpit hair
hair down there: a lot
cravings: Please i want food :P
fatigue: Im so tired ALL THE TIME
p l e a s e estimatee
191 days ago
Actually don't bother estimating, I just got my period!!!!
204 days ago
Hii. Can someone pls estimate me? I really want to get my period but I just don't know when j will get bit. I started puberty ( pubic hair, 💋 developino, discharge) at 9 and started having Cramps around 10. I'm 12.

AGE. 12

Breast stage. 3 or 4

Weight. Idk maybe 100 pounds

Mums age. About my age

Public hair. Getting much more bushier and darker

Discharge. Alot. Sometimes it's thick and creamy. Once it was yellow. Some days it's like egg whites. But there is usually quite alot of it.

Underarm/leg hair. Eh it's getting more darker and noticeable.

Mood. Idk. Average. I did yell at someone today and got rlly mad at them.

Cravings. GIMME FOOD

Period symptoms I have
Lower abdominal pains (probs cramps)
Wanting food
Being moody i guess
Very bloated after eating
Pubic hair and all that

I might not reply as I'm busy this week but if you can estimate me I will try to find your estimations and thank you so much!!!
213 days ago
So in grade 5 my breasts started developing and they were like an A cup
So I asked my mom for a bra and she said no. In sport they were rlly hurting and u could see them through most tops then in grade six I begged and her and she gave me a training bra . It was way to tight but it was rlly rlly painful then I looked in the mirror and noticed one was bigger than the other by 3 inches
Then I asked her and showed her my breasts but she still wouldn’t get me a bigger bra. At that point I couldn’t even wear the training bra any more bc it would fit at all so you could see through every shirt! Then I think I was a c cup then they slashed together and hurt so bad. A week ago I asked her if we could go the doctor and she finally booked an appointment. I am going today and am super nervous. HELP
226 days ago
Estimate me please. Age 11 Mom got it in six grade I'm in six grade but she was 12 I have a lot and I mean a lot of discharge Every day I Get cramps some times I Have dry skin so I don't have any acne I have so much hair everywhere I have to shave like every day