When Will You Get Your First Period?

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I know lots of girls want to know this because it is a big milestone! Please note this is only loosely accurate.

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    Are you experiencing puberty?

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256 days ago
Can someone estimate me? I dont know when will i get my first period. I dont want to get it in an embarrassing situation..

I'm 11.

I am 5ft

I weight 81 pounds

I get a lot of discharge everyday. Its yellow/white-ish

I have medium length, curly hair. (Down there)

My leg/arm hair is light brown, getting noticiable

I have terrible mood swings. ( I cried for like 10 mins straight, then i started to laugh like a crazy person)

My hair looks so greasy a day after washing it.

I have bad headaches

I get cramps every.single.day!

I am sooo sleepyyy aalll the timeeeee

I only want to eat chocolate

If you know when it might come, please tell me. And thank you for reading this
271 days ago
a month or two...
271 days ago
i turned 11 yesterday
272 days ago
Trust me this will not be boring so... i LOVE this boy from my home-school group(yes i'm home-schooled)and he likes me back... how do i know? because he gave me a note asking me out, so now you may assume that we are dating well no i'm not aloud to date and i can't date for another year at the least! So then a few weeks after the first note he gave me a second one about how he is secretly a victim of depression and has suicidal thoughts and when those thoughts come he thinks of me and everyone else who loves him so i read that and then hi family goes to Russia for Christmas for three months!!! So then he gave me two more notes one of them said that he was going to Russia for three months and that we are dating now and the other one said "I'm sorry if this sounds weird but i love you i'm going to miss you" so when he came back from Russia i ran up to him and quickly said... 'JUSTsoYOUknowWEREjustFRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" so i can't date and clearly he likes me

so basically help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
276 days ago
Idk how real this test is but all the tests I’ve taken have said like 1-2 months but like idk so... HELP
276 days ago
Sorry for just moaning, but honestly, hormones just absolutely suck. Like, we had a nice dinner and I was just in a bad mood because did nothing in particular. It just brings everyone down, and I find that when hormones emerge, you can’t identify/can’t tell anyone about it
276 days ago
Hey can someone estimate me please?

15 years old
5’3 ish
Just the tiniest bit of light brown underarm hair
Dark but not curly pubic hair, half full I guess you would say
I’m basically boobless lol. Like they’ve kind of developed but I can’t fit into an actual bra, only a sports bra.
105 pounds

276 days ago
11 minutes ago
Help!! Idk if I’m on my period or not. There is brown crusty discharge that might be from my period but so far there’s been no more blood. When I spot its red not brown so is this my period or do I have an infection? Also my doctor said 2 years ago I should be starting it soon.
277 days ago
Umm it said a month too 2 months but idk when my mom got hers so I just put 2 years older😂 idk what to do...
277 days ago
singer, just be prepared ! number one, who knows if this is even very accurate. it could really be anytime. also, first periods are always the lightest, and are often irregular for a year or two before they get heavier and regular. don’t be worried, you’ll be okay !
278 days ago
I regretted that so bad......
278 days ago
I don’t know the breast stages, I’m gonna look that up....
278 days ago
I’m 9!!!! Help me!!!
278 days ago
Omg! It says 6 months to a year! I’m 9-11 years old! Is that bad?! I’m just a kid guys! What happens during your period!? What do I need?!?! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!
278 days ago
Hi Nikki!
I'd say about 1-3 months good luck!
278 days ago
Can someone please estimate me from what i said?
278 days ago
Im 12 years old
My mom got her period in about 4 months from right now
I had some discharge once in a while
At one point i am crying and at another point i love my family
i like a boy a lot i have a picture of him so i can say good night and good morning every day
I am at stage 2 growing more for my breasts
my breasts are more tender than usual
i have dark brown hair down ther, growing more
i have dark and thick hair on my legs
i got that 5 cramps in a month
278 days ago
Yes 😭😭😭😭😭😭.I am
278 days ago
Nuuu second comment!
278 days ago
It says 6 months to a year! I think this result is accurate cuz other tests have been saying 2 or 3 months for like 6 months now lol