When will I get my first period - is it soon?

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This will give you an idea of when your fist period will come. You could be excited or scared, but every woman gets it at some point. Remember, this is not going to be 100% accurate as Aunt Flow has her own schedule.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much do you exercise?
  • 3
    When did you mom/older sister get her period?

  • 4
    What stage are your breasts at?

    1. Flat
    2. buds
    3. noticeable bumps
    4. rounding out, but not fully developed
    5. Like a woman's
  • 5
    Do you have discharge? (White, clear, or yellowish goop in your undies)
  • 6
    If so, how much?

  • 7
    What about under arm hair?
  • 8
    Leg hair?
  • 9
    Arm hair?
  • 10
    Any cramps behind/below your belly button?

  • 11
    What are they like?
  • 12
    Where are these cramps?
  • 13
    Have you been sweating more recently?
  • 14
    How many of these do you have?

    Mood Swings
    Tender Breasts
  • 15
    Do you have tender breasts?
  • 16
    Do you feel like you need a partner more than you used to?

  • 17
    Have you gotten mad over small things? More than usual?
  • 18
    Do you want your period?

    (Won't affect score)

    If you want a more personal result, comment and ask for an estimate. I will get back to you within 5 days.)
  • 19
    How many sports do you do?

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18 days ago
Well if u haven't gotten it already I'd say 1-3 months!!!! Good luck Debbie!!!!
76 days ago
Estimate me pls
Am turning 13 in one month time
I have a lot of discharge, something yellowish, stretchy and gooey
I have a lot of headache and back ache
and some little cramps
I weigh 40kg
My pubic hair is brown and black and started getting curlier
My mum started hers around 16
My breast is in stage3
I am using training bra (I can see through my tops and any other clothes)
Am always lazy and always tired like body aches
I got a few pimples on my face
My mood always changes
I always think I need a partner
I always crave for food or junk food
I have never spotted before
87 days ago
@Casey, so... This is a harder one because you have a lot of signs, but no discharge, which is something that WILL HAPPEN before your period, even if it isn't for like a year. I'd say 1/2 - 2 years.

The headaches and some cramps could be due to dehydration, so make sure you are staying super hydrated. Stay active as well, just make sure you get up a bit, maybe go for a daily walk jut to get moving. Sitting or laying down all day can make you feel a lot tireder than you really are.

Good Luck, and just keep a healthy rountine

(THis doesn't mean you have to go on a bunch of runs or eaat a bunch of salad, just make healthy decisions.)
100 days ago
i have spots all over my forehead down to my chin
100 days ago
correction: leghair is practically black and arm hair is long and dark brown
100 days ago
sometimes i have sharp cramps, i have one rn- ive had them for the 2 months i think maybe longer than that
100 days ago
im 11 turning 12 in 5 months
around 126 pounds
5"6 (idk if it counts)
i have black curly 👇🏼 hair, not full tho
some cramps, they're uncomfortable sometimes sharp
never had discharge
headaches from time to time
tired literally all day.
i always want a partner (LOL)
im lazy 24/7
i always want crisps or chocolate (or other junk food)
things are stage 3 - i can now see them through my tops/ AA-AAA sized bra
i have loads of leg hair, it's dark brown and long
arm hair is the same
armpit hair is dark and curly but i don't have a lot

please estimate! tysm!
111 days ago
Hi Christine! I'd say you have 6+ months.
Periods generally happen after you have reached 100 lbs/45kgs. Also once you have had more discharge. Good luck though, it could come sooner! Make a little bag with some pads and supplies and talk to your mother/trusted adult!
112 days ago
hi,can someone pls estimate me . l am tenelevenand 1.37cm tall. i weigh about 30-40kgs.l wear traning bra(noticable bumbs).i get cramps atleast 5-10days in a month.i get discharge but not occasionally(just a little bit)but i get more after wiping my 😻 from shortcall. i have pubic hair which is starting to curl
113 days ago
But i dont want to tallk to my parents about having ADD because I think they wouldnt believe me
113 days ago
alright! I checked it out and am a bit worried. I think i might have it and i think i have anxiety how do you get testes for this stuff
120 days ago
I made a ADD quiz please take it and give me feedback thanks also comment if you want a more personal guess thanks

129 days ago
***She didn't get it until 16, sorry
133 days ago
JayFLight, if you run and excersise a lot, you won't get your period as soon, as others who don't, but it will still come.
I know somone who was very active and didnt get hers until she was seventeen
133 days ago
@lily, 1-5 months, i know its a big range, but still.

@Mads, Under 2 months!! GOOD LUCK GIRLFRIEND!!

@Kate, under 4 months I'd say, but I can't tell for sure.

@HHHHIIII, 1-3 months, especially because of your spotting

@Omg, Anywhere from next week to 5 months. Do you get spotting a few days a month and then it stops? because that could be your period.

I'm so so so so so sorry I didn't get back as soon as I said. I've been busy and forgot all about this! Good luck to all of you and please forgive me.

Here's some period kit suggestion for y'all:
chocola te/granola bar/small snack
heating pad for cramps (you can use one of those body hot hands for a portable kit)
panty liners

Sorry again and good luck everyone! If you have any questions just comment!
135 days ago
Can I be estimated?

12 yo old
75 lbs
A lot of pubic and leg/arm hair
Discharge a lot yellow-ish gooey-ish sometimes brown-ish Orange
Spotting yep. Had it for 3 months
Breasts stage 4 AA bra
Mom got it at 10

Thank you 😊
137 days ago
But I'm terrible at estimating lol
137 days ago
@HHHHIIII I would say maybe 2-8 months but you said that you get red dots in your discharge which could be spotting so maybe 0-8 months
138 days ago
Cravings I mean not gracings and breast not Brest
138 days ago
Can someone estimate me

I’m 101/2
I’m 4’6 and I think growing and around 97 pounds
I where a crop top thing but is starting to get tight and my Brest are starting to rounding out
I get little dots of discharge with red dots
I’ve pubic hair starting darken and curl
I’m starting to get blonde armpit hairs and I need to use lots of deodorant every day
I have been I puberty 3+ years
I get gracing every other day
I get mad or sad at the littlest things every time
My mum started her period when she was 16 :)