First Period Test🎊🎉

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You might be scared or worried or even excited for your first period to come. This test will give you an estimate of when you will get your first period.
(If you do want a more Personal estimation comment down below I will try my best to get back to you in at least 1week)

  • 1
    I know every period quiz asks this but..

    How old are you?❤️
  • 2
    When did your mum or sister get her period?🎀
  • 3
    I’m sorry weird question
    What stage are your breasts at?🌹
    Look at the photo below and choose the closest option to the stage your at!
    I’m sorry weird question What stage are your breasts at?🌹 Look at the photo below and choose the closest option to the stage your at!

  • 4
    Okay I’m sorry another breast question..
    How long have your breasts been developing?🌸
  • 5
    Okay I’m sorry last breast question!
    What size bra do you wear!
    (If your breasts are fully developed but small this question might mess up your score a little sorry)
  • 6
    Do most your friends/ people in your year have there period?💛

  • 7
    Are you experiencing mood swings?
    Your happy one moment your crying the next then you just hate everything!
    (Don’t worry it’s not way to common
  • 8
    Have you had discharge? 🎡
    Goopy stuff in your underwear
  • 9
    How long have you had discharge for?
  • 10
    How many of these PMS symptoms have you had?
    Pimples and/ or acne
    Mood swings
    Back pain
    Food cravings
    Sore breasts

  • 11
    Have you had any food cravings?🍔🥙🍬🍦🍩🍿🍰
    Cravings for chocolate sweets or salty food that aren’t really normal?
  • 12
    Have you had spotting?
    A spot or dot of pink or brown or red in your underwear?
  • 13
    Has your mum/ Dad/ caregiver Given you tampons/ pads Or a period kit?
  • 14
    Do you have leg hair?
    If you do hair removal then what would it be like without
  • 15
    Do you have armpit hair?
  • 16
    Do you shave or do any method of hair removal?
    And when did you start?

  • 17
    Has your mom or caregiver mentioned your first period yet?
  • 18
    Do you feel like it will come soon?
  • 19
    Do you want it to come?
    (Doesn’t affect score)
  • 20
    Did you enjoy this quiz?
    (Doesn’t affect score just interested)
    Also if you want comment what I could improve on and I might make another test)

  • 21
    How much do you weigh in kg? ⚖️
  • 22
    What’s your height in cm?

Comments (154)


96 days ago
yeah abt 1-3 cramps a week (actual cramps)
100 days ago
Based on my test I only have about 1-4 months, but is it fine if the discharge doesn't come every day?
118 days ago
Also i have been in puberty for at least a year.
119 days ago
mood swings: like two or three every day! sometimes worse than others.
mom: she got it at 14.
age: i will be 13 in a month. but 12 for now.
br3asts: stage 4
119 days ago
bloating: some days mostly in the morning, and not too bad.
cravings: either i dont want to eat anything, or i am craving something. the other day i was just craving plain cheese. wierd.
weight: around 90 lbs or 40 kg, it keeps changing
pms: greasy hair, pimples, bloating, lower back pain, tiredness, maybe cramping???, sometimes constipation, and maybe more idk.
height: like 5 ft 1 inch or like 155 cm.
119 days ago
discharge: EVERY DAY! so much, this morning i put on a NEW pair of pantys and now they are covered!
pubic hair: almost all the way grown out but just a little bit left to go.
armpit hair: some black hairs not to many.
leg and arm: getting there...
spotting: once, and not too dark, but i would call it brown.
cramps: unsure if its just appendicitis or my uteris, but every day and not too bad.
119 days ago

but i am scared to ask my mom bcuz she will prolly say: "eh ur fine" or "jUsT WaLk It OfF!.!" ok maybe i am exagerating but i dont really think its my appendecitis cuz i researched it and it said it will hurt a lot and gut issues and blah blah blah but yeh. it hurts daily just not that much. only like a tiny pinch. but also, if someone is on can they estimate my period? i have been waiting on that and its driving me nuts! i have noticed some arm and leg hair growth lately. my original comment of my symtoms is down below in the comments, but some things have changed, so i might post a new one. y'know, i think i will. anyway let me get started.
120 days ago
Joel I’m sorry but I don’t think the cramps and stuff are related to ur period you should go to the doctor
128 days ago
I don’t want surgery 😭😭😭😭😭😭
128 days ago
Uhhh I think the cramps might be from my appendix I am so scared

It happens every day only on the right I’m so freaked out
140 days ago
Um so the dark discharge thing happened again but bigger I don’t know if it’s spotting cuz it wasn’t that dark.
142 days ago
Two of my bags have had it for a year now so the rest of us are petrified, yet exited, idk why.
143 days ago
Ok I’m so confused.

Two days ago I was cleaning my room when my lower back just started hurting really bad. It went away in a minute, but then later that day just on the right of my belly button, near the front, started feeling like someone was pinching/grabbing it. It hurt more when I cough /sneeze (I have a cold) and felt better when I put heat on it. It has kind of been off and on since that day.

Also, yesterday, I think I had spotting, but I’m not sure. It’s just a tiny patch right in the middle of my panty liner and it kind of looked like really light brown, almost yellow. You can barely even see it. I kind of rubbed it a little so now it just looks yellow.

Im also craving chocolate a lot.

I’m so confused can someone pls tell me what’s going on!!!
146 days ago
Bruh is someone gonna estimate me… I’m so worried I might get it anytime I just want an answer Argh! Srry if I’m being rude I’m just really impatient.
146 days ago
Yeah I’m having more discharge lately. Never had spotting tho. My friend just got her first period a few days ago. But who knows when I will get it.
151 days ago

Yesterday, I thought I got my first period. But no. Let me tell you the full story.

At lunch, I got everything like always, but about 15 mins into eating, my uterus dicided to give me the fright of my life. I was wearing bright yellow shorts, and a black shirt. Of course me and my friend tell each other everything, I told her , "I think I got (it) " I asked for her sweatshirt, but ig she didn't hear me. We had to wait 10 mins in order to get out of the cafeteria, I went in the big stall with the pad/tampon trash can. The only one with a trash can. I checked and there was some spotting and a butt load of discharge. 😪

Why uterus why!!!!!

I have all the symptoms of my period, but I'm really skinny, bc when I gain weight, the next day I lose about 15 pounds by sleeping. Is that normal? So I'm never gonna hit 100 pounds until I'm older. For about 6 months th3 tests have said 0-2 months! Im dying to get my period , any ideas on how to gain some weight?
152 days ago
Srry it bleeped out the part when I said v****
152 days ago
Ok this might sound gross but I look in a mirror 👇 down there and my 💝 hole is opening up more! Is this normal???
152 days ago
Btw I stopped having a lot of discharge then today there’s like a lot
152 days ago
Can someone estimate me? look at the message below this